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Are crime rates in the UK falling?

Would like evidence from reliable sources for and against this for an essay for my foundation year at university.

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) is probably your best starting point.
Iain S.
28 September 2016
It would be good to look at literature on the 'dark figure' of crime. As it's important to remember that although national statistics show one trend, a lot of crime is unreported!
Ella G.
29 September 2016
Definitely recommended the Office of National Statistics. But also for more recent and current figures, check out the BBC e.g. this article which was recently published on the BBS website http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-30931732. Also, mention issues with crime stats in general, e.g. lack of people willing to report, dark figures, classifications of crime - so what do we classify as criminal to begin with. You can also explore 'Unreported crime' which is crimes which are not reported how this will impact the amount of crime we perceive.You could also talk about how the nature of crime is changing e.g increase in technology has increase cyber crime incomparison to before, so whilst some crimes are increasing, others are decreasing.
Bernice A.
29 September 2016
When is this assignment due?
01 October 2016
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