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Difference between Nothing and Zero, relation Pythagoras

I have been reading many answered problems on this website earlier today and I have been doing some recent research on the topic of "zero" and "nothing". I was trying to relate this controversial topic about "nothing" and the number zero itself to Pythagoras and possibly the magic triangles and squares... I have been trying for the past few hours but nothing comes to mind. The value of zero in mathematics it much different to the meaning of "nothing" itself in physiology and physics so I thought it could become very interesting to relate the Zero and this whole topic about the DIFFERENCE BETWEEN NOTHING AND ZERO to the history and Pythagoras.

04 December 2011
Hi Carolinared, zero is an entity just as 1 2 or 3.The value is zero or null or no value. It has nothing to do with nothing at all. Nothing is unimaginable for us, as we live. Zero give the possibility to also calculate in negative or debt in an easy way.
30 December 2011
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