Belfast is a great place to study acting, whether you’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned actor looking to jump back into rehearsals and performance.

One of the great joys of studying acting in Belfast is the fact that the area is very closely connected to the world of film and TV. For instance, did you know that the incredibly successful TV series Game of Thrones was partly filmed in Belfast?

Another benefit of taking acting lessons in Belfast is the fact that there’s so much choice when it comes to deciding which acting school or workshop to attend!

This article outlines a selection of acting classes in Belfast that you might like to attend.

The Big Fish sculpture in Belfast
Belfast has been used as a set location for films and TV shows (Image Source: Pixabay)

Where Can I Study Acting In Belfast?

In short, there are lots of places where you can learn more about acting or develop your talents as an actor in Belfast!

We’ve highlighted some of the schools you might go to below, but of course, there are others out there as well!

The Lyric Theatre

The Lyric Theatre has plenty of courses on offer, predominantly with children, teens, or young adults in mind.

When it comes to acting classes for young adults, two courses spring to mind:

Drama Studio

This course is open to 18 to 25 year-olds who are actively thinking about working within the industry, and who may be considering applying to a drama school, whether that’s the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, the Royal Welsh College Of Music & Drama, or another drama school.

The course comprises “a full term of Saturday and Tuesday evening workshops” and ends with a production.

To secure a place on this course, you have to audition. Competition is fierce, but securing a spot could provide a fantastic basis for furthering your career in acting.

Stage Combat

As part of the Lyric Theatre’s professional development courses, stage combat is open to those aged 18 years and over who would like to learn new skills.

Held over six full days, the course is open to all ability levels and offers “professional qualifications from the APC at basic, intermediate and advanced levels.”


TheatreNI has recently started an acting class in the form of the Actor Training Masterclass Pilot.

The course is designed for actors who have finished drama school or who have acting experience and are deeply committed to working in the industry. As such, the course is not suitable for students with only basic or intermediate-acting ability.

Belfast Talent

If you’re fairly new to the world of acting, or just want to see if acting might appeal to you, then you could look at attending a drama class with beginners in mind.

Belfast Talent, for example, offers an Acting for Non-Actors class, which, as the name suggests, is designed for adults of any age and walk of life to come along and learn more about acting in a welcoming environment.

Alternatively, there is also the Introduction to Acting for Adults course. This workshop covers a variety of areas, including:

  • Short scripts;
  • Scene analysis; and
  • Improvisation, among others.

Class terms for the Introduction to Acting for Adults course tend to last between seven and ten weeks.

Both courses run on Tuesday evenings.

Acting Classes for All Abilities

As you can see from the above range of courses, there’s something for everyone when it comes to acting classes in Belfast, whether you’re completely new to acting and just want to try a class out or you’re an experienced actor looking to land your next audition!

As there are so many acting classes London and drama schools in Belfast, don't be afraid to try out different schools' courses as well. You might enjoy meeting different people at different classes and may find you learn more by attending courses that cover different aspects of acting.

A colourful image of a clef
Some drama schools specialise in particular areas. The AMTA, for example, specialises in musical theatre (Image Source: Pixabay)

Leap Ahead With Musical Theatre

Although there are lots of drama schools, both in Belfast and across the UK, that offer drama courses that provide general insight into the industry or tips for how to improve as an all-around actor, there are other options out there.

For example, some drama schools and workshops are more focussed on a specific area of drama, and this is certainly the case with the American Musical Theatre Academy in Belfast, known as AMTA for short.

AMTA offers two different courses in musical theatre in Belfast, both of which require dedication and commitment to complete:

  • The One-Year Intensive Musical Theatre Course; or
  • The Two-Year Full-Time Musical Theatre Course.

The one-year course is an intensive course that covers a wide range of topics, such as what to expect in the industry and how to develop your singing, acting, and dancing skills.

What’s more, as part of the course students can travel to London and New York (the home of the West End and Broadway respectively) to undertake part of their training with professionals working in there.

The second year of the two-year course covers the same content as the one-year course, however, the first year gets students up to speed by providing them with the foundations needed to be successful in that second year.

So, if you have aspirations to appear in Hamilton, or you’re serious about working within the realm of musical theatre more generally, then a specific course such as that offered by AMTA could help.

It’s worth noting that you have to audition for a spot on these programmes, and auditions are held between December and July. The audition requires applicants to prepare:

  • “Two contrasting musical theatre songs”;
  • One monologue, which should be under three minutes long; and
  • “A dance/movement call.”

As with any audition, it’s worth doing your best to prepare well in advance, to maximise your chances of being confident and at ease on the big day.

Of course, if you do struggle standing out at auditions, it can be helpful to know that there are drama schools out there that offer courses specifically designed to help you improve your audition technique, whether you want to work on stage, screen, or elsewhere.

A reel of film
Acting classes can help you improve certain aspects of your acting, from your audition technique to how to approach screen work (Image Source: Pixabay)

How Else Can I Take Acting Classes In Belfast?

If you’re struggling to find the perfect acting class for you in Belfast, whether that’s due to the times they run, their cost, their course content, or even their length, then you can also consider looking into private acting lessons to get the results you’d like.

Private acting tuition can be a great way to become a better actor for many reasons. For instance, private tuition can:

  • Allow you to focus on the areas that you want to concentrate on, whether that’s voice acting, working through a particular scene or an upcoming play, learning more about method acting, or something completely different;
  • Give you the flexibility to study when you want, where you’d like;
  • Be as long term or short term as you’d like – simply stop tuition when you’re ready.

It's the flexibility and ability to customise your drama lessons that makes private acting tuition so appealing to many. For example, if you live in quite a remote location, or are far away from Belfast city centre, it can be reassuring to know that with the help of a private acting tutor, you can still study acting and get better as an actor without having to travel extensively.

What’s more, private acting lessons don’t have to be one-on-one tuition sessions. Having private group tuition is an option as well. So, if you have a group of friends that would also like acting lessons, a group workshop can be a great way to go. This can be particularly handy if you have a scene that you'd like to study with a group, or if you have a group audition that you'd like to practice a little bit more.

Another benefit of private tuition is the fact that you don't have to use it exclusively.

For example, you can use private acting coaching as a way to supplement any study you’re undertaking at another drama course. So, if you’re committed to passing a particular course, or you want to have a deeper understanding of some aspects of a course that you’re struggling with, such as character development or stage skills, then private tuition can complement your studies by giving you extra practice or help where you need it.

If you think private tuition might appeal to you, then why not see whether there’s an acting coach on Superprof that can help? Superprof has acting tutors in Belfast who can provide in-person or online lessons, who are equally happy to help individuals, groups, or run acting workshops.

So why not give Superprof a try today, and see if you can find your next acting tutor?

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