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Help me i need science help

Help me i need science help Its all about sedimentary and metamorphic rocks

2) What do you think the appearance of a roc tells us about the chemicals which make up these rocks?

3) Describe how you are able to match sedimentary rocks to their children rocks (metamorphic)?

4) Take a piece of limestone and squeeze it. Where do you think there is enough pressure to change this sedimentary rock into a metamorphic rock?

5) The metamorphic rocks in the Lake District, California and Mt Everest have all been changed by heat and pressure. Explain why the rock types found in these 3 places are different.

if you dont know anything, please help with keeping it active!

Hello. I think the reason that nobody has replied is that this looks very much as if you are asking us to do your homework for you word for word. You can quite easily find the answers to these questions with a little googling. Try "geology for kids" and you will find som useful sites which are not too technical. Once you get researching you will find it's not really that bad.
28 January 2012
As a founder of this website, I should make it clear that this website is a place where students are more than welcome to work together here to sort out homework problems like yours, and sometimes tutors can choose to help. But, if you want one to one tutoring support, it's best to contact a tutor and arrange an online tutoring session.
29 January 2012
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