pythagoras' theorem

A bookcase has the dimensions 2.5meters by 1meter. Kausar wants to move it from a narrow hallway and thinks it would be easier to move it if it was turned to the carrying position. If the ceiling of the hallway is 2.7meters high, will she be able to turn the bookcase to the preferred carrying position?

Using pythagoras theorem we must first square both sides. 2.5 squared = 6.25 and 1 squared = 1. Adding them together gives 7.25. We must now square root this which gives 2.69 metres which will mean that she will be able to move the bookcase to its carrying position
17 January 2011
THANK YOU SO MUCH! This help so much, dose this mean; hypotenuse=the square root of a(squared)+b(squared)?
17 January 2011
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