So, you want to take kickboxing classes? No matter where you are in the UK, you’ll find exactly what you are looking for here.

People want different things out of their kickboxing training – and their martial arts training in general. Some are looking for the super-competitive sparring coaching, where they’ll be prepared to work their way up to national bouts and championship trophies.

Others want to up their self-defense skills and feel a little more self-confident walking home from work. Still more just hope to have a good time, work on their physical fitness, and build their strength and self-respect.

There is absolutely no right reason to learn how to kickbox. Yet, the different priorities and intentions you have are going to determine the sort of training you’re going to be looking for. As someone just looking for fitness kickboxing, you don’t really want to stroll into a gym full of dudes taking their punching and fighting techniques very seriously.

Or maybe you do.

Regardless, here we have put together a list of the different opportunities for people looking to start kickboxing in the main cities around the country. It’s far from an exhaustive list. However, it will give you a starting point from which you can navigate the intimidatingly vast world of kickboxing.

If you want more, follow the links to city-specific articles in each section – where you’ll find many more options.

Let’s take a look. We hope you find the sort of kickboxing club you are looking for.

Why Take a Kickboxing Class?

For those of you who still need a bit of convincing about whether to take a kickboxing class or not, we’ll just drop a few words here. Simply put, you should join a kickboxing club because you’ll love it – and it will be so good for you.

You’ll improve your physical fitness. You’ll lose weight, burn calories, and build muscle – all whilst developing your stamina and cardiovascular health.

Your mental health will improve too. Exercise helps the way you think and feel – boosting self-confidence, self-control, and self-discipline. It will help you to think more clearly. And, it will beat stress, release aggression, and get you socialising.

On top of that, there is the fact that you will be learning a new skill: self-defense. This really shouldn’t be scoffed at – because knowing that you can handle yourself is a hugely productive way to improve your attitude and self-esteem. And it’s just cool and fun as hell.

What You’ll Need for a Kickboxing Lesson

This is a commonly asked question – and rightly so – yet it will depend again on what sort of kickboxing you are intending to do. If you are going for a world championship or just hoping to get in your best shape, the answer will differ.

For most fitness classes, you won’t need anything in particular beyond your exercise gear: breathable clothes, water, and trainers. The rest – the gloves, the protective gear – will be supplied by the gym. The only thing is if you are happy with putting your hands in smelly gloves that a million other people have worn before you.

For the budding professionals among you, the chances are that you’ll know what you’ll need already. Alongside gloves, mitts, and the right footwear, it would be handy to have a mouthguard of your own too.

kickboxing clubs gloves and water bottle
Make sure to invest in the right gear for your kickboxing training!

What to Look for in Kickboxing Training

When attending your first kickboxing session, it’s good to know a little about what to expect – and about what to look for to ensure that this particular martial arts school is worth your time.

Yet, in this regard, the answer is quite a straightforward one. If you are attending a kickboxing gym for fitness, you’ll just need to feel comfortable there. As a woman, you might prefer to attend a women-only group – or, you might not particularly get a long with the main instructor. This is absolutely okay, and it is up to you to decide if that is significant enough for you to find a different gym.

Otherwise, the quality of the training and of the equipment is all that needs to be said. This matters more if you are in the sport for the long-term – as in this case you’ll definitely want an instructor you can trust on your side.

Otherwise, just make sure the whole thing feels fun!

Here are the best places to learn kickboxing across the UK.

The Best Kickboxing Clubs and Instructors in London

London, of course, has an incredible array of kickboxing clubs spread out across the city. No-one would have expected otherwise.

A city in which you can learn kickboxing and all its ancestors and related martial arts – from karate to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, taekwondo to Krav Maga and Kung Fu – and all the training will be world class.

For interests of space, here are just two – but you’ll find more in our article on kickboxing clubs in London.

  • Take a Boxe-Française Class at Savate London. One of the very few clubs offering training in the French martial art, savate, in the UK. Fight with elegance and power.
  • Find a Kickboxing Instructor at Urban Kings. These guys offer all sorts of different martial arts – and get that people want different things from their training. Reliable, professional, and understanding.

Kickboxing Classes and Coaches in Manchester

In Manchester, too, you’ll find plenty of different options – with individual trainers teaching their own styles.

Find out more about all the different options available in our article on kickboxing training in Manchester.

  • Get Fit and Learn Self-Defense at North West Chinese Kickboxing. North West Chinese Kickboxing provides kickboxing classes for all – including kids martial arts, women-only training, and more. It’s all based around a particular style of kickboxing developed by the instructor in chief.
  • Try Different Mixed Martial Arts at Fighting Fit. The biggest martial arts space in central Manchester, Fighting Fit offers training in a variety of disciplines. The trainers are either world champions, black belts, or trainers of world champions.

Start taking boxing classes near me here.

kickboxing instructor uk
Kickboxing can be a pretty brutal sport - so be prepared!

Kickboxing Training in Birmingham

The UK’s second-biggest city, Birmingham, provides all the martial arts needs you might have. From BJJ to capoeira to basic self-defense techniques, you’ll find what you’re looking for here, regardless of how niche it might be.

There are plenty of opportunities for fun too. Check out our more in-depth article on kickboxing instructors in Birmingham.

  • Learn Muay Thai Kickboxing at Black Widow Martial Arts. Muay Thai, the dynamic and aggressive Thai martial art, has a big following in the UK. Black Widow is the best place to learn it in Birmingham.
  • Get in Shape – and Have Fun – at the Aero-Kick Community Boxing Gym. Aero-Kick prides itself on being extremely family friendly. The emphasis here is on fun – and rightly so.

Glasgow’s Best Kickboxing Clubs

Glasgow is Scotland’s martial arts capital, providing training for the world-class fighter to the casual learner. And kickboxing holds a special place in the city’s heart.

Check out all the incredible options that Glasgow boasts in our piece on kickboxing clubs in Glasgow.

  • Learn Kickboxing and MMA at the Griphouse. World-famous and iconic, Glasgow’s Griphouse has produced some exceptional fighters in its time. If it’s world-class training you want – or just some casual fitness – this place is incredible.
  • Enrol at I-Kick for Family-Friendly Kickboxing. The Southside’s family-run kickboxing centre provides welcoming and relaxed training for women-only, kids, and everyone else besides.

    man kicks a punch bag in kickboxing training
    The health benefits of kickboxing can't be overstated

The Top Kickboxing Instructors and Martial Arts Classes in Belfast

Northern Ireland is slowly building a reputation for serious talent in the martial arts, and the training on offer in its capital only reflects this.

By now, you’ll know what sort of options there are on offer – and Belfast does not fail to provide its own exceptional level of quality.

Read more in our article on kickboxing lessons in Belfast.

  • Head to ProKick for Kickboxing Training in Belfast. Bill Murray – a kickboxing world champion himself – runs Belfast’s Prokick gym and provides some of the best training you can get anywhere.
  • Or Try the Concept Martial Arts Academy. With its emphasis on jeet kune do, the Concept Martial Arts Academy is a little bit different. This is Bruce Lee’s particular philosophy – and it makes for an incredible workout and a great time.

Where to Find a Kickboxing Class in Cardiff

Last but certainly not least, Cardiff. A city not exactly known for its martial arts prowess (no offence intended), the capital of Wales punches above its weight in terms of the training on offer.

You can see exactly what we mean in our article on kickboxing classes in Cardiff – but satisfy yourself with two highlights for now.

  • Try Cardiff’s Ultimate Fitness Centre for Kickboxing Training. Slap-bang in the centre of town, the Ultimate Fitness Centre is huge – and provides excellent training.
  • Or Go to Evolution Kickboxing Academy. With one of the most supportive teams of staff in all the UK, Evolution Kickboxing Academy is really just a fun place to study the martial arts.
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