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i dont get what to do:

Title: WANTED Messiah

*You are going to be designing a wanted poster for the jewish people of palestine who want the messiah or saviour to come and save them.

*Why the Jewish people want the Messiah to come, due to the situation in Palestine.

*What the Messiah might do when he arrives.

*What kind of personality will the Messiah have.

*A small picture of what the Messiah may look like (don't forget he hasn't arrived yet.)

Looking at the question, you need to design a Wanted Poster. Normally these are issued by the Police / Law Enforcement who are trying to bring someone to justice. In this case though, it's for the Jewish people, and should explain how he will make things better and what he might be like. Wanted posters also typically include an image of the person.
13 January 2011
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