Today, more and more UK students are opting for private tutorials.


Because private tutoring often proves to be effective by:

  • improving results,
  • motivating students,
  • helping students to pass exams, etc. Academic tutoring is massively beneficial when it comes to a student’s education!

The market is growing and filling the gaps left by the national education system.

With this in mind, how much do private tutorials cost?

Discover why private tutorials are the future...

Private Tutorials: Costly but Beneficial

Many parents nowadays still think that a private tutor is only for the upper classes.

Some people believe that they can’t afford private tutorials and that you can only have one on one tutoring if you've got deep pockets.

Actually, the sooner you start with private tutorials, the less you’ll need overall.

For example, if your child starts struggling in primary school, don’t wait until secondary school before trying to turn things around with a private tutor!

How can I reduce the hourly cost of private tutorials?
Spend wisely when getting private tutorials. (Source: Trusted Media)

The best way is to give your child an opportunity to be helped throughout their entire school career, easing the pressure on them.

A one to one private tutor can help your child study the following the subjects:

  • Maths
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Physics, Chemistry
  • Geography
  • Biology
  • Economics
  • Art
  • Music

The price of tutoring services can vary wildly depending on the subject, of course.

There's a few easy ways to reduce the cost of private home tutoring or online tutoring. Find a tutor who provides a discount for block booking or by having tutorials in a small group.

As you'll see, getting an online tutor or in home tutoring isn't necessarily expensive! But what is the correct price to pay for a tutor?

Cheap academic support, what else do you need!?

Avoid Failing Exams and Motivate Students with Private Tutorials

The education system in the UK doesn’t work for everyone!

In fact, it’s starting to lag behind other similar countries.

Who’s to blame? The teachers?

Not really. In fact, it’s the organisation of the system that causes problems such as:

  • too many hours,
  • crowded classrooms,
  • bureaucracy,
  • Traditional teachers aren't often given the support and resources they need to provide personalised teaching.

How can you save a failing student at primary school or secondary school?

Some students end up completely detesting their time at school which can have a hugely detrimental effect on both their education and their future!

If you hire a private tutor, they can work towards motivating their students with the following methods:

  • Downplay their “mistakes”, this is how we learn!
  • Create short-term projects adapted to the child’s level.
  • Allow an open dialogue with the student to help them advance.
  • Create a relationship based on respect.
  • Increasingly difficult exercises to show the student their progression.
  • Monthly progress appraisals to boost their self confidence.

According to a study by the OECD in 2016, maths students in the UK aren’t improving.

With the UK lagging behind, can you afford to leave it to the national education system?

If you want to guarantee your child’s success, private tutorials are the right call: in addition to an educator, a private tutor can guide your child towards academic success.

What’s a fair price for private tutorials?

Change your Approach with a Private Tutor

Is impersonally teaching twenty children really the future?

Today parents are wondering whether this works or not with the UK lagging behind when it comes to education.

One thing we can say is that it’s not perfect.

Some European countries offer private tutorials in their schools to ensure that students receive the support they need.

In the UK this isn’t really the case, that’s why we have private tutors!

Whether homework help, academic coaching, or even intensive revision, a private tutor’s job is to consolidate a student’s knowledge and help improve their academic performance.

Thanks to their training, a private tutor has a few academic tricks up their sleeve that you won’t find in your normal classes. Including:

  • Using smartphone apps designed for teaching.
  • Having interactive webcam tutorials.
  • Developing a learning approach before an exam and working on test prep.
  • Creating a “special revision” schedule.
  • Having open-air classes (in the park, café, etc.).
  • Organising group tutorials, with friends, for example.
What is an in-home private tutor’s approach?
Learning digitally is a great way to get younger learners involved with education! (Source: iDigital Times)

One on one private tutorials are much more enjoyable for the student because they won't feel completely anonymous!

They can focus on the individual which is really important for young students. This isn’t often the case when it comes to national schools!

Offering a new teaching approach to a child gives them a chance to catch up or to get even better grades in certain subjects.

So, why not check out what types of tutoring programs are available?

You can also find out how to save money on private tutorials. Don't forget that plenty of the best tutors offer free tutoring for the first hour!

Invest in the Future with In-home Private Tutorials: A Winning Decision

In the UK, the private tutorials market is growing!

More and more students are getting private tutorials. 40% of students in London have a private tutor and the market is valued at around £2bn a year.

In addition to the help they provide today, a private tutor can offer long-term academic support.

Some tutors even specialise in long-term support by mixing academic coaching with life coaching during their academic support sessions.

This is exactly what French tutor Brigitte Brot has done across the channel:

The market is in full flow. Families contact us to minimise their child’s risk of failure [...] There’s a high demand because there are plenty of different academic routes and parents can find this a bit overwhelming. They’re stuck.”

Your in-home tutor’s approach can help your child to learn new skills and help them make important professional decisions for their future.

Where can I get academic guidance?
A good educator can double as a guidance counsellor. (Source: Broadgate GP)

Private tutors are great at discovering a student’s potential and getting the best out of them!

They can make the difference between a good grade and resitting an exam!

Getting involved with private tutorials can therefore be hugely beneficial: for a few dozen quid a week, your child won’t just have a better understanding of their educational goals, they’ll also be accompanied by a professional working with their strengths and weaknesses.

Giving your child a personalised education can guarantee their academic and future success! Consider scheduling a private tutorial now!

Improved Grades

During holidays, evenings, or weekends, you can call a certified teacher who’ll know how to help your child with private lessons and supplemental instruction or test preparation.

Of course, choosing this option has a specific goal: improve the student’s grades!

Before starting intensive study of school subjects, you need to first make sure that your child knows the basics.


By talking to the student, going through their exams, and checking their knowledge of their classes:

  • Are they struggling in French?
  • Can they form a sentence?
  • Do they have gaps in their knowledge?
  • If the answer’s yes, then you can have private tutorials via Superprof: in addition to traditional subjects, you can also get your child specialised tutorials.

Here are some classes that could help you:

  • Study skills,
  • Reading,
  • Grammar,
  • Writing,
  • Conjugation,
  • Literacy,
  • Creative writing,
  • Memorisation.

You can also focus on the subjects taught at school like geography, history, philosophy, IT, etc.

How can students improve their writing?
Gaps in a student's knowledge can cause lower grades! (Source: Haiku Deck)

They’ll quickly improve with revision and practice with a private tutor. This way they’ll not have to worry about resitting any of their exams.

Whether your child’s at primary school, secondary school, or even university, a private tutor will provide them with a personalised approach that will help them to learn more quickly and perfect their knowledge of a given subject.

Just like maths tutor Bernard told us. You’ll see a positive change very quickly with a private tutor:

A child who’s failing can end up achieving an average grade. [...] Parents often set a goal for their child to improve their grades before the end of the year. And in 9 out of 10 cases, I reach this goal.”

Giving your child the skills to succeed at school without having to resit not only guarantees them a better future, but completely avoids the demotivation of failing.

The private tutor can provide academic support and ensure academic success in a given subject.

Don’t hesitate to get involved with the booming private tutorial business!

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