"What we face may look insurmountable. But I learned something from all those years of training and competing. I learned something from all those sets and reps when I didn't think I could lift another ounce of weight. What I learned is that we are always stronger than we know."

- Arnold Schwarzenegger

Between interesting programs on TV, the new series to watch on the computer and stress generated by studies or work, snacking can become a temptation which seems impossible to resist!  

On the other hand, the statistics are sometimes hard to swallow: it would seem that being obese at age 20 means that it will always remain so afterwards, with a life expectancy which goes down as weight goes up.

It is before reaching this point that you must know how to reverse the trend -  from the onset of a few extra pounds and a little flab on your belly, you have to start asking the right questions in order to regain control over your weight and metabolism! Of course the correct willpower can help someone get back into shape at any weight !

There are no secrets, and the so-called miracle recipes are just quacking inventions: it's not a pill that will solve your problems.

Not only will you need to monitor your calorie intake by finding a healthy and balanced diet, but you will also need to move; in short, it's basically impossible to lose weight without doing sports.

Light jogging and registration in the gym for a handful of  sessions will do very little to get you fit !  So if you are looking for a fun and trendy combat sport to lose belly fat and to gain confidence put on your gloves and get into boxing!

 Why Do I Need to Find my Ideal Weight ?

Losing that extra body weight, shedding some unwanted fat, getting that flat stomach you've always dreamed of...This might not be the central topic of most conversations, but you can believe that many people are often thinking about it!

The big question is: how do I love weight and get into shape? Gone are the days when one falsely believed that an abs belt or a pill would get you that body you've always dreamed of from the couch. We now know that the only ways to get fit and healthy are eating well and exercising.

Following a diet will only go so far in achieving results whereas a diet and an exercise regiment will turn your wildest fitness dreams into a reality! The best part is that the more you work the easier it becomes! Simply changing your routine will ensure this!

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Make sure to eat well to lose weight

A low calorie diet will go a long way to ensuring that the weight you lose in the gym isn't immediately gained back at dinner!

In both human beings and cars, it is a sporty line which is most appealing. Above all, it usually rhymes with well-being and self-confidence! This last point is almost exclusive to boxing, which will forge a mind made of hardened steel. Not to mention a healthy body! 

Only by having a physical activity will you be in good physical condition. You will find the ideal weight according to your age and your size: your "ideal weight".  You'll feel as good in your own skin as a fish in water: no more fears of showing your belly!

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The Cardiovascular Benefits of Boxing

Julian Macdonald, a seasoned coach, has made himself known by highlighting the virtues of amateur boxing with regards to one's cardiovascular endurance. A consistent physical regimen will greatly reduce the risk of stroke.

Cardio is well known to athletes and bodybuilders. It is a long lasting endurance effort that puts the heart to work and effectively allows the body to lose useless weight.

However, if jogging, the exercise bike, or rowing exercises are universally known practices, they are not always very fun to practice alone in your corner...

In fact, by practicing kickboxing or other kinds of boxing, you will always have a partner (at least), or even a whole group of students as well as a tutor. It is a motivating framework which allows you to stay consistent because losing weight will take more than two days.

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There are many benefits to cardio boxing.
How can you lose weight? By doing exercises that will help you to stay thin and burn many calories a day! source: static.pexels.com

It is a long term commitment to sport and the sport lifestyle which will be effective in keeping a good physique.

The "cardio" aspects of boxing consist of different exercises: training races, shadowboxing, jumprope (consuming 700 to 800 kcal/h while accelerating blood flow, which is an incredible weapon against cellulite) - and, to a lesser extent, the footwork and the focus of the boxer between the ropes, including in a real bout.

Using Boxing to Gain Real Power and  Strength

Boxing utilizes almost all the muscles of the human body. Add high intensity and focus, and you can see how no area of the body is neglected.

Boxing exercises are varied because of their use of free weights for power, jumprope for quickness and stamina, and many other exercises!

Otherwise, boxing's iconic workouts require punches and power: the speed and punching ball only offer relative resistance against our fists (they are geared much more towards hand-eye coordination and quickness).

It's a different story with the heavy bag. Banging it, pushing it and dodging  it for seconds or minutes will hurt your arms in the beginning. But after a few times, you will have enough muscle to get used to it.

Benjamin Hartley estimates that an hour spent in front of a punching bag is equivalent to an expenditure of 422 kcal for an individual of 70 kg (or 515 kcal for 85 kg). It would take an average of 19 hours to lose 1 kg of bacon--but no reason to give up yet!

1 hour of boxing consumes between 630 and 770 kcal, depending on the weight category.

Losing weight is a great idea to start boxing; this seems obvious. But in addition, boxing turns fat into muscle! Let the beer bellies find a new home!

What Style of Boxing Should I Choose to Get Fit?

Contrary to what one might believe, there are many different kinds of boxing, with the "noble art" - and what some circles use to refer to English boxing or Western Boxing - as the most well known.

English Boxing, which only uses fists bound in gloves, is by far the most popular.

But there are many other variations, depending on the country and culture. The most well known are Savate or French Boxing, Thai Boxing, kickboxing and American Full Contact Boxing.

Choosing a style of boxing is important.
What sport should I choose to get into shape? Let's take a look!

In our long list of combat sports, we could still add full-contact and free fighting, as well as various martial arts like kung-fu, taekwondo, karate and viet vo dao.

These are also very interesting disciplines to slim down while learning self defense! 

Due to their popularity, English Boxing and Savate (French boxing) should be very easy to practice in the US as there are many leagues, federations and clubs that offer these types of classes.

In the list of the 300 most practiced sports in the world English Boxing ranks at number 10!

According to Cosmopolitan Magazine, boxing is a big calorie burner!

Combine Boxing and Cardio to Get into the Best Shape of Your Life!

If getting thrown around a ring while dodging jabs and getting gut shots is not your ideal road to fitness don't worry - there's an alternative!  There is something as intense but less physical called fitness boxing, or chic boxing.

Both men and women will enjoy and benefit from this cardio activity without the risk of a knock out! And all to the tune of music!

Of course dancing, yoga and pilates all offer an incredible and life changing path to fitness but these activities pale in comparison when we compare the massive 600 kcal one can burn, on average, during an hour of boxercise

Put your gloves on before boxing
Get out and start a fitness program! As we've seen, there is no weight loss without a good routine!

It's the perfect way to maintain the weight of your dreams and to keep a strong focus without having to invest in expensive equipment... A trainer and sneakers that fit right will be everything you need!

Don't forget to take a look at the other incredible ways you can get focused and in great shape! You've seen that implementing any type of boxing routine to your fitness program is an effective and fun way to achieve your goals!

Whatever sport you choose, make sure you like it because having fun is as important for your health as being in shape!

Go grab some gloves, a trainer and get to work! It's time to exceed those goals you've set out to accomplish and I am absolutely sure you can!

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