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Christianity and the Caribbean

Who introduced Christianity to the Caribbean?

Technically the Spanish at the end of the 1400s but obviously the history of Christianity in this area is a bit more complex; especially when you layer slavery/post-slavery in - but essentially Spanish explorers in the 1490s.
13 December 2015
1493 with the Spanish conquistadores who explored and settled Caribbean islands. Protestantism came later, in the early 1620s, when British explorers arrived in the regionThe Spanish brought it in during 1493 in a catholic form, however protestant believes entered in the 1600s when British explorers arrived :D
13 December 2015
I would agree with both of the comments below: I think it's important to recognise that Christianity in the area underwent several 'waves' of changes, but technically the Spanish in the 1490s kickstarted things! Another important period of flux came in the mid 18th century, when non-conformist and Methodist missionaries (amongst others) arrived, and the changed dynamics brought about by slavery, post-slavery and post-colonialism are important to note too. 
Chloe G.
04 January 2016
How has Christianity played a major role in the formation of the values and beliefs of Caribbean people?
Thalia Christel Johnson
27 April 2022
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