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hi people im stuck on a pece of p6/ homework. the sheet says write the following expressions, using algebraic conventions,

a) 6 less than x b) 3 more than y c) z more than 4 D)f less than 7 e) x multipied by y f) 7 multiplied by y G)26 divided by z H) h divided by 5 i) 5 multiplied by y j) 12 divided by x k) 8 subtrackted by x l) x subtracted by 8.

please help (mabie do the ancers for me? )

thanks very much 😀

Will do the answers for you but please make sure you understand how the answers are formed otherwise what will you do when these questions come up in your exam!!! a) x-6 b) y + 3 c) 4 + z d) 7 - f e) xy f) 7y g) 26/z h) h/5 i) 5y j) 12/x k) 8 - x l) x-8
28 January 2011
It's good that you posted the question. But, we can only really help you if you tell us what it is you don't understand. We want to help, but just getting us to provide answers isn't what this website is about. We are tutors and we want help you get to grips with the question. Can you tell us more about what you are struggling with?
30 January 2011
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