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Can someone tell me about energy and potential energy

Energy is a property that something can possess and it comes in all sorts of different forms.Potential is one of those, but even then potential can be split up.Thermal, kinetic (movement), sound, electrical, light and nuclear are all different types of energy and potential energies can be classed in these sorts of ways.Thus you have gravitational potential (generally when you lift something up), elastic potential (when you stretch a spring or elastic band), electrical potential (similar to potential difference) and many other sorts.If you'd like to know more about different forms of energy or there are other areas of physics you are struggling with, just message me and we can sort out a tutoring session!! - Hope that helped.
07 December 2014
Okay ; it's clear now ... Could you solve for me some problem about energy ??!
07 December 2014
Message me and I will guide you through it - if I solve the problem for you that will not help you.
07 December 2014
Energy is the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity. Potential energy is stored energy. Ask me more questions and I will answer them.
10 December 2014
Potential energy is the energy which relates to the position of the object.  There are two types of potential energy which are gravitational and elastic.  This terminology in energy is commonly used with the term 'kinetic energy' which is the energy relating to the movement of the object. Also, energy cannot be created or destroyed.The word 'energy' is a property that comes in different forms and can be transferred from one form to another.  For example, when a ball is thrown upwards, its kinetic energy decreases (i.e. the ball slows down) and its gravitational potential energy increases (i.e. it move further away from the ground).
27 August 2015
Energy: It is a scalar quantity. The ability to do work is called Energy. SI unit of Energy is Joules. There are many types of Energy and Potential Energy is one of these. Energy possessed by a body due to its position is called Potential Energy - Gravitational Potential Energy is due to height (work done against gravity is stored as GPE) and Elastic potentail energy is in the compressed or stretched springs
20 March 2022
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