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How the structure of capillaries is designed for efficient exchange of materials between the blood and the cells of the tissues

They have extremely thin walls (only one cell thick) to allow quick diffusion and active transport. They are very numerous which creates a very large surface area meaning more diffusion and active transport can take place.
04 April 2016
Hi, capillaries are very small blood vessels and they have very thin walls, made only one cell thick (they're made on endothelial cells), this allows the oxygen and other materials in the blood to diffuse quickly through the capillary wall and into the tissue. As well as this the waste products in the tissues can diffuse quickly back into the blood to be taken away. Also there are a vast amount of capillaries and so there is an increased surface area of capillaries touching the tissues in the body and so there is an increased amount of materials can be exchanged.  
Grace J.
04 April 2016
Thank you
04 April 2016
hi.There are mainly 2 factors that contribute to efficient exchange of materials between blood and the tissues-1. Capillaries are made up of only single layer of cells that is, endothelial cells unlike other blood vessels (which are made up of endothelium, smooth muscle layer and fibrous layer).2. they contain endothelial pores
20 May 2016
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