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💰 What is the average price of Life coaching lessons?

The average price of Life coaching  lessons is £36.

The price of your lessons depends on a number of factors

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97% of teachers offer their first lesson for free.

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From a sample of 71  tutors, students rated their private tutors 5.0 out 5.

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Be the best version of yourself with the help of a life coach

I know you have heard many success stories about the great things that people have achieved. From inventing never-seen-before projects to going beyond the unimaginable, man has proved that he is limitless. The truth is that every person has unlimited potential to do or achieve anything in life. However, many of us, never seem to unlock that part of our lives that make us feel successful.

Life coaching comes in at that point when you feel you need a push to be who you have always wanted. While I do not deny that you could do much with your life on your own, sometimes you need someone to walk you through that path of self-improvement. Just like in sports, there are highly talented players in a soccer team who have mastered the game. However, every football team has a coach to help them be the best team they can be.

Do you see the point? A private life coach is a person who helps you understand the potential within you and work with you to get to the best version of yourself. Whether you are a native or new in London, here is why it is worth considering getting a personal life coach.

Take Life Coach sessions in London

London is among the most cosmopolitan cities in the UK and Europe at large. The 24/7 economy city is always busy with activity, and living here forces you to learn to be competitive. Whether you are in the corporate sector or business, you will agree with me that London is a busy city. Deciding to spare time for life coach could be daunting, but you still need one.

You need to view life coaching as the recipe you need to make the best out of yourself. Amidst the busy life we live here, we often get clouded by our daily hustles and end up losing out on personal development. A life coach will help you get through the most challenging situations that life throws at you. All you need to do is take action and reach out for one who you can walk together through a redefined approach to your success.

We understand that coming to this decision on your own is not easy. Why? Because a life coach is not only a tutor as we know tutors. Take him or her as a partner who works together with you, relates with you to know you deeply, and understand what you need. That is why we have made it easier for you by compiling this info for you. There are innumerable benefits you enjoy when you decide to hire a personal life coach.

Why is it important to have a life coach?

Hiring a life coach comes tagged with immense benefits that you do not want to leave on the table. The whole concept here is to get to achieve your goals on self-improvement, but it is dependent on the purpose for which you want a life coach. It is an opportunity to improve your focus, strengths, weak points, and enhance your clarity in life.

Here are some of the reasons why you need a life coach:

To improve clarity and commitment to self-improvement: A life coach will mentor and help you see life from a third-party perspective, and this will make you refocus and envision your desired success with renewed commitment.

A chance to redefine your goals: On our own, we tend to be comfortable with the status quo, and we adopt some laxity to development. A personalised life-coaching session is a chance you get to identify and redefine your goals.

Enhancing personal accountability and responsibility: Life coaching is a process that helps you learn how to take back control over your life that was previously absent. In the end, you are charged up with self-accountability and motivation to succeed.

Life coaching boosts your performance, creativity, and flexibility: there is a lot of proven positive change in behaviour that accompanies this whole process. This is because you are freer to make amends towards improving your life.

What do you learn when you hire a life coach?

Getting the right coach is a process that requires you to know what area of life you need to work on. We have trainers and mentors who are specialised in business, marriage, millennial coaches, and so forth. When you have identified the right coach for your coaching needs, the process is set to begin.

I call it a process because you will need to interact with your coach so that they can have a piece of in-depth knowledge about you. Mutual trust has to be established because, you know, you are pouring yourself out and sharing sensitive and personal issues with a stranger. That means you must reach the utmost trust level. Only then will a life coach and any lesson therein would prove to be of help.

That said, when you go through the whole process of life coaching, you will have learned a lot of skills. You can rest assured that you will no longer be the person you used to be before. It is worth noting that what a life coach will offer you is purely based on your personal goals, professional development needs, or anything on that line. They are not counsellors, therapists, or top-achieving mentors.

Get your personal life coach

After learning all about life coach and what to expect, the ball is in your court to go right ahead and get one for yourself. Self-development and personal improvement is a journey that will never stop. It does not matter what is in disarray in your life that would make you want a personal coach. Since not getting one will not help your situation, it is better to take action.

So, if you are in London and need a life coach, do not hesitate to get one for yourself. The benefits you get from it will prove to be worth the venture.

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