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Aqa Specimen Paper's

how do I find the grade boundaries for aqa specimen paper's for gcse?

I dont know if this helps, but here are the grade boundaries for the Jan '13 exams store.aqa.org.uk/o…DE-BOUND-JAN13.PDF
03 June 2013
With all due respect to hyperion, I don't think there are any published AQA specimen paper grade boundaries. With the specimen papers being used as an initial benchmark to allow students to have an idea as to what the exams would be like, I don't think that they would publish boundaries. The boundaries only truly come into 'effect' or are really created only after the first examination of that initial paper.
Kunal R.
18 July 2013
Hi Chellis. Good question. First thing to do is decide which subjects you're interested in. Second thing you can do is have a chat with a teacher of that subject to establish what the boundaries are. They MAY vary depending on the strength of any single exam cohort. But often they are quite fixed. I know, for example, that in my subject (Psychology) the boundaries usually are: 80%+ = A, 70%-79% = B, 60%-69% - C. 50%-59% = D, 40%-49%= E, Less than 40% = U (fail). this doesn't vary a lot from year to year and is a good rule of thumb. Hope this helps.
01 August 2013
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20 August 2021
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