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Im really stuck with my French.

My homework is to revise avoir and etre. its not exactly set homework, but i feel i should know. and revising skills?

Just sitting there and reading them through didn't work for me. I got a big piece of paper, a marker pen and wrote them out BIG. Then I stuck them to the wall and just looked at them every now and then went through them in my head. It worked for me.
25 March 2011
try asking one of your friends to help you if you get stuck
28 March 2011
This video might help - I learn better by listening and repeating. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mN7bY4DPhbU
28 March 2011
je faire francais lol
05 April 2011
je suis/tu es/il/elle/on est/nous sommes/ vous รชtes/ils sont/elles sont
26 July 2011
j'ai/tu as/il/elle/on a/nous avons/vous avez/ils ont/elles ont
26 July 2011
There are certain sound and video features that will definitely help you remember more easily.
26 July 2011
It depends on your learning style. If you like listening to music a lot, try to fit the verbs to a favourite song so that you can remember them to a familiar tune. This might help.
12 October 2011
Etre goes like this:Je suis, tu es, il/elle est, nous sommes, vous etes, ils/elles sont. As for revising skills, I think that putting thewords in sentences is a help - eg practise some questions and answers with a friend/someone at home - eg have you got brothers and sisters? Yes, I have ...... I think then it's easier to remember than just 'the verb' in isolation. Another tip is trying to see some pattern in the verbs - eg the ending 'ons' is in other verbs for 'nous' and the ending 'ez' is in other verbs for 'vous'. It's certainly true that these are important and useful verbs to learn, especially as you use them when you form the perfect tense. Good luck and get back to me if you want more help.
14 October 2011
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