Language learning is one of the best things a human can do. And whilst most of the world is actually bilingual, we silly Brits lag dramatically behind. Whether it’s a subconscious assumption that, it’s okay, everyone is going to speak English anyway – or whether we in fact are just a particularly lazy people – this is an island full of English speakers reluctant to put much effort into a learning a new language.

And you people in Leeds are just as bad as the rest of us.

We said it is silly – and we stick to that. Because, in the UK, there is such an enormous number of languages being spoken. From the European languages such as French, Polish, and Italian to those that come from further afield – such as Punjabi, Gujarati, and Chinese – we are actually surrounded by linguistic diversity in the UK. It’s such a shame that many of us don’t make enough of it.

Learning Hindi in the UK

So, what about Hindi, considering this is what we are actually here to talk about?

Hindi doesn’t actually make the top twenty languages spoken in the UK. This is despite being the third most widely spoken language in the world – and despite the UK being in the ten countries with the highest number of Hindi speakers.

The UK only has 45,000 native speakers of Hindi. However, the whopping four hundred million Hindi speakers in India alone accounts for the fact that more people speak Hindi than any other language than English and Mandarin Chinese.

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Learn to read Hindi!

What is Hindustani?

There are actually many more people who speak Urdu in the UK than Hindi. And, whilst this might sound like a completely irrelevant detail, it really isn’t.

Rather, Urdu and Hindi are actually pretty much the same language. People who speak Hindi can understand people who speak Urdu – because Hindi and Urdu are two sides of the same coin.

That coin is known as Hindustani – an Indo-Aryan language that derives from the ancient language of Sanskrit. This explains why Hindi and Urdu are mutually intelligible.

But what is the difference? The important bit, really, is the alphabet – or what we might call the script. Where Urdu uses the same written form that is used by Persian, the Hindi alphabet uses the Devanagari script, which is used by another 120 languages.

So, where Hindi is one of the official languages of India – alongside English – Urdu is the official language of Pakistan. However, between them, the two languages have about eight hundred million native speakers.

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Hindi and Urdu in the UK

If Hindi speakers number just over forty thousand in the UK, there are 270,000 Urdu speakers across the country. That’s thanks to the big Pakistani community in the UK – the biggest in Europe.

One fifth of these are to be found in Yorkshire, where they make up three percent of the population of Leeds. This makes Yorkshire’s biggest city an absolutely great place to study Urdu – and definitely not a bad place to learn Hindi either.

The trouble for people who want to learn Hindi is that the British Indian community don’t actually tend to speak Hindi. Rather, they speak Gujarati, Punjabi, or, indeed, Urdu.

You won’t find any trouble in finding yourself a Hindi teacher at all however – no matter where you are in the UK. And, here, we are going to show you the best places in which to look in Leeds.

But first…

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Can you read this Hindi writing?

Why Learn to Speak Hindi?

We’ve said then that the UK has a lot more speakers of Urdu than of Hindi. However, speakers of Hindustani make up the second largest community of immigrant language speakers in the country.

So, why should we learn to speak Hindi?

In the UK, if we ever get moving and learn a second language at all, we tend to stay pretty close to home. We learn French, we learn Spanish, we learn Italian. Yet, there isn’t any good reason why this might be the case.

For business, for travel, and for the sheer number of speakers of different languages that there are, it may well make more sense to venture outside Europe to satisfy our language-learning needs.

And Hindi is one of the best languages to learn for a whole number of reasons.

Firstly, there’s business. India is one of the fastest growing economies on the planet, with a market of over a billion people. Whilst not all of these speak Hindi, it is much more common than that other official language of India, English. If you want to work for a global company, learning Hindi might be a great way to do it.

Secondly, there’s Indian culture. Language and culture have always been closely linked – and learning Hindi opens the door to all sorts of different opportunities for you. Imagine watching Bollywood movies in the original language or reading Hindi literature. There is such a lot to gain from a language beyond the sheer mechanics of the language itself.

Finally, there’s the ‘why not?’ factor. Of all the languages in the world, why not learn Hindi? It is a beautiful language that will open your world to new people and new opportunities – and you would be daft not to take it.

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The Best Places for Hindi (and Urdu) Language Courses in Leeds

So, let’s take a look at the best opportunities for you to learn Hindi in Leeds.

Whether it is online language lessons you are after or whether you prefer to learn a new language face-to-face with a native speaker, whether you prefer group lessons or one-to-one, there are plenty of opportunities available for you in your city.

Let’s take a look at some of the best options out there.

Find Private Hindi Tuition in Leeds with Superprof

First up, there’s Superprof.

As an online tutoring platform, we connect students across the world with tutors who are qualified to teach all sorts of different subjects. And by ‘all sorts’ we mean over a thousand – and by ‘tutors’ we mean nearly ten million.

Of course, this includes tutors of Hindi. In Leeds, you can choose between tutoring at your home or at that of your tutor. Meanwhile, there is also the opportunity to learn online with one of the thousands of Hindi tutors across the world.

Just choose the tutor that suits you best and book a lesson!

Take Hindi Classes at the Trishool Dance Academy

Yes, you read that right: language classes at a dance academy.

The Trishool Dance Academy in Moortown is the biggest school of Indian styles of dance in the north of England, offering classes in Bollywood styles and Bharatnatyam alongside concerts and performances.

But what we are really interested in here is their Hindi classes, in which, at any age, you can learn the grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation of Hindi from a native speaker.

Honestly, there is no more fun a place to learn the Hindi language in Leeds.

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Try Cactus Languages for Hindi Classes Online

Cactus Languages prides itself on being one of the largest and most effective providers of foreign language teaching in the UK, with centres in eleven cities across the UK.

However, whilst there is a Cactus centre in Leeds, it does not yet offer Hindi classes – and the closest that does is in Liverpool, which is not exactly convenient.

However, you can enjoy the quality of Cactus’s language training online. There are free resources on the website – as well as the opportunity to learn Hindi with one of the company’s tutors.

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Mahatma Gandhi

Tackle Business Hindi Classes with Listen and Learn Leeds

Listen and Learn are a major provider of business language training courses – and, as we know from above, Hindi has quite a draw for the world of business.

They can organise training courses in Hindi for your business or organisation with no trouble at all – either via Skype, in your company’s office, or in a group setting.

Check Out the Sheffield-Born Language Company, Babble and Speak, for Hindi Lessons

With their headquarters down in Sheffield – but offering tuition in Leeds too – the cutely-named language tuition company, Babble and Speak offers tutoring in all sorts of different languages – including Hindi and Urdu.

These guys offer training in Hindi for purposes of both leisure and business – and all their tutors are native speakers. This is hugely helpful when it comes to tackling the phonetic aspects of a foreign language – and makes this another great option in the area.

Find a Hindi Conversational Class with My Language Exchange

One of the nicest ways to learn a foreign language is through language exchanges – or conversational classes in which you just get together with other learners and speak.

My Language Exchange has a considerable network of learners in Leeds – and all you need to join it is to visit the website. You’ll find plenty of people there who would love to talk to you in Hindi!

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