Getting private tutoring services can sometimes seem complicated. When you decide to get home tutoring or online tutoring, you also need to agree on a price for your one on one tutoring.

If you’d like to study a particular subject and effectively revise before an exam, heading to Superprof is a great decision.

With unbeatable rates and a huge choice of tutors, finding private tutorials has never been easier.

If you’re still making your mind up about private tutorials, here’s what you need to take into account to get the right price for a tutor!

The Cost of Private Tutorials by Location

Where you want to have private tutorials is key factor when it comes to determining rates.

The rates often reflect the cost of living in your region.

Prices also vary by neighbourhood in bigger cities like London where the average price of a maths, algebra, calculus, or geometry tutorial can change depending on which part of the city you're going to be tutored in.

What are the average rates by region?

How much are private tutorials near me?
If you live in a small town, you won't need to dig as deep. (Source: Vita)

Here are the average rates across a few cities in the UK for a maths tutor.

  • London: £21
  • Manchester: £20
  • Birmingham: £17
  • Leeds: £17
  • Glasgow: £17
  • Liverpool: £18
  • Southampton: £13
  • Newcastle: £15
  • Nottingham: £16
  • Sheffield: £17

Whether you’re a parent or a student, you need to take into account where you live when it comes to how much you’ll pay for a private tutor: if you live in an affluent area, private tutorials will leave a bigger hole in your wallet. Don't forget that you can also get online tutoring whose rates shouldn't vary at all!

Smaller towns tend to be cheaper when it comes to private tutorials.

Where you live will determine what you pay.

Does the Price of Private Tutorials Vary with Experience?

To guarantee your academic success, you should always check what kind of experience your private tutor has.

A variety of skills and a personalised approach should be at the top of your wish-list when it comes to choosing a private tutor!

However, it’s not always easy to blindly trust a complete stranger!

The Superprof platform can help you to get to know your tutor before you start working together.

David, a private maths tutor explains the Superprof system:

In academic support organisations, parents can’t choose a tutor while on Superprof, there's a wide range of tutors available. All they have to do is choose a tutor whose experience and skills match what they’re looking for. They can also look at feedback and recommendations from previous students.”

Where can I find a recommended private tutor?
There's nothing better than recommendations from other students. (Source: Haiku Deck)

How do you get a certified teacher with experience?

The rate of tutors varies by the levels they can teach. Of course, the best tutors will charge more. Prices will depend on their experience, qualifications, teaching ability, subject and location. You have to learn to prioritise, too. That way you can find what you’re willing to pay for and what you aren’t.

The Price of Tutorials Can Vary by Subject

When it comes to academic support, not all subjects are the same.

In fact, some require advance specialisation or equipment that can drive prices up!

Academic support includes homework help, intensive academic coaching (where psychological support can be very important), or catchup classes for the student.

Whether maths, English, language, geography, or history tutorials, private tutors have to guide a student towards academic success with personalised tutorials in their school subjects.

With Superprof, academic tutoring in London is on average £25 per hour.

Whether in primary school, secondary school, or university, in-home academic support will help you succeed in your upcoming exams!

Private tutorials are an investment for the future!

Music tutorials

Music is a subject that transcends generations and has always been hugely popular in the UK.

According to ABRSM, 69% of primary school children play a musical instrument and 85% of children and 74% of adults have played a musical instrument at some point.

Here are some example rates for music tuition in London with Superprof:

  • Music Theory: £22
  • Piano: £30
  • Guitar: £27
  • Clarinet: £35
  • Singing: £29
  • Cello: £28
  • Violin: £29
  • Drums: £22

Whether it’s to discover an instrument or improve your technique, you just have to get started!

Leisure and Sports Tutorials

In addition to “traditional” subjects, there are also more unconventional tutorials available on Superprof.

Sewing classes, fashion design, make-up classes, you’re bound to find something you’ll enjoy!

What are the most popular at-home academic support subjects?

When it comes to leisure subjects, sports coaching is very popular on Superprof!

Here are the average hourly rates (in London) for sporting tutorials on Superprof:

  • Zumba: £30
  • Karate: £35
  • Sports Coaching: £27
  • Football: £15
  • Rugby: £25
  • Volleyball: £20
  • Judo: £20
  • Gymnastics: £24

With the necessary motivation, you could get into shape with quality sports tuition.

Price Based on the Student’s Level?

When it comes to academic support hourly rates, you have to consider both the level of the home tutor and the level of the learner!

Before any teaching takes place, a one on one tutor chooses which levels they’d like to teach.

First of all, this is important when it comes to teaching children. Some teachers prefer teaching very young children whereas others decide to become a tutor in order to teach teenagers.

This directly affects the hourly rates. The older a student is, the more they have to do at school and the higher the rates to teach them are.

This is also the case for adult students.

If you already have a degree in a given subject and you’d like to brush up, you’ll have to dig a little deeper into your pockets when it comes to paying a suitable tutor!

A Rate Based on Supply and Demand

On Superprof, like on all private tutorial platforms, some subjects are more successful than others.

In these instances, private tutors can beat the competition by offering better rates.

Which is great for you.

Here are some examples of typical rates (in London):

  • Physics: £22
  • English: £22
  • Chemistry: £21
  • Biology: £18
  • Geography: £32
  • German: £24
  • Art: £24
  • Spanish: £21

However, unique subjects are often subject to less demand from students.

What subjects can I get a private tutor for?
If you're falling behind in Hogwarts, magic tutorials could help! (Source: XENLife)

There are obviously a lot more tutors offering academic support than unusual leisure activities on Superprof.

As a result, an unusual subject like scuba diving, for example, will probably cost you more per hour than primary school reading tutorials.

Number and Frequency of Tutorials Can Affect the Final Rate

Private tutorials as part of a group tend to be cheaper. This is one way to lower the cost of tutorials.

Instead of having a tutorial alone, you can choose a group setup to spread the cost of tutorials.

If you book 10 hours of tutorials on our platform, you can often benefit from a 15% discount on the hourly rate!

A number of our tutors offers this discount. Check out their profiles!

Furthermore, a number of tutors also offer free tutoring for the first hour so you can see if you like them or not.

In fact, there's a lot of in home tutoring available from Superprof where the first hour is free.

Once you’ve found a tutor you like, you can ask them about a possible discount based on how many tutorials you’d like.

Regular tutorials work better for both the tutor and the tutee since they can follow a curriculum at school and will get to know the student better.

Does Where You Take Tutorials Affect the Price?

Depending on travel costs, the price of certain private tutorials can skyrocket.

Whether it’s because the tutor comes to the student’s house or vice-versa, both parties need to take travelling costs into account.

The further your tutor is from your house, the higher their rates will be in order even though the tutorials won’t change.

This is why most tutors impose a limit to how far they’ll travel.

This means they don’t have to put their rates up massively.

Superprof has a solution. Webcam tutorials!

How much do online tutorials cost?
Save on transport costs and have a more flexible schedule with online tutorials. (Source: Wellington Weddings)

How can you hire a private webcam tutor? How can you tell if a tutor does webcam tutorials?

Have a look at their profile and see if they have the webcam icon next to their profile picture.

James, a private maths tutor, explains why teaching via webcam can be advantageous:

Transport can easily double the amount of time needed for an hour-long tutorial. With online tutorials you can turn this time into money. Of course, this comes with a reduction in rates.”

If you want to study at home, you can also have video conferences and share the costs with several other students.

Thanks to the personalised approach of our tutors, you’ll get the teaching and support you need to succeed.

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