"Revision is its own reward." -Marianne Moore 

Revising is successfully examining information before an exam to recall essential facts. Nevertheless, it is essential to state that even casual learners should review an academic discipline to make sure they have correctly grasped the subject matter.

However, what does one use to successful review essential facts about geography? 

Have no fear Superprof is here! We have searched the internet far and wide to provide our dear geography reviewers with the best geography revision resources for A-level and GCSE.

Best Websites to Revise Geography

learning on the internet
Remember that there is more to the internet than social media; reviewing academic disciplines such as geography can be done online. (Source: pixabay)

In 1989, a beautiful thing was invented and discovered that changed the world forever; what was that? The World Wide Web.

Since the development of the World Wide Web or internet, human beings have been spoiled for choice when it comes to information. We can enter an internet browser such as Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox and find a wealth of knowledge about any subject.

Therefore, any information to revise academic disciplines such as history, science, or geography can be found on informative websites.

Naturally, there are some great books to revise geography which can be extremely helpful to anyone preparing for exams. However, the internet offers an insurmountable number of web pages dedicated to this as well. The only problem is finding not getting lost in the vast content and finding the most useful ones.

Therefore, to help a child, teenager, or adult learner fight discouragement and find the right online resources, Superprof has done their research to spot the most highly recommended websites to review geography.

Atlas Obscura

A fantastic website worthy of consideration since it is a definitive guidebook and friendly tour guide of the world's most beautiful places.

When visiting the site, interested ones can read geography-based articles, receive travel tips, and find out some of the most bizarre facts about favourite cities and countries.

From the Arctic to Oceania, Atlas Obscura features the top countries to visit in 2019 that include Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, and Japan. And some of the best cities to visit in 2019 include Barcelona, Montreal, Paris, San Francisco, and Tokyo.

Some of the most recently published stories on the blog cover very interesting themes such as the fact that scientists dropped dead gators to the seafloor to see what bites and the fact that Chinese women once had to point out their medical problems on an ivory doll; wow, those are intriguing articles!

Check out the website to learn more information about the world's hidden treasures.

National Geographic

One of the largest non-profit educational societies in the world, the National Geography Society was established in 1888 and continues to focus their attention on the fields of geography, archaeology, and natural science.

Visit their informative site to read intriguing articles and see breathtaking images about animals, the environment, exploration & adventure, and travel.

Some of the featured articles under the topic of exploration & adventure deal with such topics as hiking high summits such as K2, exploring islands in Canada, monuments such as Stonehenge, and caves in Borneo.

Take a look at their articles to explore impressive places from around the world.

Political Geography Now

A fantastic online educator for those who are interested in the geography of the world's countries and borders.

The expert developers at Political Geography Now explain complex topics of geography using beautifully illustrated maps and concise explanations. They are politically neutral which has gained them the admiration of teachers, governments, and geography experts from all over the world.

Interested ones can sign up via email to get the most updated notifications. The most recently posted stories include maps and explanations about Taliban and "Islamic State" control in Afghanistan in 2015, the Libyan civil war map and timeline, and Swaziland's new name in all of the UN's six official languages.

The site is brilliant and will satisfy the desires of all geography enthusiasts.

Best Blogs to Revise Geography

learning on blogs
There are many blogs written by geography experts about a wide variety of geographic topics. (Source: pixabay)

Let's start this section by asking the critical question, how are blogs different from websites?

Well, blogs are a type of website; however, they have frequently updated content that is chronologically featured on the homepage, and they are generally more informal that sites.

Therefore, without further ado, we shall consider the best geography blogs that can be visited to review and acquire additional geographic information.

Geo Lounge

A fantastic blog to learn more about geography, cartography, and maps is known as Geo Lounge; fantastic articles are written about human geography and physical geography.

The subtopics featured in the human geography branch include economic geography, language geography, medical geography, population geography, tourism geography, and urban geography.

On the other hand, articles written and featured on the blog about physical geography include the subdisciplines of biogeography and climatology.

New articles are posted on the blog approximately twice a month as well as guides about where to attend geography conferences and how to become a professional geographer. 

To pique the interest of geography lovers, recent articles displayed on the homepage of the Geo Lounge blog are about the first South Atlantic tropical storm since 2010, how climate change is affecting tick season, and spatial income inequality and climate change.

The Geo Lounge blog is worthy of visiting for those who love all things geography!

The Geography Blog

The latest posts on the homepage of the geography blog display images, videos, diagrams, and the most recent information about all things geography.

Extra features of the blog include colouring pages that could be used by teachers while teaching youngsters about geography, the flags of the world, and a fantastic definition of the academic discipline of geography that will leave no one confused.

The latest blog posts feature information about how the Grand Canyon was formed, the diamond journey, and the water cycle. 

New Geography

A fantastic online blog that goes beyond maps and geographic information to focus on the local experiences of the local people.

Geographic explorers get to know the real issues of citizens from cities all over the world without even leaving the UK. National and international news about geography keep the blog interesting and up to date.

Recent blog posts discuss the issues of Beijing and Shanghai's limit population growth, transit's declining importance, and the lack of the next energy alternative.

Edible Geography

Do you love food and geography equally? Well, the Edible Geography blog is the correct resource for you. Published by future plural, this blog features exciting information about all things food from different parts of the world.

Remember that world geography or geographical data is not only about latitude, longitude, boundaries, territories, and mapping; it can be a whole lot of fun!

The blog specialises in analysing how geography and food intersect and the effects this can have on business, agriculture, and politics.

Recent blog posts cover the topics of Swedish candy, wartime chocolate, great Egg Art competitions, and lunar hay fever; that's quite an eclectic list of issues!

Helpful Tips to Successfully Review Geography

reviewing in silence
Finding a quiet place to study is essential to be successful. (Source: pixabay)

Just like any academic discipline, useful tips are required to review the main topics and themes of geography successfully. Whether you are studying for an exam or learning for enjoyment, the following are the most helpful tips from experts to master the subject of geography with flying colours:

  • Use Memory Techniques: since our world is home to five oceans, seven continents, and nearly 200 recognised countries it can seem overwhelming to remember everything; however, by using mnemonic devices, relating information with short phrases that rhythm, specific facts and details can quickly be remembered. Organising the data into logical categories is a vital tactic used for recalling useful information such as all the capital cities of a continent.
  • Learn Topics Gradually: geography is one of the most layered academic disciplines; therefore, it is impossible to succeed if all the necessary information was crammed into your head only a few days before the exam. Also, for casual learners, acquiring new topics will be more entertaining if they are learnt gradually and not all at once. Writing legible notes or mind maps that can be reviewed at a later date will take the edge off and make the learning experience more enjoyable for all types of learners.
  • Find the Best Place to Study: to successfully revise geography, be wary of listening to music and studying in a noisy environment. It has been proven that we examine information better when we are in places that are quiet and without distractions; therefore, find a place that is free of distractions. It could be a little corner in a café, outside in the garden, or in a library; the choice is yours!

There are many amazing online resources for revising geography. No matter who you are, everyone must study prior to taking any exam or test in geography. The dearth of educational websites, blogs, and other resources are designed specifically to help you in this endeavour so be sure to use all of the resources that you have at your disposal.

And remember, revising geography does not have to become a major headache; it can be an engaging and unforgettable experience that will prepare you for a life of enjoying all things geographic... especially if you take advantage of all of the learning materials available! 

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