Sports coaches undertake to teach players the game because they wish to share their knowledge of their favoured sport, be it football, basketball or hockey, and because they are so passionate about their particular sport.

Speech and voice coaches train their clients because of a love for their field and out of a sincere desire to see them succeed.

A certified life coach has all of the passion and knowledge of the sports coach and all of the love for their field that a speech coach possesses: in short, they have a love for life and it’s contagious!

Are you such a one who leads a balanced life and is in harmony with everything you do?

Would you like to pass that remarkable sensation of ultimate adaptability and the potential to overcome every challenge to your clients?

In short: would you like to be a life coach near me?

What is a Life Coach?

Learn how to make decisions and accept the consequences with a life coach
A life coach is someone who gives people the tools to make crucial decisions and live with the consequences Source: Pixabay Credit: Geralt

If this were a Marvel Universe Movie, you might consider any of the superheroes that empower the citizens they rescue a life coach.

Courage, honour, loyalty, sacrifice. You're braver than you think, OK? - Captain America

You can take comfort in knowing that you will hear no such platitudes in the course of your personal coaching!

What s/he will do is guide you into discovering your best self by encouraging you to recognise the obstacles and challenges that stand in your way to being and becoming and help you formulate action plans to overcome them.

The whole experience would go something like this:

“I worry that, if I quit my job, my spouse would be unhappy and my children would feel the financial pinch the most!”

No, finances are not the issue your life coach would work on with you; the anxiety and uncertainty - in your abilities to provide and whether you should even take the chance to discover your full potential would be foremost on the radar.

A life coach’s mission is to help you get out of your own way so that you can become the person you always wanted to be and live the life you’ve always wanted to live.

Want to quit your humdrum office job and open an artisan candle business?

You can count on your friends to call you the bravest person they’ve ever known or, depending on the calibre of the friend, a fool to walk away from a steady income in these uncertain times!

But the one rendering coaching services will be there with you, right where the rubber meets the road.

S/he won’t judge you or malign you for your wildest dreams. S/he won’t give you advice or tell you how to do things.

S/he will not mentor you while you undergo your evolution into your best you while realising your life purpose, and s/he definitely not utter any trite phrases!

What s/he will do is be forceful when needed – when you baulk, for example; be wise beyond words and keep you motivated and on task... a bit like a drill sergeant!

How does s/he do it?

Find a London life coach here.

What Life Coach Skills Do I Need to Have?

People who find their calling as life coaches generally embody particular characteristics. They are:

  • good communicators (excellent listeners!)

  • Organised, as anyone who runs a business must be

  • Ethical

  • Responsible

  • Motivating (and motivated)

  • Empowering, because they themselves are empowered

  • Inspiring

  • Possessed of a can-do attitude

You’ll note that last criterion: what type of attitude?

There is a world of difference between having a positive attitude and a can-do attitude.

A person with a positive attitude believes in a gratifying outcome – to a situation or to one’s life, whether there is any effort on their part or not.

Someone with a can-do attitude will bring about gratifying outcomes, no matter what the obstacles!

Which attitude would you rather adopt?

Another characteristic of life coaches everywhere ties in with their supreme sense of ethics.

A life skills coach takes responsibility: for his actions and emotions. You might say the phrase they own it was tailor-made for them!

In fact, a part of growing into life coaching entails accepting responsibility for your thoughts, actions and feelings.

And mistakes!

One of the actions items your life coach Edinburgh will most likely task you with is to examine is how much weight you bear on those situations that cause you anxiety, and why they make you anxious.

They are not being mean to you! They too have had to undergo such rigorous self-examination during their transformative journey.

Don't be abashed at learning new skills; there is always something new to learn!
There is always something new to learn and nobody knows that better than a life coach! Source: Pixabay Credit: Geralt

Life Coach Training

Let’s answer this question right away: is training necessary for life coaching? Legally, no.

However, if you want to learn everything you can about the Zen principles that form the foundation of the life coaching business if you want to learn how to listen effectively – on several levels!...

if you want to meet those who could mentor you into your new career, like-minded people who would train alongside you and network to help you build your business, then your attending workshops and seminars is essential.

Furthermore, you will want to earn your certification as a life coach to establish your credibility with your clients.

As long as you are investigating the possibilities that come with credentialing, let us talk for a moment about the International Coach Federation, an organization dedicated to the support and continuing education of coaches the world over.

ICF accreditation opens doors you might never have known to exist!

For example, you might attend a workshop in Shanghai, or any other city you’ve always dreamed of visiting.

You may deepen your knowledge of coaching skills and pick up coaching tools at any of their events and in your training program, most importantly, it will give you opportunity annually to reconfirm your ability and desire to help others.

What else might you need to be a life coach?

Life Coach Resources

Would you believe you might need worksheets, exercises, action plans, organisers, calendars and at least one Life Wheel for life coaching?

What would you need them for? You didn’t think life coaching was just a bunch of talking, did you?

You might need to present your clients with worksheets during their intake interview so that you can discern exactly which direction you need to nudge them in.

You would definitely need organisers, both to give your clients so that they can plan their time more effectively, and so that you can keep all of your appointments straight.

A nice wall calendar in your office might give you a sense of purpose every day.

What is that Life Wheel for? Why, to determine what you’ve put on hold in your life, be it relationships or exploring your spirituality.

The whole purpose of life coaching is to gain balance: each aspect of your life deserves equal attention. Whether we all have time to do so is a completely different package of shortbread!

Using a Wheel of Life will give your clients a visual account of what aspects of their life are atrophied and which ones (finance and career, maybe?) take up the most of their consideration.

Now all you need are clients to work your magic on!

To find success as a life coach, you have to find clients to coach!
Finding success as a life coach means having clients to coach! Source: Pixabay Credit: Geralt

How to Find Clients as a Life Coach

You could follow traditional routes to find clients for your life coaching businesstake out an ad in your local paper, or online in Gumtree or your local Freeads.

While you’re online, consider establishing a Facebook profile for your life coaching, and definitely check out LinkedIn, the professional’s social media site.

World of mouth is the best way to grow your business, so be sure that you promote yourself on sites that permit your clients to leave testimonials of their sessions with you.

In that sense, perhaps newspaper adverts and fliers you might post on bulletin boards in your local library and community centre would not serve as well...

However, the field of life coaching being relatively wide open, you may find yourself a niche market to introduce your services to your community.

Perhaps you could coach seniors facing retirement or serious medical issues, or you could consider first responders: the emergency medical technicians often suffer from secondary stress; could they use a bit more balance in their lives?

You might also be interested to know that more and more businesses are offering life coaching as a part of employee benefits packages.

How many companies in your area are doing so?

Why not visit those executives and floor managers? Pitch the idea that, if they have benefitted from leadership coaching or executive coaching, wouldn’t their staff become more productive and loyal if they partook of life coaching?

Finally, as a way to promote your burgeoning business as a life coach, you might approach your church, community centre, library or, if you are still a wage slave only just transitioning into life coaching, at work...

Offer to host workshops to give free life coaching sessions.

Indeed, we know you have worked very hard to earn your credentials and, of course, you need to earn a living, but...

Remember what we said about word-of-mouth advertising?

Presenting concepts of a balanced life at no charge will win you so much credibility! We’d bet that more than just a handful of attendees would request follow-up appointments and, voila: You have just earned yourself a following!

Of course, you could simply build a profile on Superprof: you would be able to post client testimonials, advertise your rates, inform prospects that you would be happy to engage in online coaching or visit them at home.

No matter what manner, where or when you aspire to begin life coaching, rest assured the world is waiting for you.

All you gotta do is get certified and get going!

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