If chemistry’s not your strong point – don’t fear! Because here’s a guide to help you find the best chemistry courses in Leeds.

We’ve all been there. Staring at a textbook until our eyes glaze over, not taking anything in, wishing that someone would come along and make it all clear. Whatever you’re studying, it’s not a feeling anyone enjoys, and it can put you off your subject.

Chemistry offers the excitement of laboratories, experiments, acids, and explosive reactions. Yet, it is also one of those disciplines that, if you struggle, can be dull, tiresome, frustrating. With someone to sit down beside you and talk you through the periodic table, you’ll find it much more manageable, and feel better too!

Let’s make that happen. Whether you are a prospective undergraduate student, working towards your GCSEs, or are returning to chemistry as an adult, here are the best opportunities for chemistry tuition and courses in Leeds.

Chemistry Courses at Leeds City College

The Leeds City College offers a range of courses to a range of different learners. So, whether you are seeking casual help with chemistry or you want to complete a formal A Level or GCSE course, this may be one of the top places for you to consider.

With three campuses across Leeds and twenty thousand students, the chances are that you know about Leeds City College already. Yet, you may not be familiar with the chemistry courses they provide.

The College offers a two-year general chemistry A Level course and a 31-week part-time GCSE. The first of these is primarily aimed at those in sixth form who are looking to apply for a chemistry degree or to science courses at university. The GCSE in basic chemistry, on the other hand, generally attracts professionals, adult learners, and those seeking a broader range of qualifications. Both will have you practising experiments in the labs and will prepare you for examinations.

The College also offers a science course for ESOL learners and international students, which combines chemistry, physics, and biology with English language learning.

Most courses follow the academic year, starting in September, whilst those for adult learners start at different points throughout the year. Do your research if you are planning to enrol, as each course has different entry requirements.

Find a class in chemistry in Leeds.
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Learn Chemistry through LearnDirect

In terms of professional development and government-recognised qualifications, LearnDirect is an institution. Having run for nearly twenty years as part of the UK government’s initiative for University for Industry, it is a favourite amongst employers and one of the British pioneers of online learning.

If you are seeking training in chemistry for employment or to apply to university, enrolling in one of their online science diploma courses might not be a bad idea. There are no age limits to courses with LearnDirect, and you can study remotely. With two LearnDirect centres in Leeds, this is a great option for those who are older than school age and require a greater flexibility in their schedule.

They have a course designed to prepare you for university too, so, if you aspire to be a scientist or are pursuing admission to study undergrad or postgraduate chemistry, this is definitely something to consider.

Find Chemistry Tutors at Superprof

If you are looking for reliable, high quality, private chemistry tuition that is tailored to you, you needn’t look any further than Superprof. There are over fifty chemistry tutors in the Leeds area, offering lessons across the breadth of the subject for an average of £17 an hour.

We offer a free service that connects tutors to students, via an easy to use online platform. Via SuperProf, you have the opportunity to take chemistry lessons face-to-face or online, at precisely the level that you need. There is an immense variety of styles of teaching, and SuperProf is the only way for you to find that learning style that fits you best.

For those who want personalised teaching that goes at their pace – rather than just a lecture – this is far and away the best option. So, find an A level chemistry tutor that can assess your strengths and weaknesses, and achieve academic success.

Offering tuition in over a thousand subjects across the world, SuperProf will connect you to people – doctoral and masters students, or a prof, a chemist, or a researcher – waiting to teach you chemistry!

You may start your search for your physics and chemistry tutor now...

The best place to find chemistry tuition in Leeds
For chemistry courses in Leeds, try Superprof

Succeed in Chemistry through the University of Leeds and FutureLearn

Not everyone looking for chemistry tuition is hoping to go to university. With a range of employment opportunities in the subject, you may just want a refresher, an introductory course, or a means to work towards a new qualification.

This is precisely what the University of Leeds’s programme of video lessons, in partnership with FutureLearn, hopes to provide. Focusing on different topics such as organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, or science writing, each ten-hour video series offers a fundamental survey of the main issues in chemistry – from molecular science to environmental chemistry. It also offers the possibility of earning hours for your Continuing Professional Development time.

Like courses at all universities, these are taught by a lecturer or academic in the department of chemistry. They are an engaging and interactive way of advancing your chemistry knowledge, and, to make things even more appealing, they are also free!

Find a Chemistry Course at one of Leeds’s Supplementary Schools

Leeds is loaded with prestigious supplementary schools, or schools that offer classes – including in chemistry – to either aid or add to the curriculum offered at mainstream schools. These classes often take place at the weekend and are usually aimed at children.

In Leeds, most of these classes are free, community-based, and run by volunteers. What makes them deserve a place in this list is the fact that they offer classes aimed at particular immigrant or expat communities. Thus, the award-winning Hamara Supplementary School offers extra science teaching to Arab children, whilst La Petite Ecole focuses on Leeds’s French community.

If you’re looking for chemistry classes in the heart of your community, Leeds’s array of supplementary schools might have what you seek.

Chemistry Coaching with EducateFirst’s All-Round Science Classes

EducateFirst, in particular, is a community-based project that has branches across the north of England. The Leeds branch is in the Leeds Tuition Centre to the north-east of the city centre, where lessons in English, Maths, and Science take place every Saturday morning.

The school runs supplementary classes for all levels, from the ages of five to eighteen, in a friendly and well-equipped environment. Costing less than seven pounds a session, this is an awesome choice for those who like to keep their learning local, and who prefer class-based education with fellow budding chemists to private tuition.

It’s fun, friendly, and social. Remember, though, this one’s just for kids!

For A Levels or GCSEs, a chemistry course can work wonders.
Chemistry can be great, with the right guide. Find a chemistry tutor for university or school. Photo by Geoffrey Whiteway, on StockVault

Studying Chemistry at the University of Leeds

For those who are serious about their chemistry education, you may not only aspire to join the numbers of chemistry undergraduates in the laboratory. You may, instead, have your sights set on graduate study, a PhD, a postdoc, or even a Nobel Prize! If this is you, the University of Leeds offers a host of opportunities in a number of different chemistry courses.

As one of the most prestigious universities in the UK, Leeds offers undergraduate opportunities to study Chemistry alone, or as a joint honours with Mathematics.

Advancement beyond this, into a postgraduate research project in the chemistry department, will depend on your commitment, or perhaps on whether you are awarded funding. Regardless, the University of Leeds offers a pioneering graduate program in Chemical Biology and another in pure chemistry. Both offer possibilities to conduct research on your favourite aspect of chemical science.

If you are interested in spending your life in chemistry research – whether that’s in biomolecular, computational, or quantum chemistry – studying at university is obviously a must.


As a major city in the UK, Leeds offers some of the best opportunities in the country to dive into everything chemistry has to offer, to develop your analytical and theoretical skills, and to meet great people whilst doing it.

There is no point struggling alone when learning anything. So, whether it’s through a private tutor or a group class, we hope that you find the support that is right for you.

Through one of these options, you’ll ace your exams, achieve excellence in chemistry, and become more confident too.

ANd if you live or study in Manchester or you are a chemistry student in Glasgow there are also options for you.

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