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Why take boxing classes in London?

Thai boxing, french boxing or kick boxing: are these kinds of sports calling to you? It's true that boxing is one of the most popular sports for the UK!

With modern figures like Lennox Lewis or Nicola Adams in women popularizing the sport, but also with historic sportsmen like Mike Tyson, Mohammed Ali or Floyd Mayweather, boxing has experienced a boom in popularity. The UK capital is no exception: every year, hundreds of Londonians start self-defence classes, English boxing, kick-boxing, fitness boxing or savate boxing.

If this craze for boxing has become so pervasive, it's not without good reason. For one, participating in regular sports activities, in general, avoids future cardiovascular diseases and helps improve one's cardio by working their heart and breathing.

Boxing, in particular, is perfect for muscling one's form while at the same time developing a winners mindset. Surrounded by incredible monuments such as the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace or Trafalgar Square, Londoners of all ages put on their boxing gloves and head out to the gym or boxing club to improve their physical condition.

The shin, the fist, the shoulders, the hamstring muscles ... : Boxing works every muscle group, putting the whole body to work while also developing one's movement and speed synchronization!

Discipline and dedication can be found in a boxing club. While the bravest beginners will tackle French boxing or full contact, others will prefer to try out the physical and mental aspect of the martial arts such as jiu jitsu, karate or judo, or something quite fun like fitness boxing.

No matter what your speciality is, boxing will help you deliver a punch worthy of a world champion in just a few years of lessons!

How to learn boxing in London?

In the most populous city in the UK, with more than 14 million inhabitants in the metropolitan area, London has a lot to offer for learning boxing in ‘The City'!

Joining a boxing club remains the first step for many future top athletes. The many Londonian boxing clubs welcome members of all skill levels to come try out a first trial class in the various boxing styles. With recreational boxing, amateur boxing and educational boxing, for example, course content may vary according to student needs and demands.

Taking group classes in a boxing club is a great way for a student to begin learning to respect their opponent while also working on their combative skills in the boxing ring. Here learners can share tips, including boxer nutrition while challenging themselves during their boxing training.

Boxing clubs often supervised by the England boxing federation or United British Boxing Federation, provide punching bags for their students training in Thai boxing or krav maga before beginning their professional boxing fights.

Beyond boxing clubs, it is the sports associations that organize boxing lessons at lower prices for smaller budgets. Some lower cost associations to check out in London include the Left Hook Boxing Gym, London Community Boxing, 12 Rounds Boxing Gym, among many others.

Do not hesitate to take a tour of the cultural centres, present in some districts in London, to inquire about the availability of free courses or cross training near you. Some associations regularly organize cultural activities on boxing.

In short, if you have the chance to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, you will have no trouble finding the best boxing classes for your fitness training!

The culture of boxing in London

The city of London and boxing have always been closely linked: the fairground boxing booth, a cradle for great British boxing hopes for over 200 years is one such example. During its illustrious history, famous boxers such as Jem Mace, Jimmy Wilde and Tommy Farr all fought in or ran boxing shows. Even the great Muhammad Ali displayed his skills there for charity in 1977.

While walking around and sightseeing the many historic sights the city has to offer, such as the British Museum, the London Eye, or Windsor Castle, practitioners of kickboxing, tai chi or body combat can also enjoy the many sports events in the capital.

Hellraiser Fight Nights, Heavyweight titles, Championship Boxing Nights: there are plenty of events to catch your eye with professional boxers from around the world!

The culture of boxing in London is such that martial arts or classic boxing centres are multiplying both in the downtown and suburb neighbourhoods of London. To participate in a competition, aspiring  sportsmen or women must still provide a medical certificate justifying their physical condition.

Londoners are welcome to participate in boxing classes or matches in the UK capital: women's boxing is also expanding in London, with boxing fitness classes, self-defence or Zumba boxing being offered for women wanting to sculpt their bodies while also learning the fighting skills of ‘The Greatest'.

BXRLondon, Legends Boxing Gym, 12 Rounds Boxing...: here are some boxing clubs that have helped make London one of the major cities of UK boxing!

To work one's punch, kick, and combination skills during a savate class, why not test out a Londonian boxing school or boxing club to give light contact a try?

Dozens of boxing teachers in London

Do you live in the Kensington, Chelsea,  Kings Cross or Richmond areas? What if you took boxing classes directly in your Londonian home?

It's true that since the rapid growth of the private in-home teaching market, it is no longer mandatory to travel to your boxing class to be able to let off steam during a professional warm-up with a qualified and experienced boxing teacher. With bare hands or with gloves, hand wraps or not, boxing lessons at home adapt to your personalized boxing practice.

On Superprof, there are hundreds of boxing teachers available who offer to share their sports knowledge to beginner students or those at an advanced level!

The instructor, in this case, doesn't need to open a gym in order to practice the sport they love. The boxing class can take place at home, but also in outdoor spaces to enjoy the beautiful London landscape, such as Hyde Park, Primrose Hill, or the Kew Gardens.

You can enjoy the sun in London during your stretching and cardio training workout: living the dream, right?

To find a boxing teacher for private lessons, students can explore private tutoring agencies specializing in sports. But London students can also consult directories of online boxing teachers, such as the Superprof platform. Find an in-home specialized boxing teacher with just a few clicks, while also having the choice for your course content and schedule!

Boxing classes in London: choose your coach

What if you chose Superprof to take your American boxing, MMA or kung fu classes? Self-control and intensive bodybuilding will be at the forefront during your boxing lessons at home!

On Superprof, students themselves choose their coach, which can sometimes lead to overwhelm. Don't panic: just read through the profiles of a few teachers who stand out for you, and choose one to begin your free trial class with, where you'll really get a feel if it's a good fit for you.

If you are a beginner in boxing, you can totally orient yourself towards a self-taught boxing coach who will offer the most inexpensive prices on the market. On the other hand, if you are moving towards a real professional career in sports, opt for a highly experienced instructor, one having already won fights or has taught in a sports center.

The desire to get 6 pack abs will not be enough to make it in pro boxing!

A student must also acquire quality boxing equipment for top-end training. A boxing helmet for the head, shin guards for the legs and punching bags for solo boxing training; a serious student will progress more quickly in Viet vo dao or boxing pilates with sports equipment worthy of ‘The Greatest’.

Then comes the question of price: in London, it takes an average of 30 pounds per hour to have a boxing class in your home.

The price will quickly vary depending on the profile of the boxing teacher, but also according to the equipment needed; some teachers have access to a Thai boxing club, sometimes justifying a higher price than their competitors, for example.

What if you became a true boxing professional in the London area? Get started today!

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