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Identify which concepts/topics you believe that you will need to apply to solve the problem below. Select all that apply.

  1. Covalent Bond Energy

  2. Ionic Bond Energy

  3. Single-electron Atom Ionization Energy

  4. Multi-electron Atom Ionization Energy

  5. Electronegativity

  6. Limiting Reagent

  7. Stoichiometry

  8. Bohr Model

  9. Conservation of Energy

  10. Wave-Particle Duality

  11. Secondary Bonding

  12. LCAO-MO

For the emission spectrum of Be3+, calculate the lowest wavenumber νˉ (in inverse meters) of light produced by electron transitions between n=2, n=3, and n=4.

Please post the concepts when you figure them out 8.56*10^6
18 November 2012
I already had the answer I need the concepts
18 November 2012
i had put the third fourth and third last and got it wrong...i also tried fourth and third last only and got it wrong...so its not those
19 November 2012
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