Hindi is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, with about three hundred million native speakers and that number again of people who speak it as a second language.

Along with Urdu, with which Hindi makes up the umbrella language, Hindustani, there are over eight hundred million speakers. And these figures mean that more people speak only two other languages: Chinese Mandarin and English.

If you’re interested in learning a language, Hindi well be one of the best – as in most useful, objectively speaking – that you could learn. With a degree of fluency in this language, that’s eight hundred million new potential friends, partners, and colleagues.

And if you want to talk business at all, India – where Hindi is the official language – is one of the largest and fastest growing economies in the world. So it could be pretty handy if your company could nail the lingo.

Best of all, there are many places in which you can learn Hindi in the UK. And showing you where, in the major cities of the UK, is the purpose of this article.

So, whether you want to be fluent or you just looking to pick up some handy terms for your upcoming trip to India, we’ll find you a Hindi language school near you where you can learn.

Hindi Language Classes in London

Obviously, London is a great place for lessons of all sort – Hindi absolutely not excluded. Whether it is conversational classes you are after, structured grammar and pronunciation lessons, or even postgraduate degrees in Hindi, this biggest of UK cities is going to sort you right out.

All across the city there are opportunities to learn Hindi – from central universities to tutors who are available to travel the lengths of the city to find you in your home. There’s really no excuse not to just get on with it.

When the practical side of learning is this easy, the only thing holding you back is the amount of effort you’re willing to put into it. Check out more opportunities to study Hindi in London!

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Hindi is the official language of India.

Try SOAS for Hindi Degrees and Casual Learning of Hindi

Perhaps one of the best places for rigorous language learning in London is SOAS, the School of Oriental and African Studies.

Here, you can choose from many different so-called Less Widely Taught languages – in which Hindi is included – and, across fifteen weeks, you will study everything from the grammatical elements of this foreign language to new Hindi words and vocabulary.

For the very brave – beyond the evening classes – there is the postgraduate degree in Hindi offered by SOAS. Expect a year in which to get properly fluent in your new second language.

Head to City Lit for Adult Hindi Lessons

City Lit is SOAS’s competition when it comes to the Hindi classes for adults. These guys, across multiple campuses in London, have over ten different Hindi courses for you to choose from – at different times that it may be convenient.

From courses for beginners to intermediate level and beyond, these guys have something for everyone.

Join the Hindi-Urdu MeetUp Group for Conversational Classes

However, if it is not formal teaching that you are after, check out the Hindi-Urdu MeetUp group for conversational classes in both Hindi and Urdu.

Organising meetings online, they hold conversational exchanges every fortnight. Of course, it is all spoken – otherwise you wouldn’t be able to understand each other!

Learning Hindi in Manchester

The so-called ‘city of languages’, there is hardly one of the world languages that you cannot learn in Manchester.

Maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration – but not so much. With over two hundred languages spoken across the city – and over a half of adults being multilingual – it is a gloriously diverse place to be learning languages.

Here too there is plenty of choice, from Hindu cultural organisations to corporate language training, from student societies to conversational classes, there is an opportunity to suit every learner.

Find out more about Hindi lessons in Manchester.

Learn to Speak Hindi at the Indian Institute of Art and Culture

Established on the principles established by Gandhi, the Indian Institute of Art and Culture in Manchester is a brilliant place to go if you want to learn about – or immerse yourself into – Hindu culture.

From yoga and meditation to music, Manchester’s Indian Institute offers a huge number of different cultural events and activities.

The Hindi lessons take place weekly at the Manchester Grammar School for Boys – for people taking their first steps in a new language or experts looking just to maintain their fluency.

Try the University of Manchester’s Language Society for Hindi Lessons

Universities are the bastions of all things knowledge and Manchester’s best university does its best to keep going in that spirit.

Whilst it does not offer formal educational opportunities in Hindi, its student union provides casual lessons in Urdu and Hindi.

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Learn to read Hindi!Finding Hindi Tutors in Leeds.

You won’t have any trouble finding Hindi lessons in Leeds – if you know where to look. And, as you will see, you might not necessarily be looking in the right place.

Yet, that’s why we’re here. And you’ll soon discover that Leeds is brimming with opportunities to learn other languages.

Find out more about learning Hindi in Leeds!

Discover Hindi Language Courses at the Trishool Dance Academy

We told you that you might not be looking in the right place.

One of the best spots for Hindi lessons in Leeds is at the Trishool Dance Academy, a school for Indian dance styles. Here, you’ll be learning a language in a conventional way – and you don’t need to do any dancing, by the way – but you’ll be doing very well to join.

Practice Your Hindi Speaking at My Language Exchange, Leeds

Another place for language exchange groups is My Language Exchange, an online platform that links you up with local people hoping to learn the same language as you.

Here in Leeds, you’ll find plenty of people available to talk with you in Hindi or Urdu – and you’ll find that it’s well worth your time.

Hindi Language Lessons in Glasgow

The biggest city in Scotland and a place where Hindustani is the third most widely spoken language after English and Scots, Glasgow is wonderful – particularly if you are a budding Hindi speaker.

From Hindu temples to language cafes, there are all sorts of different ways to learn Hindi in the city. Find out more in our article on Hindi lessons in Glasgow.

Enrol in Hindi Language Courses at the Hindu Temple of Scotland

The Hindi language lessons at the Hindu Temple of Scotland are not exactly conventional language classes. Rather, the Hindi that you will learn is all learned through song, music, and literature.

Aside from the Devanagari script, you’ll also learn bits of Tamil and Malayalam too.

Enquire at the Language Hub, Glasgow, for Hindi Lessons

The Language Hub, Glasgow aspires to be a landmark in Glasgow’s linguistic landscape. And, in many ways, it totally is.

Get in touch for Hindi and Urdu lessons.

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Mahatma Gandhi

Learn Hindi in Birmingham

They call Birmingham the ‘capital of British Pakistan’ – but it may well be appropriate to call it the capital of British India too.

Birmingham is highly populated with Brits of south Asian origin – which makes it dead handy for those of us interested in learning Hindi. You’ll find language classes galore in this city – along with private Hindi tutors and all the help you’ll need to start speaking Hindi fluently.

Check out our article on learning Hindi in Birmingham if you want to know more.

Try Brasshouse Languages for Hindi Languages

One of the most remarkable places in all of Birmingham is the new Library of Birmingham. And, here, a whole floor is dedicated to the language.

This is the responsibility of Brasshouse Languages, who provide language programs in over thirty different languages.

Get in touch if you want to learn Hindi. It’s the most impressive place to do it.

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