“The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses—behind the lines, in the gym and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights.” – Muhammad Ali

Boxing is a sport that isn’t always seen in a favourable light but it is becoming more popular. However, it may surprise you to hear that it promotes self-control, non-violence, and respect for your opponents. Discipline leads to better self-control, after all.

Wouldn’t you like to impart these values on your children?

That said, hobbies and extracurricular activities can soon add up and put a strain on a family’s budget. In the case of boxing, you’ll need to buy gloves and gumshields as well as pay for sessions.

In this article, we’re looking at how much you can expect to pay for boxing lessons for children, the cost when you pay for lessons individually, the cost of online lessons, and how boxing lessons can be an investment for the future.

The Cost of Boxing Lessons

As you’ll have understood, boxing is an activity that children should be regularly practising. Of course, there are ways to do one-off boxing sessions but we’ll look at them later. Much like with gyms, you can pay for a membership to boxing clubs and boxing gyms.

What is the cost of teaching kids to box?
There are several factors that affect the cost of boxing lessons for kids. (Source: Skitterphoto)

Some places will limit how many classes you can attend per month based on the subscription you opt for and generally, you’ll be looking at anywhere between £400 and £1,200 a year. In many places, gloves will be provided for the lessons.

Similarly, there are different kinds of classes available including fitness classes, boxing workout programmes, sessions focusing on technique, private training, and even sessions focusing on different types of boxing like kickboxing and Muay Thai (Thai boxing), for example.

While the cost may seem quite high if you pay for the whole year at once, if you divide it by how many hours they get for that cost, it can work out quite cheap. Once you start to see the benefits of boxing, you won’t regret it!

Additionally, if you're attending a gym, you won't have to worry about investing in a boxing ring, heavy bags, speed bags, or all the other equipment that you'd need to get the most out of boxing workouts or help your child become a professional boxer.

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The Cost of Boxing Lessons by Lesson

In some cases, you can pay for each boxing session that your child attends. Since children have a pretty regular routine between being at school and being at home, boxing classes can fit quite nicely into their schedule.

How much does a boxing lesson cost for kids?
Boxing lessons tend to be more costly if you pay for them individually. (Source: Ichigo121212)

Most of the time, paying for lessons individually will cost more than paying a membership or subscription to a boxing club or gym. That said, if they’re not going to be attending every week, it may work out cheaper across the year. Amateurs, whether they’re adults or children, can practise boxing.

Similarly, boxers make slow and steady progress so don’t expect miracles from a single session. That said, attending training sessions is always good for getting better at any given skill or subject. Practice makes perfect, after all.

If you can’t always make every session on a weekly basis, then having your child attend sporadically be your best option. While more costly than a subscription per lesson, it will give you more freedom. This does mean that if your child ends up losing interest in boxing, you won't have spent the money on a yearly subscription either.

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The Cost of Online Boxing Lessons for Kids

Of all the combat sports, boxing is arguably the most popular for a number of reasons. Outside of a boxing club, you can get boxing lessons almost anywhere thanks to the internet.

How much do online kids boxing lessons cost?
Your kid's boxing coach doesn't necessarily need to be in the same room thanks to online boxing tutorials. (Source: SFReader)


With online boxing tutorials with Superprof, for example. Thanks to tutors all over the country, it’s never been easier for kids to learn how to box from anywhere.

Boxing isn’t just about fighting, it’s about self-defence, technique, and discipline. It should be noted that with tutorials, you don’t need to get a licence and nor do you need to pay for a gym membership or subscription.

A boxing lesson can take place at your home, in a public space, or even via webcam. The average cost for a boxing tutorial in London is £28 per hour.

Generally, tutorials are cheaper elsewhere in the UK. That said, you can pay even less per person per hour if you get a group session. You just have to be flexible. There are so many factors that can affect the cost of tutorials.

Just because the tutor isn't there in the room with you, it doesn't mean that they can't guide your child through a full-body workout like a personal trainer present in the room could do. Of course, with fitness training or a professional boxing programme, it's a good idea to have somebody else on hand to help with strength training or correctly using boxing equipment, especially when children are concerned.

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Boxing for Children, an Investment for the Future

Children probably won’t understand exactly how much of an investment boxing is. While some activities aren’t as expensive, boxing can come with way more benefits in the long term.

Are boxing lessons for kids worthwhile??
Your kid's boxing lessons could be an investment for the future. (Source: skeeze)

Boxing is a discipline that teaches children skills, techniques, and values that they can take into their adult lives. By learning strategies and certain techniques, anyone can benefit from boxing. The benefits include:

  • Improved self-confidence.
  • Respect for rules and their coach.
  • Respect for others.
  • Learning about Non-violence
  • Improved understanding of their bodies and their limits.
  • Increased strength.
  • Improved mastery of their strength.
  • Improved cardio performance and stamina.
  • Self-defence.
  • Etc.

Generally, boxing will be a bit of an investment as alongside the cost of lessons, you’ll have to pay for equipment (boxing gloves, gumshields, hand wraps, shorts, etc.) and as you’ll know, kids will regularly grow out of anything you get them. Of course, there are plenty of benefits.

There's a reason it's called a boxing gym, after all. Kids can enjoy a good workout, improve their fitness, get in shape, and work on their boxing techniques through sparring, practising their punches on a heavy bag or speed bag, and benefit from personal training.

So are you ready to help your kid into the ring?

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If you'd like to get your child into boxing, you might want to check out the experienced and talented tutors available on Superprof. While there are hundreds of different skills you can learn, most tutorials fall into one of three categories: face-to-face tutorials, online tutorials, and group tutorials. Each has its pros and cons and certain types of tutorials work better with some skills than others so it's up to you to choose which type and which tutor will be best for you.

Group tutorials are best for those on a budget as there are several students attending the tutorial and all footing the bill. While this tends to work out as the cheapest per person per hour, it also means that the tutor's attention will be split amongst all the attendees during the session. However, it also means that there are age-appropriate sparring partners available for kids.

Face-to-face tutorials are usually the most cost-effective tutorials as the tutor can put together a tailored programme for the student and every minute of the session will be spent focusing on the student. Of course, this also means that the tutor will be spending a lot of time tailoring the course outside of the sessions and this extra work also comes at a cost, which is why face-to-face tutorials tend to have the highest rates.

Finally, if you like the sound of tailored programmes but find the rates of face-to-face tutors a bit too high, you can always opt for online tutorials. Thanks to the internet and video conferencing, you can now learn anything from tutors all over the world. When it comes to kids boxing tutorials, however, you might still want to stay in the room to ensure they don't hurt themselves while training.

A lot of the tutors on Superprof offer the first hour of tuition for free so try a few out before making your final decision. After all, what's right for one student mightn't be right for another and it's important that you like the tutor, their rates, and you and your child get along with them well.

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