"We always want to jump out of our shadow.", Henri Frederic Amiel (1821-1881).

To jump out of the shadows with a skipping rope, you will need a high intensity workout program to get you in tune with muscle building and cardio training.

In the collective consciousness, jumping rope is child's play that is practiced in the schoolyard at a young age.

Yet, it's offers great cardio boxing workouts to improve one's fitness, stamina, punching power and footwork. It's no wonder so many boxers choose a jump rope workout as part of their routine at the gym.

Any boxer knows it and willingly incorporates this tool into his boxing training alongside their weights training. Jumping rope is the keystone of bodybuilding exercises and offers many benefits to gaining muscle mass, losing weight quickly, improving agility and toning your  total body.

Jumping rope allows for a complete, varied training in high intensity intervals - or, High Intensity Interval Training, HIIT. This cardiovascular workout works the total body and you can alternate between one foo, jumping side to side and other variations to kick it up a notch.

The body movements it induces can be more effective than any other sport: running, swimming, crossfit, jogging, fitness cardio, etc.

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Whether it's French boxing, English boxing, Thai boxing or martial arts - karate, kung fu, aikido, taekwondo, jujitsu or krav maga - no one can escape the jumprope, a key element when it comes to physical preparation and boxing equipment.

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We looked at the benefits of jumping rope. Now let's see where to buy one.

Boxing Training: How Does The Jump Rope Help With Boxing?

Why should I jump rope? Isn't that child's play? Think again.

Skipping rope boxing is an intense cardio exercise
What to do when a boxing coach has suggested the jumprope.

First, this physical exercise improves your footwork, helps to strengthen your abdominals, and increase the power of your punches causing you to hit harder, while gaining in mobility!

It is sometimes said that one makes the rope dance.

It's true, jumping rope is a form of dancing because we skip and the exercise refines our coordination and our sense of balance while we adjust the speed and precision of the jump.

Jumping rope, in addition to improving physical abilities, also allows those who are overweight to lose weight and gain muscle. It is one of the best exercises you can use to train for the ring.

Sweating during jumps helps remove toxins from the body and burn fat.

Are you still wondering how to lose weight or how to have a flat stomach?

Boxing classes, boxing classes, boxing classes!

Jumprope exercises stimulate all the muscle groups of the human body simultaneously: the intense effort and the calorie expenditure allows for an elimination of fatty tissue while you develop physical endurance.

To achieve this, it is necessary to establish a routine in your training program. Your coach will probably advise you to alternate between exercises and rest phases, then to increase the intensity gradually, 30 seconds to ten minutes without rest! Go for it!

Ultimately, it also helps the boxer carve an athlete's body and surpass his limits in a fight against his opponent!

Jumping rope tirelessly helps ensure the return of blood from the legs to the heart: a jump would act as a pump stimulating the heart rate and oxygenation of the body.

It's magical: training your body - before a melee fight or to maintain fitness - promotes fat loss, relieves stress and strengthens the abdominal belt!

Let's recapitulate the benefits of skipping:

  • Develop endurance, footwork,
  • Increases mobility and velocity
  • Stimulates intensity (of the kick, of the right punch, of the direct uppercut),
  • Muscles to hit harder,
  • Breath improvement,
  • Learning to stay calm in physical effort,
  • Slimming down,
  • Developing muscles on the buttocks, legs...

The final advantage of the jump rope, and perhaps one of the most important is how inexpensive it is and the fact that it can be taken literally anywhere.

Unlike a treadmill, an elliptical trainer, a rower, a pair of boxing gloves, a weight machine, or a punching bag, we find can find a jump rope for less than 10 pounds!

So are there any disadvantages to the jump rope? Absolutely not! So get out there and start jumping!
Okay, but how do I use that rope I just bought--do I include it in my bodybuilding program then? Let's take a look!

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Jumping Rope: What is the Best Skipping Rope Workout?

Several types of exercises for jump rope are possible, depending on the objectives of the boxer.

Those of you who are part a boxing club will have received advice from a coach, but this is not the case for everyone. That's why Superprof has gathered the best advice from competitive and even pro boxers!

  • Start jumping rope freestyle, because, when you are a beginner, finding your rhythm is usually the first step. It's good to engage in some low amplitude jumps, with your chest out and slightly bent legs, looking in front of you, and with the most flexible body possible.
  • Even for jumping rope, the warm up is important. The calves will be especially stimulated.

It will be necessary to contract the abdominals while you are jumping.

If you are too relaxed you could hurt your lumbar.

If you are going to jump rope, make sure to follow a routine.

For example, three days a week over eight weeks. Gradually increase the duration of your sessions and effort time, while decreasing the recovery time between exercises.

Watching former world boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. perform a jump rope demonstration will allow you to see how important skipping rope is when it becomes an art form.

The ease with which he handles skipping rope is almost disconcerting!

By playing with the rhythm, the intensity, the speed, the movements, the footwork he solicits all of his muscles - calves, abdominals, glutes, biceps, quadriceps, pecs - at the same time.

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Where Can One Get the Best Deals on a Skipping Rope?

Prices will vary depending on whether you want a plastic, cotton, vinyl, nylon, leather or imitation leather rope with ball bearings, weighted handles, tachometer or a calorie counter. In the beginning, as you commence your journey into skipping, any rope will do! Once you understand what you prefer and like you can make an informed decision!

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A jumprope could change your life.
Here is my new jumprope with ball bearings and height adjustment as an extra addition: I love it!

It is therefore necessary to first identify your objectives and level in order to choose a good jumprope.

Boxing is so popular that now it's easy to find a store with boxing equipment. But you will still have to choose the brand: Domyos, Metal Boxing, Everlast, Adidas, Venum, Excellerator, etc.

Here is an overview of the prices on the net:

  • Domyos brand jumpropes cost from 2.99 to 19.99 pounds on the Domyos website. For example, the "Comfort" skipping rope at 6.99 pounds, which is an entry level rope that does the job for beginners! Though it is ideal, it must nevertheless be cut if the rope is too long. It allows you to get acquainted with this exercise without having to spend a fortune.
  • "The Corner of the Ring" offers jumpropes from 4.90 to 29.90 pounds. Choosing a mid-range rope allows you to buy a vinyl or leather rope, with non-slip handles for an easy grip. For example, the leather Everlast rope for 24,90 pounds
  • "Fury Fight" offers one jimprope. It is leather with wooden handles for recurring use. Above all, you get a great product for 13,90 pounds
  • "Blue Dragon" has jump ropes from 14.99 to 34.99 pounds.

The material, the length of the rope and the level of the boxer will substantially determine what model you should choose.

Moreover, it is possible to buy your jumprope directly at the boxing club, along with all other sports equipment necessities: boxing gloves, boxing shoes, wraps and under-gloves , mouth guards, shin guards, elbow pads, knee pads, and so forth!

To get a better sense of what is out there, here is a non exhaustive list! Keep in mind that the prices can fluctuate, especially when there are sales going on!

RetailerBrandPrice Range in PoundsMaterialsLevel
DecathlonDomyos2 to 21Plastic or vinylAll levels
The Cornerer Venum, Metal Boxe, Everlast4 to 25Leather, PVC, VinylIntermediate
Fury FightBuddha11,90LeatherAdvanced
Sports EquipmentRD Boxing, Professional Fighter5 to 21,50Vinyl, leatherAll levelas
Blue DragonFitness Mad, Excellerator, Venum, Metal Boxe, Adidas7 to 31Vinyl, steel, leather, nylonAll levels

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