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How do I write the following as algerbra formula ?- A=2 B=3 add 2+3=5 add 3+5=8 add 5+8=13 add 8+13=21 add 13+21=34 add 21+34=55 add 34+55=89 add 55+89=144 Finally add all 10 numbers =374

Hi Susan,I come on here to help people and for people to help me but as well normally your local liberary we have something to help you with homework if your joint to your local library
25 November 2011
Unfortunately I don't think there is an algebraic notation available here so the following might be difficult to follow. You could express the task in basically three lines. Let J be any term in the series. So J suffix n is the nth term. J suffix 1 = 2, J suffix 2 = 3, J suffix n+2 = J suffix n + J suffix n+1. The expression for "SUM of" is the greek letter capital sigma. Write Sigma, above write "10" and below write n=1. To the right write J suffix n. The expression means "calculate the sum of all the terms Jn where n is 1 to 10. I think this what's behind your question?
26 November 2011
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