Acting isn’t all about the glitz and glamour. It takes dedication, commitment, and perseverance to make it as an actor, regardless of whether you’re intended focus is within the realm of theatre, television, or film.

Thankfully, there are lots of different drama schools out there that offer courses designed to help their students succeed in the industry, from:

  • Offering courses that provide an overview of how the industry works;
  • Giving classes focussed on one area of acting (such as audition technique, specific acting techniques, or on-camera work); to
  • Helping their students grow in confidence.

So, if you want to become a better actor, or just want to find out more about what acting is all about and how it can help you, why not consider taking an acting course in Cardiff?

Discover the best drama classes near me in the UK.

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There are lots of experienced acting tutors in Cardiff (Image Source: Pixabay)

I Don’t Want To Be An Actor – Why Should I Take Acting Classes?

Although acting classes are, understandably, most commonly associated with people who are actively interested in pursuing some kind of career as an actor (whether at a professional or amateur level) the truth is that acting classes can benefit so many people.

For example, you could find acting classes useful if:

  • You’re looking to work within the wider industry (for example, as a casting director, stage manager, or scriptwriter)
  • You want to try out new techniques and exercises that can help you gain more confidence;
  • You’d like to make friends with people who share a common interest;
  • You’re looking for ways to develop your creativity; or
  • You want to learn how to become a better public speaker.

What’s more, acting lessons can help in a corporate setting. There are lots of drama schools out there that offer corporate acting lessons, whether that’s to improve overall team building, develop client presentation skills, or just have some fun after a stressful week in the office!

Where Can I Study Acting In Cardiff?

Luckily, if you’re based in Cardiff, or want to find acting courses in Cardiff to travel to, there’s no shortage of drama schools and acting workshops to choose from. Let’s look at a selection below.

The Workshop

Based in Cardiff Bay, The Workshop offers “a unique film and television performance training project”. Introductory courses are available to anyone aged nine and above, with different groups in place for those under 18 and those over 18. The course lasts ten weeks.

Actors Workshop

The Actors Workshop offers classes that cater to a range of ability levels, from beginner to experienced.

Beginners would likely get the most benefit from taking the Actors Workshop’s “Discover Acting” course, as this is an entry-level course that provides a great foundation for more advanced acting classes. There is also the “Explore Acting” course, which teaches course participants about the fundamentals of stage performance.

Other courses offered by The Actors Workshop include:

  • “The Rehearsal Room”;
  • Scene Work”;
  • “Showcase Term”;
  • “RepTerm”; and
  • Production Course”.

LARCA Workshops

LARCA Workshops offers two different workshops. The first is an acting workshop for adults, which is a 10-week long course, with each session lasting for an hour and a half.

Alternatively, there is a masterclass workshop with Stifyn Parri, which, according to the LARCA Workshops’ website, “is designed to boost confidence and help you be the ‘best version of you’”. This masterclass is just two-hours long, so it’s perfect if you’re looking for a condensed, or one-off session.

An image of a ballet performance with three performers
There are lots of theatres where you can watch live performances in Cardiff, which is great if you're looking to immerse yourself in acting and the industry (Image Source: Pixabay)

The Royal Welsh College Of Music & Drama

If you’re serious about making it as an actor, then it’s worth considering the drama training offered by The Royal Welsh College Of Music & Drama.

Aimed at 16-20-year-olds, the College’s Young Actors Studio acting courses cover a wide variety of topics that should benefit actors in the industry, including:

  • Audition technique;
  • Text and voice;
  • The Alexander Technique;
  • Improvisation; and
  • Movement, among other topics.

Classes are small, with a maximum of 13 participants, and come highly rated, with the Guardian University Guide 2018 ranking “the College’s drama training as the best in the UK.”

However, to be accepted onto this acting course by the College, you must pass the audition process. This process includes an hour-long group workshop, as well as the presentation of a short speech.

There are also other courses offered to young actors, including theatre workshops for those aged 11 to 18 and short courses in acting held by the Young Actors Studio.

Alternatively, the Royal Welsh College Of Music & Drama also offers formal acting qualifications, such as the BA (Hons) Acting and the MA Acting for Stage, Screen & Radio.

What Else Should I Look For In Drama Classes?

Although your search for the perfect drama course will largely be shaped by what type of acting tutoring you’d like (for example, whether you’d like to focus on acting technique, cold reading, character acting, auditioning, or you want to learn more about the industry in general) there are some general things you should also consider as well before booking your place on a course:

  • Can you easily travel to where your drama classes will be held (whether by bike, car, or bus)?;
  • Can you afford to pay for an extended block of lessons, or is your budget better suited to occasional or one-off courses?
  • Are you available at the times that the courses are held?

If you are struggling to find the right acting class for one of the above reasons, then you can still benefit from having an acting tutor with the help of private acting tuition.

Online tutoring sites, such as Superprof, have several acting tutors across the UK, including Cardiff, who are happy to help you improve your acting skills, either through in-person or online tuition.

So if you need some more acting lessons, but you’d like to have access to greater flexibility when it comes to when, where, and how you have your lessons, then tuition is always an option you can consider.

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Different acting classes can improve different aspects of your performance, from improvisation to on-screen skills (Image Source: Pixabay)

Why Take Acting Lessons In Cardiff?

There are so many reasons to study acting in Cardiff!

Take Advantage Of The Theatre Scene

For one, there’s a great theatre scene in Cardiff, with plenty of different theatres that you can visit to watch a variety of shows and performances, from ballet to musicals, drama, and beyond.

For example, there’s the New Theatre in Cardiff city centre, which has hosted a variety of well-known shows, including Avenue Q, The Mousetrap, and the English Youth Ballet, to name a few.

Watching shows such as those above can help you improve as an actor, as they can give you a real insight into how an actor might portray a particular character, or make use of a particular acting method, such as method acting.

Additionally, you might find that you can audition for certain roles for performances across Cardiff. If you can land such roles, then it can help advance your acting career and give you practical experience that may help you land future roles.

So, you don’t need to travel down to London to improve your skills or knowledge as an actor!

Make The Most Of Experienced Acting Tutors

Another great aspect of learning more about the world of acting in Cardiff is that there are plenty of highly experienced and qualified acting tutors out there.

Peter Wooldridge of The Workshop, for example, has 40 years’ experience within the industry and has experience providing training workshops as well as working as a casting director. Susan Wooldridge, who heads up The Workshop alongside Peter, also boasts over 30 years’ experience in the TV industry.

However, The Workshop isn’t the only place where you can find experienced tutors. LARCA Workshops is another great hub for talented tutors, such as Ross O’Hennessy, who played The Lord of Bones in hit-TV series Game of Thrones.

When looking at potential acting tutors, it’s best to think about what kind of experience they have within the industry, and if their focus has been in areas that are of particular interest to you, whether that’s:

  • Acting for the theatre;
  • Film and television; or
  • Directing.

Ideally, if you can find a tutor who has expertise in the area you'd like to discover more about, you're likely to get more out of your drama classes and learn more than you otherwise would.

As there’s so much choice in Cardiff when it comes to acting tutors and acting schools, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to finding your next course.

Whether you’re looking for a formal acting qualification such as the qualifications offered by The Royal Welsh College Of Music & Drama, you’d like to attend a short-term drama course, or you’re looking for some one-to-one help with a private acting tutor, such as a Superprof acting tutor, there are plenty of options out there. Happy searching!

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