Birmingham is famous for its large south Asian population – immortalised (although maybe that is a bit strong) in the BBC series Citizen Khan.

And this fame is well-deserved – as a quarter of the population of the UK’s second biggest city is of Asian origin, and twenty-two percent of the population tracing their roots back to Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh.

As such, the linguistic diversity of the city is quite impressive too – with seven of the twenty most commonly spoken languages in the city originating from India. Those, by the way, are Urdu, Punjabi, Bengali, Pakistani Pahari, Gujarati, Hindi, and Tamil.

Hindi together with Urdu – the two of them known together as Hindustani – make up the most commonly spoken language in Birmingham after English. So, you’ll understand that you’re in a pretty great place to get to grips with this new language.

Here, we’re going to look at some of the best places for you to learn Hindi in Birmingham and the surrounding area. We’ll give you all the information you need to ensure that you can do all you want to do with your second language skills.

Let’s first have a brief look at what Hindi is and where it came from, before we dive into the opportunities available for language learning.

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hindi writing
Can you read this Hindi writing?

What is Hindi?

A bit of an understanding of its nature and history is crucial when learning a language – as you can begin to understand the context in which the language occurs. Languages aren’t just random things. Rather, they emerge from a particular relationship between language and culture.

All languages do this, and Hindi no less than any others.

Hindi is the direct descendant of the ancient Vedic Sanskrit, yet, of all the dialects of northern India, the thing we now call modern standard Hindi was born from the dialect of New Delhi (just as standard Italian is based on the dialect of Tuscany, and English on the dialect from south-east England). This meant that there were – as there still are – lots of different regional variations and differences in pronunciation and vocabulary across Hindi.

One of these variations was Urdu, which, under the British Empire, borrowed lots of words from Arabic and Persian. Associated primarily with the Muslim population of ‘British India’, It also adopted the Persian script – whilst the Hindu population maintained the Devanagari script from the Sanskrit.

However, Urdu and Hindi remain, when spoken, pretty much exactly the same – both being different forms of Hindustani.

Yet, it is important to note that Hindi remains the official language of India (along with English), whilst Urdu is the national language of Pakistan. And whilst there are more people from India in Birmingham than there are people from Pakistan, Urdu is much more commonly spoken because many of the people who came to the UK from India spoke Gujarati, Bengali, or Punjabi.

Meanwhile, only about fifteen hundred people in Birmingham actually speak Hindi.

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Why Take Hindi Language Lessons?

However, Hindi remains one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world – after English and Mandarin Chinese. And it functions as a lingua franca across the many different languages of northern India as well as in Nepal, Fiji, and parts of the Caribbean.

It is one of the most important languages in the world, quite frankly – as India continues to boom economically and invite investment from around the world. If you are a business person hoping to do business in South Asia, someone on your staff will need to learn to speak Hindi. Even the British Council agrees, having put Hindi on the list of the top ten languages needed for economic purposes.

This, then, is primarily why you should be learning Hindi.

Meanwhile, the reason why you should be considering taking Hindi classes is that, actually, it is a wee bit difficult. Look at the Hindi alphabet, for example, which bears no relation to the Latin alphabet with which we are so accustomed. Consider the grammatical aspects of the language that you will need to learn. Then there’s the pronunciation, and the subtleties of the meaning of different words and phrases.

This is all stuff that Hindi tutors would be able to help you with. And this is precisely why it would be good for you to have one.

Now, let’s take a look at where in Birmingham such a Hindi teacher might be available.

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india map - hindi lessons
Hindi is the official language of India.

Birmingham’s Hindi Language Classes

Birmingham is creaking at the seams with language-learning opportunities – in all of the different languages, you could possibly imagine. That diversity is what makes it such a wonderful city – yet, the sheer number can make things a little difficult to navigate.

Here, we’ve brought together some of the best options for those who are interested in learning Hindi in the city – from those who are after social classes to those who want a dedicated private tutor, from those who want speaking practice to those with a desire for knowledge of grammar and complete accuracy.

Everyone learns in a different way – and so they should. But just make sure that the class you choose to attend is really the best one for you. You should enjoy your language learning experience – and that’s all down to you.

Let’s find you the class that works for you.

Take Hindi Classes at the Shree Geeta Bhawan, Birmingham

The Shree Geeta Bhawan Hindu temple is based on the Heathfield Road.

Whilst it is primarily a place for religious services, the mandir provides a good number of community events and services too. These include social clubs for the over-fifties and sessions teaching about Hindu culture.

Obviously, however, they also provide Hindi lessons for all who want them. These take place every Saturday afternoon.

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Find a Hindi Teacher at My Language Exchange

My Language Exchange provides an online space in which you can connect with tutors and fellow students of different languages in your local area. People list the languages they can teach, the languages they want to learn, or those they just want to have a conversation in, and you can easily get in touch.

It makes an incredibly nice way of practising a language – with other local, likeminded people who are learning too.

Try it – and you’ll find yourself not only improving but having an awful lot of fun too.

Learn Hindi across the Midlands with Cactus Languages

Cactus Languages are a nationwide provider of language training in the UK, with centres in eleven centres across the country. They offer a hugely wide range of languages for you to learn – and can organise those that are not already available.

Teaching in Hindi is available from Birmingham to Coventry and Wolverhampton – and they can come to your office to train your staff if that is something that you require.

Enquire at Brasshouse Languages, Birmingham for Hindi Courses

Based in the towering new Library of Birmingham, Brasshouse Languages offer teaching in over thirty different languages. Of course, the majority are in European languages – as they usually are – however you get in touch or visit their website to see what is on offer.

Do it – because they are a hugely respected language education institution. And if you want language training that is professional and reliable, this is certainly one of the top places to come.

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Attend Hindi Language Courses at Kriti UK, Birmingham

The UK Hindu Samiti is an organisation that is aimed at raising awareness about and educating people on Hinduism and Hindi in the UK.

With centres across the UK, the affiliated organisation in Birmingham is known as Kriti UK.

These guys will be able to teach you Hindi – and they provide a lot of cultural events too, including plays and performances.

indian flag - study hindi
Hindi is the official language of India.

Find a Private Hindi Tutor with Superprof

If none of these tickles your fancy, there is always the opportunity for a private tutor of Hindi.

Superprof is a platform that connects budding students to inspiring, friendly, and experience tutors from across the world. We have nearly ten million tutors globally – teaching in over a thousand different subjects.

It goes without saying that one of those subjects is Hindi: we have nine tutors in Birmingham waiting to teach you Hindi – either in your home or somewhere else convenient for you.

All you need to do is scroll through the tutors available and get in touch. The majority offer the first session free!

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