"Never regard study as a duty, but as the enviable opportunity to learn." -Albert Einstein

Reviewing a specific academic subject should never be viewed as a chore but rather as an opportunity to work towards better test results; if it is regarded as an annoying chore, procrastination, lack of motivation, and discouragement could potentially occur.

Furthermore, it is essential to state that many well-intentioned students want to study to ensure success but do not know where to look for revision resources.

What can one do? 

Have no fear, Superprof is here! After hours of careful research, we have discovered the best revision books, websites, and supplementary resources such as apps and podcasts to help students correctly review geography at a GCSE or A-Level.

Geography Revision Books

finding the right books
Geography books are a great way to successfully review geographic information. (Source: pixabay)

Where would we be without books? The most vital knowledge of all time has been recorded in educational books for our benefit.

What are geography books? 

There are many geography textbooks and non-fiction novels that aid students in developing a thorough understanding of geographic information. It seems that the primary problem is the overwhelming amount of books; students don't know where to start!

Therefore, to shed light on the subject and provide well-intentioned students with helpful recommendations, Superprof has found the best geography revision books available today.

An Introduction to Physical Geography and the Environment

A well-written textbook that is currently available at Amazon for only £11, An Introduction to Physical Geography and the Environment focuses on the major sub-discipline of physical geography and the inter-linkages between natural processes, places, and the environment.

Beautiful illustrations create word pictures in the reader's mind and contribute to help understand the more complex topics of geography. 

Primarily intended for university students; however, advanced geography students should strongly consider reviewing this textbook to prepare for a future as a geographer; if that is what they desire.

Geosystems: An Introduction to Physical Geography

Written by the reputable Robert W. Christopherson, this textbook has excellent reviews from past students and would most likely be recommended by qualified educators.

The striking images and manner in which topics are explained in the textbook cause students to mention this textbook as one of their favourites.

The Cultural Landscape: An Introduction to Human Geography

A highly recommended introductory book to the critical topic of human geography, The Cultural Landscape is currently in its 11th edition.

Admired for its timeliness and everyday language that is easy to understand, this book discusses negative aspects of human geography such as inequality that is caused by depleting resources and human-caused climate changes, and, on the other hand, it also examines positive characteristics, because we can't always be negative, of human geography such as technology and regime change.

Search for a copy in your local bookstore or public library to start correctly reviewing human geography today.

Gun, Germs, and Steel

A fantastic non-fiction novel was written by Jared Diamond that features essential human geography information.

Since this book's release in 1997, it has won a Pulitzer Prize and has been adapted into a documentary feature produced by the National Geographic Society.

Many intellectuals and geographers continue to be intrigued by this book for its arguments about how geography shaped human migration in the past. Check out this link to acquire more information about this non-fiction novel.

The previously mentioned books should be part of your library if you want to successfully review geography and receive a fantastic score on your final GCSE or A-Level exam.

Geography Revision Websites

finding the best apps
There are many educational apps that explain geography and are available for free download on the Google Play or App Store. (Source: pixabay)

By just entering an internet browser and searching for geography revision websites, an overwhelming amount of online resources are displayed.

Geography websites for children, teenagers preparing for the GCSE or A-Level assessments, and adult learners can quickly be found.

However, it is important to mention that sometimes a large amount of options is often more confusing than helpful.

Which site do I choose?

Therefore, to guide budding geographers in the right direction, Superprof has found the best geography-based websites focusing on a wide variety of geography topics.

Atlas Obscura

One of the most excellent websites that can be described as a definitive guidebook and friendly tour guide of the world's most specular destinations.

While visiting the site, readers can enjoy geography-based stories, receive essential travel tips, and find out some bizarre facts about cities and countries around the world.

Atlas Obscura also features some essential facts about the top cities and countries to visit in 2019. 

Their recently published stories are truly unique since the most recently published articles addressed themes such as the fact that Chinese women once had to point out their medical issues using an ivory doll; wow that's something else!

Political Geography Now

One of the best online resources for those who are interested in brushing up their skills on world maps. The experts and developers at Political Geography Now explain complex topics of geography using brilliantly illustrated maps.

Interested ones can sign up via email to be updated and not miss a thing about the most recent map developments. Some current maps featured on the site include the Taliban and "Islamic State" control of Afghanistan in 2015, and the Libyan war maps and timeline.

It is highly recommended for seasoned geography experts who want to focus their attention on more specific cases of geography. Nevertheless, young GCSE and A-Level students should not shy away from this site since it will most likely establish a love for cartography and mapping that will last a lifetime.

When studying geography, it is important to receive all the help you can get. Consequently, students should strongly consider the fact of visiting the previously mentioned sites since the information reviewed there will expand their geography knowledge and help them stay ahead of the crowd during examination periods.

Geography Revision Resources: Apps and Podcasts

the best podcasts available
Informative podcasts about geography can be found online and listened to later while on your daily commute to work. (Source: pixabay)

Since the academic discipline of geography is diverse and has many subtopics, students reviewing for GCSE or A-Level examinations need all the help they can get.

Therefore, to aid our dear young readers in the revision of geography, Superprof has lovingly found the best online resources such as apps and podcasts that discuss geographic information because we care about you!

Best Applications

As a result of modern technology rapidly advancing and showing no signs of slowing down, many developments have been made in all sectors, and education is no different.

Educational apps can be downloaded off the Google Play or App Store to learn more about the fundamentals of any academic discipline such as geography while commuting to work or during spare time.

The following are the best geography applications that should be downloaded on your phone:

  • Geo Challenge: one of the best geography quiz games on the market, Geo Challenge boasts fantastic reviews from users and outstanding visuals. The app has four mini-quizzes that test users knowledge in four categories: country flags, country borders, major cities of the world, and famous landmarks from around the world. All four quizzes can be completed in a single challenge since each mini-quiz only lasts 60 seconds. The application is available for download on the Google Play and App Store.
  • Google Earth: a popular geography app that ranks sixth in the travel section on the App Store, Google Earth can be downloaded on any electronic device. Users can travel the world using their fingertips and without even leaving their home. Specific countries and points of interest can be thoroughly explored using the street view. Additional features enjoyed by users include the fact that users can roll the dice and see where it takes them, send postcards to friends, and discover new places using the Knowledge cards.

By downloading the previously mentioned applications on their smartphone, students have easy access to essential geographical data on the go at any time.

Best Podcasts

Podcasts cover a wide range of topics such as business, current events, sports, history, languages, and geography. Furthermore, distinct formats are offered so that all types of learners can be engaged.

Therefore, which are the best podcasts to listen to when reviewing geography? 

The following podcasts are Superprof's most highly recommended choices that will appeal to both new podcast listeners and veterans when revising geographic information:

  • Isn't That Spatial: a unique geography podcast created and hosted by Amanda King of Colombus, Ohio, Isn't That Spatial is dedicated to casual geography and the spatial components of various distinct things. Recent episodes featured on the site include vacant lots, tales of two places (from the series about spatial topics in film), the geography of music scenes, and the wild world of logistics.
  • 80 Days: An Exploration Podcast: a podcast dedicated to uncovering intriguing facts about lesser-known cities, countries, and regions. The 80 days podcast has recently published podcasts about Turkmenistan, Lesotho, Suriname, and the Kuril Islands. Many individuals sincerely appreciate this podcast since it allows for underrated countries to be discovered on the world scene.

We highly recommend checking out the previously mentioned applications and podcasts to keep learning geography engagingly.

In conclusion, with the appropriate books, websites, and additional online resources such as apps or podcasts reviewing geography for GCSE or A-Level exams does not have to be an unfortunate and tedious experience.

It is important to state that the learning or reviewing experience is what you make it. Therefore, choose to make it fun by using the recommended source material; we know that you won't regret it!

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