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A ship travels at a constant speed of 25 kilometres per hour (Kph) in a straight line from port A located at position (x_A, y_A) =(-100, -100) to port B at (x_B ,y_B )=(300 ,100). A) Find parametric equation for the line of travel of the ship .your equation should be in terms a parameter t, and should be such that the ship is at port A when t=0 and at port B when t=1.

(b) During its journey ,the ship passes two lighthouses ,L_1 and L_2, which are located at positions (0,0) and (200.0), respectively. (i) write down expressions ,in terms of the parameter t of part (a) ,for the squares d_12 and d_22 of distances between the location of the ship at parameter value t and the lighthouses L_1 and L_2 respectively .Simplify your results. (ii) Completing the square for your result for d_12: d_12=200000((t- 3/10)2 + 1/100) Explain how d_1 varies as t increases from 0 to 1 .Determine the shortest distance between the ship and the lighthouse L_1, to the nearest kilometre

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08 March 2011
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