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i need help with this question: 'The guidance given in the Qur'an was relevant only for the time and place it was given' Assess this View Thank you

An assess question usually means see both sides of the argument send then come to your own conclusion. The Qur'an definitely would be more relatable in the literal sense during the time it was given, however it does still carry some strong metaphorical parallels to today. Just like the Bible, some messages in the Qur'an are outdated and not acceptable in the 21st Century: "Slay them wherever you find them...Idolatry is worse than carnage...Fight against them until idolatry is no more and God's religion reigns supreme." (Surah 2:190-) In some countries adultery is punishable by death, however in the UK this is not acceptable and would not be tolerated deminstrating that elements of the Qur'an are out of touch with the modernisation of the world as we know it. Etc etc.You should give examples to support your argument in further detail and explain them, however in summary I would recommend writing an answer weighing it up with a firm decisive conclusion. If you need further help and would like more detail, please don't hesitant to get in touch. 
Jessica K.
22 October 2013
Hi My background is as a librarian so I can help you find, evaluate and synthesise resources to help you assess all isses of the arguments relating to the topic and reach your own conclusion and answer the question. However to ensure my support is as effective as possible, I would need to know what course and level this question is for. I can also give you tools and strategies to help you answer similar questions in the future.Thank youDavid
David B.
23 October 2013
As others have said, you need to focus on the key word 'assess' which means looking at more than one perspective. When you're given any essay question it's normally advisable to underline or highlight what you need to do, e.g 'assess' or 'explain' 'describe' to help you to start planning your answer. As this is an assessment you need to start looking through your notes for a supportive answer and one that might disagree. Then you need to look at the mark scheme to find out how long an answer this needs to be and how many different points you should be putting forward. A good place to start would be to look at what different Islamic opinions are. What is a popular Sunni opinion, does it differ from the Shia? There are also lots of debates about how Islam and Science work together easily available on the internet. Some Muslims argue that the Qur'an describes many things we know from modern day science, and that shows how the Qur'an was meant for all times. Other countries still follow Islamic law very strictly and so clearly see it as relevant guidance. This could then be compared to Muslims living in other countries following different legal systems.When you have planned out your argument you can start putting together a conclusion  where you can state your opinion based on what you've written. Hope that was useful. 
26 October 2013
No, the guidance in the Holy Quran is independent of time and place. Its teachings are universal and forever.
13 March 2014
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