"Tell me and I forget. Teach me I and I remember. Involve me and I remember." -Benjamin Franklin

The internet is an amazing tool that has revolutionised all aspects of our lives, and this is no truer than when to comes to revising for exams.

The wealth of information available at our fingertips makes revision for subjects such as science, history, and geography easier than it has ever been before.

Specifically when it comes to geography, we can find excellent resources GCSE and A-Level geography revision, materials to help us write essays, and examples to use in coursework and projects.

In this article, we will focus on some of the best apps and podcasts around to help you to learn, study, and revise geography.

Why Learn Geography?

learning about geography
By studying geography, learners acquire an understanding of different cultures. (Source: pixabay)

Whether you are a youngster learning essential academic information at UK-based primary school, a teen preparing for GCSE or A-Level exams, or a working adult wishing to learn more about an academic discipline, geography is the subject to choose!


The following are some of the best reasons to choose to learn more about geography in your spare time in comparison to other academic disciplines:

  • For a Better Understanding Of Our Planet: those who study geography are better prepared to understand complex topics that affect the Earth such as climate change, global warming, and water resource issues. Furthermore, those who comprehend political issues between cities, countries, and cultures are better prepared to address the problems and raise awareness.
  • Learn More About Different Cultures: want to learn more about Africa, Asia, South America, or Oceania? The study of human geography equips learners with knowledge about distinct culture and explains why every culture is affected by its geography. After learning more about new cultures, compassion and understanding are developed towards others. Also, since every culture is unique, we can learn from others and incorporate characteristics that we enjoyed from others in our lives and more well-rounded individuals.
  • Attain Navigation Skills: do you ever feel hopeless reading a map? Well, you're not the only one; without having learnt the basics of geography, many do not have the necessary navigation skills. Learning more about geography helps develop spatial thinking which can be extremely helpful when navigating through an unknown city or country.
  • Become a More Knowledgeable Citizen: ever feel like you have no clue what country they are talking about on the news? It is important to state that without knowledge of geography, many individuals feel lost when reading the news. Therefore, to put the information heard on the news in context and understand current events reviewing geography would be a brilliant idea.

There you have it, four of the best reasons to learn the brilliant academic discipline of geography. I am certain that you won't regret your time reviewing geographic information!

The Best Applications to Effectively Learn Geography

learning more about geography
By downloading informative geography apps, countries, cities, and points of interest come alive to learners. (Source: pixabay)

There are plenty of incredible geography revision websites to aid our learning and revision. However, since the overwhelming majority of UK citizens have hectic schedules, it may seem challenging to find time to analyse and acquire essential information from an academic discipline.

Nevertheless, with the rapid advances of modern-day technology learning on-the-go with an informative application is easier than ever before. It can be done when taking the tube, riding the bus, or waiting for a late friend; we all have one of those!

Without further ado, we will consider Superprof's most highly recommended learning applications that are available on the App Store or Google Play Store to effectively learn geography.

Geo Challenge

An app that is available on the Google Play for Android users and App Store for iPhone users, Geo Challenge features terrific reviews from users. The quiz game features beautiful graphics that make learning a feast for the eyes.

The application has four mini quizzes to test users knowledge in four categories: country flags, country borders, major cities of the world, and famous landmarks around the world. Users can complete all four categories in a single challenge since each mini-quiz only lasts 60 seconds. Also, bonus points are awarded to players for answering consecutive correct answers; who doesn't love bonus points? Furthermore, players can try to beat their score or sign in to the Google Play Store to compete with friends and other people from around the world.

All in all, the Geo Challenge application is a fantastic learning resource that makes reviewing geographic information for geography students, curious learners, and geography experts an engaging and entertaining experience.

Bonza Planet

One of the best geography applications available on the market for adult learners. Developed by MiniMega, Bonza Planet is available on the Google Play and App Store.

Boasting a 4.7 out of 5-star rating from over 8,000 reviews on the Google Play Store, Bonza Planet is the favourite geography application of many since the puzzles are addictive. On the app, players can choose between themes such as animals, travel, planet earth, and humanity.

Sundays are fun days on the Bonza Planet application since every Sunday you can solve a new jigsaw developed by the Bonza Team. 

Instead of playing Candy Crush or Angry Birds for the millionth time on your commute to work, try learning some new concepts of geography and download the Bonza Planet application today!

Google Earth

What more can we say about Google Earth that hasn't already been said? It is one of the most popular geography applications in the world and for a good reason; it's just amazing!

The application allows users to travel the world using their fingertips and without leaving the house. Anyone can view the countries of the world in 3D or even at street level; ever tried finding your home on Google Earth and looking at it from the street view? It's quite fascinating!

A single touch on the country you want to discover, and you are zoomed in to see all the geographical landscape and images related to that country. 

According to the App Store its the sixth most popular application in the travel section. Additional features of the app include the facts that users can roll the dice and see where it takes you, send postcards to friends, and discover new places using the Knowledge cards.

Download this highly recommended geography application on any electronic device in a plethora of languages to get inspired to learn more about our beautiful planet!

The three previously mentioned educational apps are completely free and should be downloaded onto your cellphone if you are seriously considering learning more about geography.

The Best Podcasts to Acquire Geographic Information

geography learning
Listening to informative podcasts about geography can be done on your commute to work. (Source: pixabay)

In the past, books have been the preferred way of acquiring information. As such, there are some very useful books for revising geography that can be a real asset to any student. 

However, technological advancements have made concepts such as podcasts a real revelation in recent years. They have become increasingly popular since users can listen to them to on-the-go, they discuss various exciting subjects such as business, current events, sports, history, languages, and geography, and are available in different formats to attract all types of audiences.

What are the best geography podcasts? 

Without further ado, Superprof has found the best geography podcasts that should be downloaded and listened to grasp the essential concepts of geography.

National Geographic Weekend

Hosted by Boyd Matson, renowned reporter and anchor, National Geographic Weekend is a weekly talks show podcast that features interesting geographic information from some of the fascinating scientists and explorers working on our planet.

Podcasts are completely free and deal with intriguing geography subject matter such as swimming from Cuba to Florida, understanding and eating Vietnamese food, climbing up Alaska's highest peaks, exploring Mexican caves and flying off cliffs.

Available on iTunes and popular podcast websites such as Player FM, Podbean, and Tunein.

Isn't That Spatial

Their motto and podcast description is, "A podcast dedicated to casual geography and the spatial component of whatever." That's pretty clear to me!

Hosted by Amanda King, an urban planner based in Colombus, Ohio, the podcast episodes are extraordinarily varied and different from other more traditional podcast shows about geography. Recent episodes featured on the site include vacant lots, tales of two places (from the series spatial topics in film), the geography of reproduction, geography of music scenes, and the wild world of logistics.

Worthy of listening to, Amanda King's podcast channel offers a fresh perspective of the academic discipline of geography; highly recommended for geography experts looking to amplify their expertise.

80 Days: An Exploration Podcast

A geography podcast dedicated to the underdogs, the 80 days podcast explores little-known countries, cities, and settlements from around the world.

They claim to be a podcast of part geography, part history, and part ramble; give it a go to see if this is true! 

Every podcast visits a new place or region; the most recent podcasts published visited Turkmenistan, Lesotho, Suriname, and the Kuril Islands. Don't worry if you were unsure of where the previously mentioned are; I was too!

Nevertheless, learning about lesser known places offers geography learners a bigger picture of the magnificently underrated cultures and countries featured in our world.

There you have it geography learners, the primary reasons to learn geography, the best applications to download on your smartphone to review geographic information on-the-go, and the most highly recommended geography podcasts currently offered online. Start learning geography today to enhance knowledge and avoid embarrassing situations; no one wants to accidentally say that Australia is in Europe!

Geographers are natural explorers. That's why Superprof provides additional study resources for you to discover!

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