Getting one on one private tutoring has plenty of benefits.

You can get help with your homework or an assignment, get online tutoring in algebra, geometry, or calculus, or do some test prep for an important exam from personal tutors. In short, academic tutoring can bring you success!

However, the issue of cost often comes up: how much does a lesson cost?

A lot of things need to be taken into consideration when it comes to one on one tutoring:

  • the subject,
  • the tutor’s experience,
  • their qualifications,
  • and even where they teach...

Here’s our advice for paying your tutor a fair price!

Pay your Private Tutor in Accordance with the Average Rates!

Several criteria need to be considered once you find your private tutor... Not all tutoring jobs are the same and, as a result, will not all be paid the same.

If your goal is to have intensive private tutorials to prepare for your exams, you need to look for experienced tutors. In this case, don’t expect to get a tutoring professional for the average rate.

However, if you want to have relaxed in home tutoring, then looking at the average hourly rates is fine!

Firstly, think about where you live before you make your demands.

In fact, the average rate varies depending on where you live.

How much are private tutorials where I live?
The more expensive the place, the more expensive the tutorials. (Source: Bijzondere Streken)

What are the average rates around the UK?

To give you a better idea of how rates can vary, we’ve put together a few average rates from around the UK.

Here are the average rates for a physics home tutoring:

  • London: £22
  • Birmingham: £18
  • Manchester: £19
  • Bristol: £17
  • Liverpool: £20
  • Edinburgh: £16
  • Glasgow: £17
  • York: £13
  • Nottingham: £13
  • Sheffield: £16
  • Cardiff: £13
  • Southampton: £11
  • Cambridge: £40

Generally, bigger cities with a higher cost of living come with higher rates.

However, I'm sure you can figure out why a city like Cambridge would have such high rates.

Keep these figures in mind before you choose a particular private tutor: the aim is to pay a fair price for tutoring services!

Ask for Details before Accepting your Future In-home Tutor’s Rates

In-home tutorials, but in which home?

If you’re looking for a maths tutor on our platform, it might be difficult to choose just one from the thousands on Superprof!

Just by searching “maths”, for example, you can find tutorials for different levels and tutors offering different things.

The first question you need to ask yourself is, “What do I want from my tutorials?”

Then, don’t forget to ask your potential tutor the following:

  • What’s your specialisation? Do you offer test prep? Are you a reading tutor, algebra tutor, etc?
  • Do you bring your own materials/equipment? (a second guitar, dumbbells, etc.)
  • Can you give me extra exercises to do on my own?
  • Are you happy to teach the tutorials at my house?
  • Can you work around my schedule?
  • What’s your approach?
  • What teaching techniques do you employ?

You’ll be able to work out a fair price based on their answers.

For example, if you’re struggling to choose between two different sports coaches costing £25/hour each, choose the one that brings their own equipment!

If you want to learn quicker, it’s better to have tutorials personalised to meet your needs!

You can also find out how to save money on private tutorials.

Find Out as Much as You Can about the Tutor

Thanks to Superprof, students never work with complete strangers. You can choose your tutor knowing plenty about them!

Rather than the usual “I teach physics” or “I give private maths tutorials”, Superprof offers validated profiles!

In fact, our tutors can send us their qualifications so that you know they really have them!

How can I know if a tutor has been verified by the Superprof team?

When you’re looking at a tutor’s profile, look for the “tick” which means we’ve checked their credentials.

It’s a question of trust, like David, a private maths tutor on Superprof explains:

“In 2013, the Superprof site in France was launched; the main difference between them can be summed up in one word: “trust”. Each tutor has a complete profile detailing their experience, approach, and CV.”

If your tutor has qualifications in their given subject, their rates will be higher than their less-qualified counterparts.

Whether you want to improve your level or consolidate what you’ve learnt in a given subject, it’s better to do so with someone who’s qualified. Private tutorials are an investment for the future.

Private Tuition: Prices by Subject

Academic Support

Academic support tutorials from primary school through to university are the most popular type of tutorials on Superprof.

By offering regular academic tutorials, our tutors help students get through the national education system.

What type of private tutorials do they offer?

Whatever your level of education, an in-home private tutor can boost your studies.

Where can I get exam preparation tutorials?
Academic support at home is effective when it comes to failing students. (Source: Digital Photography School)

Here are some average rates on Superprof for different academic support tutorials in London:

  • Maths: £21
  • Physics: £22
  • French: £20
  • Biology: £18
  • Philosophy: £30
  • History: £23
  • Art: £24
  • Design: £38

Whether you’re a student at primary school, secondary school, or university, let a private tutor motivate you with in-home academic support tutorials!

Language Tutorials

Language tutorials differ from other subjects since they are popular with students in and out of school!

Whether you’re getting ready to go to university, abroad, or just want to boost your CV, languages are useful for everyone!

Unfortunately, learning a language at school isn’t always easy.

The number of students studying languages in the UK is in decline.

A private tutor can help!

A tutor’s private approach can help you fall in love with language learning.

Here are some of the average rates for language tuition in London:

  • English as a Foreign Language: £22
  • Spanish: £21
  • French: £20
  • German: £24
  • Italian: £19
  • Russian: £28
  • Chinese: £22
  • TOEIC (English tutoring): £30
  • Arabic: £20

What are you waiting for? Start learning a language now!

Sports Coaching

In-home private sports tutorials are becoming more and more popular!


Because demand keeps going up!

In 2015 gym membership spending jumped up by 44%.

What can you learn at home?
If you want to be the next Ronaldo, you best get practising! (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

If you want to get back in shape or practice a certain sport, Superprof can help you get there with a private coach.

Here are some example rates for sports tutoring programs in London with Superprof:

  • Sports Coaching: £27
  • Fitness: £23
  • Karate: £35
  • Judo: £20
  • Martial Arts: £36

Your tutor, as an educator, can provide you with personalised training to help you on your way to sporting greatness!

Leisure Subjects

Superprof offers plenty of private tutorials for free-time activities. Here are how much they cost on average in London:

  • Knitting: £48
  • Fashion Design: £40
  • Sewing: £41
  • Embroidery: £45
  • Crafts: £20
  • Make-up: £66

Whether weekly or monthly, you can learn new skills with one to one in home tutoring or online tutoring from the best tutors around!

Music Tutorials

Who doesn’t love music?

According to the ONS, 90% of 16-24 year olds listen to music. This percentage decreases with age but two thirds of over 65s listen to music in their free time.

With so many people loving music in the UK, there are plenty of tutors available to teach music theory and instruments.

How much does it cost to learn a musical instrument?
Piano lessons have never been more popular! (Source: Daan Bartels)

Learn more about music with private tutorials.

Here are some average prices for music tutorials in London:

  • Piano: £30
  • Guitar: £27
  • Clarinet: £35
  • Singing: £29
  • Cello: £28
  • Violin: £29
  • Drums: £22
  • Bass Guitar: £33
  • Electric Guitar: £27

With Superprof, you can find your new passion. What are you waiting for?

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