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The average price of Acting  lessons is £19.

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A career in acting is not for the faint-hearted. It requires emotional fortitude, self-awareness, trust in your peers, a willingness to collaborate, the ability to receive and build upon constructive feedback, and the capacity to think critically about your own work or that of others.

Sounds overwhelming, right? Don’t worry, these are all skills that you’ll when you study acting with a Superprof private tutor.

Why study acting?

Everyone has different motivations for studying acting at school and university or pursuing acting as a career. Whether you’re in it for the thrill of the live performance, the ability to affect and connect with an audience by delivering a powerful monologue, the artistic experience or to build up your self-confidence, an acting coach can help you to explore the craft and develop your skills for anything from TV/screen and stage acting to storytelling and children’s entertainment.

Some individuals study acting out of a desire to try something new; they’ll be pleased to learn that their studies will help them to develop a whole host of transferable skills too. Here are just a few reasons why you might choose to study acting which pertains to all aspects of life.

Actors often develop heighten emotional maturity. By using your voice and body creatively, you gain a deeper understanding of what makes you who you are. You’ll be required to see the world from different perspectives, expanding your horizons, cultivating empathy and building your understanding of how others see the world. This will help you to access your own emotions, be more reflective and grow from experiences.

Acting promotes better self-esteem. When you study acting, you look at how your voice and posture can affect how you feel and how you’re perceived. As you become more self-aware, you’ll be able to improve your diction and present ideas more confidently. Performing in front of others can be daunting, but with the support of your acting instructor you’ll become used to the process, learning how to plan and prepare so that you’re stage ready.

Through acting you’ll observe your peers’ creative processes and explore various interpretations of a text, character or scenario. Over time you’ll become more confident in your interpretations and learn how to make a character your own for a more engaging, unique and authentic performance.

Acting is about the collaboration: working with others, trusting your peers, accepting and using their feedback, and being prepared to take risks. Through acting your teamwork skills will flourish, you’ll get better at listening and responding to what others have to say, and you’ll make friends for life.

Giving feedback isn’t easy, but receiving it is sometimes even harder. An acting coach will help you to use feedback to your advantage, encouraging you to ask questions like ‘what worked’ and ‘what could be improved next time’ so that you are constantly developing your skills. Learn not to fear negative feedback but to use it – an invaluable skill in all areas of professional and personal development.

Through studying acting, you’ll learn to think. Think creatively, think differently, think critically, think imaginatively and think outside of the box. You’ll become a critical consumer rather than a passive viewer and this will help you to form your own ideas, question the status quo and make up your own mind.

One of the most rewarding aspects of acting is establishing a connection with your audience, making them think, making them laugh or sparking an emotional reaction to your character. The study of acting helps you to establish that link with your audience.

If you have careers in mind, the study of acting doesn’t only lead to the theatre stage. The transferable skills you develop through acting will serve you well the film industry, media and communications and marketing too.

The best thing about studying acting is that it’s an education that knows no end. Your style, understanding and relationship with acting will evolve throughout your career – it’s an exciting and enriching journey!

Studying acting in school, college or university

It’s possible to learn acting at home using books, Youtube and the internet, but even if you record and look back on your performances, an outside opinion can be invaluable when you’re hoping to improve. Without interaction and unbiased feedback from a tutor or peer, it can be hard to know if you’re going in the right direction, fully exploring your range and performing the best that you can.

Acting schools are the obvious choice for those wishing to pursue formal training in acting. Although most commonly thought of as university-level schools, education in acting starts young and there are many acting schools across the UK that provide a safe, supportive environment where young people can learn to be creative, express themselves and gain confidence on the stage.

For 6th form and college-aged students, a dedicated drama school or college would provide an excellent environment for mastering the fundamentals, building confidence and developing performance techniques, helping aspiring actors to prepare for the industry’s grueling audition and interview process.

Although studying drama at university level is not the only way to learn, it does provide a space for you to try things out, make mistakes and learn the discipline of acting around like-minded people. Once you’re in the industry, you don’t always get so many chances to get things wrong. Drama schools vary in their focus, but the most prestigious tend to deliver a classical training (the likes of Shakespeare and Chekov). By mastering these more complex texts, you should find contemporary works more approachable.

Whether you choose to train at university or enter the industry directly, acting is a competitive industry and getting your CV noticed can be hard. If successful at the CV stage, you’re then faced with a demanding audition and interview process. So how do you get noticed?

Getting into renowned drama schools such as LAMDA, RADA and Guildhall takes planning, determination, hard work and skill, which is why many aspiring actors work with a private acting coach to help them develop their technique and present the perfect application.

Study with a private acting coach

Acting coaches support aspiring and established actors in the competitive and demanding world of the stage and screen. How they do this depends on the actor’s personal and professional goals, but your tutor will usually act as a guide to your exploration of the craft. If you aren’t quite sure what your goals are yet, an acting coach might even help you to define them.

Unlike group evening classes, private acting lessons fit into your schedule and can be tailored to you, making them one of the most efficient ways to learn.

Every coach is different, but sessions are often structured to suit your needs. If you’re keen to improve your monologues, your coach might create a space in which you can experiment and get things wrong, providing constructive feedback and tips to help you connect with your audience. If you’re intimidated by the works of Shakespeare, your tutor will not only support you in taking ownership over Shakespeare’s language but over the characters themselves and your own representation of them. If getting through your LAMDA or RADA audition is your biggest priority, your acting coach will help you put together a successful application and hone your performance so that you’re audition-ready.

If you want to break boundaries, refine your diction, pace and tone, explore characters and believe in yourself, a private acting coach might just be what you need!

Finding a private acting coach

The internet is a fabulous resource, but it can also be an absolute maze! Sure, you can type ‘private acting coach UK’ into a search engine, but who’s to say that the results will be credible? How do you compare each coach and how do you find out more about their teaching style?

This is where Superprof comes in. We have a pool of around 2500 acting and performing arts tutors operating online and in-person across the UK. You can filter the database according to your ability level, budget and location before browsing through the search results.

All our tutors are dedicated and passionate; this can make it difficult to decide who to choose as your acting coach. Every single tutor profile on Superprof follows the same format, making it easy for you to compare their methodologies, experience, backgrounds and specialist subjects. Students are encouraged to provide recommendations for their tutors to give you an idea of how they operate. Most of our tutors offer a free consultation lesson where you can discuss your goals and develop a learning plan to help you meet them. This also enables you to get an idea of their coaching style and determine whether or not it will be a good fit.

Dust off your Shakespeare, warm up your vocal cords and start honing your performance technique today with a Superprof acting coach.

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