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Despite physician protests, many states have passed legislation that gives the public access to physician information such as disciplinary records, malpractice actions and whether a physician has lost privileges. Is this information sound for consumers to use to make medical decisions? Do you think it is fair to physicians?

Really this question is asking what you think, so I won't provide my own opinion. But a couple of things to think about: how important is it that the public has access to all relevant information? Should someone's past be held against them, if it was all a long time ago? Does it matter exactly what the disciplinary action was - if it has nothing to do with medicine then maybe it doesn't matter, but knowing it might change the patient's decision anyway? Whatever you decide to argue, try to back it up as much as possible, be clear in your arguments, try to address any possible disagreements with your view. Good luck.
13 October 2012
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