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Stuck with this essay: Discuss how far sociologists would agree that in Britain today working-class criminals are more likely to be convicted than middle-class and upper-class ‘white collar’ criminals. (12 marks)

thanks please email me answer- tutors message me to find out email

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02 March 2013
Just so we are all perfectly clear. This is not a cheat website where tutors do essays for students. This is a tutoring website, where tutors make themselves available online to help students understand the problem and thereby answer their questions. Their is no need for tutors or students to leave their email addresses, as they are all stored by the website and you message each other via the communication system on the website.
03 March 2013
I think you have misunderstood what I meant... I didn't expect you to do the essay for me I were just confused by what I were supposed to write about. So sorry for the misunderstanding I will make myself more clear in the future.
03 March 2013
Hi i was just wondering if you still needed help with this essay question......
24 March 2013
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