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How to Find a Life Coach Near Me

By Sophia, published on 29/08/2018 Blog > Professional Development > Life Coach > Finding a Life Coach Near Me

Mindfulness, wellness and mental health are steady in the news these days; sometimes in a positive light (mindful meditation is great!) and sometimes in a negative light: is mindfulness all that great?

Of course, the same thing happens with food and drink: a glass of wine is good but, according to the latest studies, no amount of alcohol is beneficial. Butter used to be bad but now it’s better than margarine and, oh! Poor eggs! What a bad time they’ve had!

For foodstuffs as for taking yourself on a transformative journey, it is always best that you turn down external noise and decide for yourself what is right for you.

In itself, that decision-making process can be problematic.

See, that is one of the reasons people seek out a life coach. Besides indecision, people sometimes suffer from the fear of failure, anxiety, stress… even procrastination plays into some of the reasons people seek out coaching services.

None of that means that life coaches are therapists, even though they may hold a masters degree in psychology, and perhaps even have worked as a psychologist.

They’re not going to attempt to modify your behaviours – as in cognitive therapy, but they will encourage you to examine your thought processes.

In short, what a certified life coach does is help you identify obstacles that stand between you and your ultimate self and empower you to overcome them.

Are you a procrastinator? Do you suffer from low self-esteem? Don’t you want to finally end the vicious cycle of self-sabotage that so many of us unwittingly create for ourselves?

Get yourself a coffee (it’s good for you/it’s bad for you) and settle in. Your Superprof is going to make it a bit easier for you to find a life coach near you.

Finding Free Coaching Anywhere

Your Superprof life coach will never leave you stuck in the middle of the road! No need to get stuck in the middle of the road: Superprof life coaches await! Source: Pixabay Credit: Keshavnaidu

Our island may not be as big as other countries but we still have tremendous diversity: in culture, in landscapes; in dialects and even in our heritage.

However, one aspect of the human experience unites us all, and indeed everyone in the world.

We all want to feel good about ourselves, and there is nothing wrong with that.

What exactly does that mean, though?

In life coaching, that vague idea is generally defined as:

  • seeking continuous self-improvement

  • personal development

  • having self-esteem

  • possessed of self-confidence

  • self-awareness

That last is particularly important to being and becoming, which is the reason people seek out a life coach in the first place!

You too can find opportunities for personal growth through The Coaching Academy.

They are currently offering a free Foundation course in select cities across the country, so if you live in Leeds, London, Birmingham or Oxford, you may join them for a weekend workshop on what it takes to be a life coach.

Perhaps you’ve never envisioned yourself helping others to reach their full potential, and that is OK.

Should you attend, you will learn what life coaching is all about: coaching techniques, how to use coaching tools such as a Life Wheel and how to conduct an intake interview.

From there, you may decide that you do need to engage in coaching sessions yourself if only to figure where you want to be in life and how to take things to the next level.

Two days out of your life is a small price to pay for discovering that you do in fact have the necessary coaching skills and, who knows? You may have stumbled on a whole new career path to explore!

Once you undergo coach training and receive your International Coach Federation accreditation, you could become a Superprof life coach!

Professional Coaching with Superprof

If you have been following this blog for any amount of time, then you know that Superprof is dedicated to helping people, be they students in need of academic support or professionals in need of business coaching.

In fact, as long as you have an Internet connection and have no aversion to online coaching, even people living in our land’s most remote corners can benefit from professional coaching with Superprof!

Currently, there are close to 800 life coaches listed on our platform; some of whom have achieved stunning results!

  • Zangmo, an ambassador of continuous learning has earned glowing testimonials from her clients!

  • Anri, also an ambassador, so consistently does his clients well that they have accorded him 5 stars!

  • Laura, who has a long history of helping others, conducts life coaching either in groups or for individuals

  • David: with his equally impressive resume, he brings patience and tolerance to his clients.

You might wonder about fees: with such stunning reputations, perhaps these coaches would be out of your financial reach?

On the contrary, you can rest easy on the fact that Superprof life coaches generally charge less than those whose offices you would visit – or who would visit you.

The average price for a Superprof life coach is under £25 per hour and most coaches dedicate their first hour with you for free!

That would be hard to match from any other personal coaching venture around the country!

You too will find yourself swirling with ideas after online coaching sessions! Great results can follow online life coaching sessions! Source: Pixabay Credit: FotographieLink

Life Coaches in Manchester

Should you live in the Greater Manchester Metropolitan Area, you would have no trouble finding relationship coaching, leadership coaching, executive coaching or life coaching!

For example, you might choose to work with Max, who has been dubbed the UK’s most inspiring life coach.

Or you may prefer being coached by NLP.

Not only do they offer all manner of coaching, from career coaching to wellness coaching, but they also offer life coach training!

They offer further courses designed to help you set up your coaching business if that is the life change you are looking to make.

You can find further life coaches throughout the Manchester area by googling Life Coach Manchester; an Internet search that will yield a database of accredited life coaches in your area.

Birmingham Life Coaching

Brummies may conduct a similar Internet search by changing the city name; they would receive results tailored to their corner of the country.

Should you want results of individual coaches, those with their own websites and facilities, you may appreciate Lotus Life Coaching, located on Worcester Street.

You may find a personal coach there, or one adept at wellness coaching if a holistic lifestyle is what you seek.

Such a tranquil environment is sure to help you establish a mind-body connection that will permit positive energy to flow!

If sipping chai is not your thing, perhaps Satellite Life Coaching would suit you better.

Their vibrant webpage practically screams ‘get moving!’; talk about a motivating group of people! They fairly radiate that can-do attitude that life coaches are so famous for…

Life Coaching Glasgow

You would find coaches with such an attitude in Glasgow, too, and Coaching for Life is a prime example of such.

Anne Houston is ready to help you get yourself out of the rut you feel trapped in by encouraging you to unearth the goals you buried under the pressure of daily life.

No judgment; we all do it!

If you find yourself in a position where your current situation is untenable and you’re ready for a change, Anne will be there for you!

So will Fionnuala Featherstone.

Her approach is to find out where you are in life at this current moment, help you uncover where you wish to be and draft an action plan for you to get there.

She will not bark orders at you or otherwise mistreat you but she will hold you fast to your commitment to self-improvement.

As will the life coaches listed on the Life Coach Glasgow directory pages…

You may set yourself intensely to the task of finding a life coach only to find that it is not difficult! No need to look so despondent! Life will look up if only you look up a life coach! Source: Pixabay Credit: Free-Photos

Leeds Life Coaching

If you are a Loiner fulfilling your life purpose, you might have already gotten in touch with Rowan Life Coaching.

Rowan had initially declared an interest in education and social policy but soon got frustrated that she could not make any positive changes in her work.

She turned that impotence into a force for good, earning her masters in counselling and psychotherapy.

Shortly afterwards, she set herself firmly on the path of helping people, quickly earning her coaching certification.

You may also appreciate Viv Hulland’s style of coaching.

Although she considers herself more of a relationship coach, she is also quite good at life coaching; she even coaches youths!

If you find you are struggling in your relationships or perhaps cannot seem to succeed as you had hoped, Viv is ready to help you in defining who you are.

Life Coaching in London

In our capital city, you may get away with tossing a rock to find a life coach, so plentiful they are!

Please don’t toss rocks at anyone!

As with other cities around the UK, you could check out Life Coach Directory London, a search that would yield nearly 300 life coaches within a 3-mile radius of City Centre.

Or, you could venture into Simply Life Coaching, on Old Street.

Circumstances in Patsy’s life rather forced her to undergo self-examination, which ultimately motivated her to become a life coach.

Now, she is ready to rid you of limiting beliefs and tactics tantamount to self-sabotage, giving you license to achieve your personal goals.

London is truly a thriving city full of people such as her, who only want to help others.

Whether you decide to undergo a training program and become a coach yourself, or if you want to find one in your neighbourhood; no matter if you seek out a certified life coach with a fancy office…

The time for your transformational journey is nigh: are you ready for it?

Don’t delay: Superprof will hold a life coaching spot open for you once you realise the possibilities your life holds!

You may now pour yourself a second coffee…


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