Statistics show that procrastination is on the rise.

To wit, in 1978, a mere 5% of the population admitted to procrastinating; today that number has soared to over 25%!

Students not included, though. They have always boasted a near 100% procrastination rate, and for a good reason.

Science has recently revealed that putting off tasks has less to do with laziness and everything to do with uncertainty and anxiety.

Those who fear failure the most are most likely to procrastinate.

How convenient for our topic that these revelations came about so timely!

Today, we’re talking with you about life coaching: the benefits thereof and where you could jump on the holistic living bandwagon.

To be sure, we’ll not impress upon you that a life coach will become a drill sergeant, exhorting you to meet deadlines and accumulate achievements.

That’s not the way to retrain your brain to not procrastinate, anyway!

What a life coach does is help you overcome stress and anxiety so that the performance of whatever task or venture need not be put off.

How would you like to be rid of those self-defeating attitudes that insist on you and your accomplishments never being good enough?

Considering the entire world is just hoping for a chance to undermine you, doesn’t it just make sense to believe in yourself and your abilities, thus never giving the world a chance to put you down?

Wouldn’t it be empowering to never fear a negative result?

Come along with Superprof, to discover where and with whom in Birmingham you might start your transformational journey into a motivated, self-assured individual!

Check for a life coach near me here.

Life Coaching for Free

Almost all students procrastinate according to one study
Studies show that students are most likely to put things off due to anxiety; perhaps a life coach could help? Source: Pixabay Credit: Mote0o

Disclaimer: life coaching does not guarantee you will never again suffer a negative result; it simply means that you will have the psychological tools to manage it and the resulting stress better.

For as valuable as such wellness training could be, it really doesn’t make sense that it would simply be given away...

Innocuous as that thought is, it represents a pattern of thinking common to procrastinators: everything worthwhile has a price tag – generally one too high to pay.

Indeed, life coaching does come with a price tag, just not necessarily a monetary one. Just ask life coaches in Edinburgh!

To commit to life coaching means that you are willing to scale back on or give up:

  • negative thoughts, ideas and self-sabotage
    • did you know that 40% of the population have experienced financial loss because of such behaviours?
  • your comfort zone – possibly a limiting position at work or your circle of friends
  • your habits: poor eating, excessive alcohol and other damaging substances, as well as toxic relationships
  • Compulsive and/or reinforcing behaviours that limit or destroy opportunity.

By no means are we indicating that to undertake life coaching sessions is to be in therapy; quite the contrary!

Whereas a therapist will take you back to examine events in your past, a life coach will pull you forward, into a world where those limiting obstacles are overcome.

The most important commitment you make is to yourself.

That being the case, it only makes sense to see to your personal growth by seeking out free life coaching, and you might find such masters right there at work!

In fact, many of the more progressive companies have retained life coaches to work with their employees or offer the services of such a professional coach as a part of employees’ benefits packages.

If your shop or concern has not yet done so, you may suggest it!

Having a life coach on staff virtually guarantees that employees will perform better and take fewer sick days, as well as being happier on the job and in life in general.

Should you meet resistance in suggesting such a training program at work, you may decide to undergo life coach training yourself.

Yes, for free!

The Coaching Academy is offering a free Foundation course in life coaching. This two-day course involves teaching coaching techniques and sharing life coaching skills, and there is even a workshop on how to use coaching tools most effectively!

Coaching tools include worksheets, questionnaires, a Wheel of Life and others.

By attending this seminar, you may discover a new career path for yourself, one that will mandate the organization skills you, as a procrastinator, have been lacking and longing for so long!

Read all about the life coaches in Belfast who've found new ways to look at life's challenges...

While it is true that life coaching is not for everyone, considering that the course is free, why not see if coaching is a career avenue you’d like to explore?

As a reassurance – and to thwart any potential procrastination, we aver that you need no special education or degree to become a coach. You only need a sincere desire to help people and the ability to motivate them.

Go ahead: mark the 4th and 5th of September as busy, make your way to the Novotel and uncover the you always knew you were!

And then, you can become any type of coach: business coach, executive coach, leadership coach...

You can even become a Superprof life coach!

Feeling crushed by stress and anxiety? Let a life coach help you!
Feel free to let inspiration as a life coach pick you up! Source: Pixabay Credit: Katya Guseva

Life Coaching with Superprof

Should you decide that a career in life coaching is for you, you would certainly be in good company as a Superprof life coach.

Should you decide that having the power to transform people’s lives is not exactly your cup of tea, you can still benefit from Superprof’s life coaches.

Birmingham has 4 Superprof life coaches willing and ready to work with you to discover your full potential, either face to face or via online coaching.

With an average rate of just over £20 per hour, you can put away any concerns that changing your life so dramatically will cost you your life savings!

In fact, Superprof life coaches so wish to help you that they even offer their first hour of coaching for free!

How can they afford to do that?

As previously mentioned, life coaching is not necessarily for everyone although we daresay that, if you are reading this article, you’ve at least given serious thought to your personal development.

That means that the Superprofs who've already made that leap and are giving one hour of coaching services for free is meant as a sincere expression of their desire to help you transition into the best you ever!

Each of their profiles is fully detailed: their experience, their coaching methodology and why they wish to guide you on this journey.

If, after that initial hour, it simply doesn’t feel right, you may consult with other coaches.

Should you have no objection to personal coaching online, you may choose to work with David, whose enthusiastic clients have left him an excellent rating and fantastic testimonials.

Or, if you prefer a life coach who is female, Zangmo might fit the bill.

She too is a tutor ambassador, meaning that she has had such an impact on her clients that she consistently earns 5-star reviews.

Whether you choose to change your life to start a coaching business yourself or if you simply need a life coach to guide you on your transformational journey, Superprof is here for you!

Where else can Brummies find life coaching?

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Searching online for a life coach is a good place to look!
You may search online for a life coach near me Source: Pixabay Credit: Startup Stock Photos

Professional Coaching in and Around Birmingham

As Birmingham is the second-most populous city in England, it stands to reason that we have our share of coaches... and our share of procrastinators, too!

In fact, if you check the website Life Coaches Directory, you may be surprised to find over 30 life coaches in and around Birmingham!

Should you be more interested in an established business – as opposed to any type of freelancer, you may check out Satellite Life Coaching, Lotus Life Coaching or Vision Life Coaching: all are established businesses in and around the city.

However, be aware that their fees might be higher than any freelancer.

Whether you choose to work together with an independent, motivating, passionate freelancer or someone solidly entrenched in an office, one thing is clear.

You must look for International Coach Federation accreditation!

Every certified life coach worth his/her salt will ensure s/he is accredited by this global support system for coaches and, should you decide that coaching will be your passion, you should seek such distinction out as well.

Not only does the ICF provide authenticity to your venture as a coach – be you a business coach, executive coach, leadership coach or, our favourite, a life coach, but they provide continuing education.

Touching on the latest techniques for motivating and helping others, keeping such credentials valid not only proves your sincerity as a life coach, but also your veracity.

And they won’t let you procrastinate, either!

Have you ever wondered about that word? The pro prefix implies that leaving everything to the last minute is a good thing when, in fact, it really does untold amounts of damage.

Don’t procrastinate! Don't neglect to seize your opportunities!

Now that you know where you can find life coaches in and around Birmingham, make that call!

Want to discover more life coaches near you? See who is working in your area!

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