"Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do." -Pele

Law has the reputation of being one of the hardest subjects to study at university, therefore, it is not surprising to learn that 6.6% of student's drop out. This may be due to a variety of factors such as challenging assignments, loads of studying and reading or the simple realization that a future career in law is simply not for them.

Whatever the situation may be, studying to become a lawyer is no easy task but the benefits are many. For example, after graduation, it is estimated that 88.6% of law graduates find a job or continue with their studies just after 6 months of receiving their diploma.

There are many different jobs available to those who possess a law degree because employers are always impressed with those who have recently graduated from law school. 

Nevertheless, the high percentage of job placement does not make law school any easier. To receive a letter of admission and get through law school you need to be perseverant, hard-working and sacrificial. Regardless if students possess these qualities, many of them struggle to pass tests and find themselves discouraged and wondering why they choose to study law in the first place.

Are there solutions to these problems? 

Of course. Stop your worrying and hire a law tutor! Law tutors provide study tips, legal knowledge and instil a love for the law in their pupils.

Superprof is here to describe the benefits of hiring a law tutor and where you can find professional law tutors working in the Greater London area.

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Note: if you are based outside London, check out our UK law tutoring guide.

A General Description of a Law Tutor

the best tutors
Choosing a law tutor that you like is very important. This will help you succeed and make tutoring sessions more enjoyable. (Source: Visual Hunt)

In the United Kingdom, it is not mandatory to have a teaching degree or Bachelor's in Education to become a professional tutor. There are no qualification exams, no formal certificates or diplomas to be received and no previous experience is required in order to work as a tutor.

The aforementioned statements may be alarming and worrisome for some but the private tutoring industry is thriving despite the fact that it is not very regulated. However, the private tutors who are the most in demand are those who have previous experience in remedial help and have expertise in their field of tutoring.

In order to attract students, a law tutor should possess previous experience in the practice of law and a vast knowledge of the legal system. Many law tutors offering remedial learning sessions have a law degree from an accredited university or are lawyers looking to make a few extra bucks after office hours.

Some law tutors are even university dropouts who prefer to teach remedially about the legal system than become a lawyer. 

Law tutors are experts in law and help students with all the different questions they may have. They specialize in helping undergraduate pupils prepare for exams, their first day in a courtroom and attracting potential clients. Law tutoring is not purely academic, tutors encourage their students to see the bigger picture and ask questions that are relevant to what they are learning.

Remedial law instructors should boast certain qualities that will make students attracted to their way of teaching. Some of those qualities include:

  • Perseverance and patience: students are not always quick to understand certain things and it may take time before they grasp the point. Law tutors who are patient make their pupils feel self-confident instead of obtuse and vapid.
  • Passion: academic instructors that have a passion for the law and justice transmit this to their students. Through the passionate words of the tutor, law students begin to love their legal studies. It is proven by various studies that those who adore what they are learning excel at the subject.
  • Creativity: sometimes it takes thinking outside the box to offer remedial help that is truly effective. We do not all think the same, therefore, we do not all learn the same. Create lessons plans that are tailored for your struggling law student will benefit them greatly.

Remember that when searching for a law tutor, it is important that they have relevant teaching experience. Also, don't be shy to try a few different instructors before committing to one. You need to feel comfortable and find the one that will help you to succeed.

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Why Hire a Private Law Tutor?

a love for reading
A love for reading is essential for law students since you have to read everything in order to not fall behind during lessons. (Source: Visual Hunt)

University is a giant leap from the A-levels in secondary school. During secondary school, students were not spared from academic difficulty, however, many enjoyed the caring support of guidance counsellors, parents and teachers which made the whole experience endurable.

University is completely different. Pupils are now living alone on campus without the constant care of Mum and Dad. They are struggling with the environmental changes and to make matters worse law students have to deal with the difficulties of choosing the challenging subject of law.

For the midlanders reading this, you can find out more about law tutoring in Manchester thanks to our Superprof guide.

Law students often feel overwhelmed by the academic competition among peers and constant pressure to excel and be the best.

Little did many aspiring lawyers know that the field of law demands constant motivation, attention, academic excellence and ambition.

Law tutors are here to save the day by offering practical tips and helpful academic supervision. The wealth of legal knowledge from a qualified law tutor is invaluable. Here are a few tips from law tutors to help survive law school:

  • Do ALL the reading: try not to fall behind in your reading because you may never have the luxury of catching up. Do your reading in places where you will not be distracted to do other things. Remember to do ALL your reading not just the parts you deem important.
  • Go to class: class time does not happen very often since the LLB degrees are more focused on individual study, however, when you do have class it is very important to attend because professors often share material that is not discussed in the material. Failure to attend class can result in failure on exams.
  • Review throughout the year: you cannot expect to study cram a few days before finals and get good grades. Success comes from reviewing your course subjects throughout the year. This suggestion from law tutors also minimizes stress and contributes to overall happiness.
  • Start a study group: other than your private one on one classes with a law tutor, starting a study group can be a valuable tool. Talking to your classmates about the course material can improve your understanding. Remember to be humble and accept helpful study tips from your fellow classmates. Keep your group study sessions completely academic. Do not have them become a time to gossip and socialize. In order to avoid this, form a study group with students who are determined to succeed just like you.
  • Create a study plan: law tutors have come to realize that the main complaint of many law students is that they do not have enough time. This may be true because they do not have an organized study plan. By planning your time in advance you will be able to study for exams, brief different cases and write essays.
  • Minimize your stress: some law tutors know from previous experience that law school can be very stressful. Minimize your amounts of stress by regularly taking care of yourself and doing things you love. Exercise, drink enough water, eat healthy foods (not wagon wheels and Irn Bru), get enough sleep and take part in extracurricular activities outside of campus.

Identifying your desperate need to recruit remedial help from an experienced law tutor is only half the battle. After you accept the fact that you can't achieve success in law school on your own, a law tutor takes care of the rest.

Law tutors with enough experience understand the different electives and areas of law studied at university. They are also very preceptive of the student's skills and talents helping him choose an area of law to specialize in that he will enjoy and excel at.

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Where to Find Law Tutors in the Greater London Area?

tutoring in the comfort of your own home
Let's say your stuck in the library and can't make it to your law tutoring sessions. That is no problem at all because some companies offer remote tutoring via Skype. (Source: Visual Hunt)

According to data collected in 2016, there are over 8,787,000 people living in the Greater London area. London is the most populous city in the United Kingdom and in Europe by a long shot.

Due to the massive number of inhabitants, there are many individuals working in the legal field as law tutors. 

The need for law tutors stems from the fact that there is an increasing number of aspiring lawyers graduating from law school each year. Interest to work in the legal field has boomed in the past few decades. For example, the numbers have increased drastically in 1980, there were 40,000 practicing solicitors in England and Wales and approximately 4,500 practicing barristers; the current figures are now 130,000 and 15,600, respectively.

Times have changed and the need for lawyers has increased. This is great news for those who specialize in law tutoring!

Here are a few places to find recommended law tutors working in London:

  • London Law Tutor LTD: located on Tottenham Court Road, this reputable company offers services private tuition services for students of all levels. Private sessions are taught to help LLB, LSAT, LPC, LLM and PhD law students with writing essays, research proposals, coursework, assignments and exam answers. They are very proud to boast being the first private law tutoring company in the world offering free law lectures and notes using their London Tutors app that is available for download on all devices.
  • Bloomsbury Law Tutors: offers a team of over 100 postgraduates, academics and professionals experienced in the field of law. Located in the Drury Lane Teaching Centre in London's Covert Garden, Bloomsbury tutors arrange over 10,000 hours of law tutorials every year. The expert tutors provide customized assistance to for students taking law courses in over 150 law subjects. No matter what you are struggling with a Bloomsbury tutor can help you!
  • Advanced Law Tutors: claimed to have the finest law tutors in the country, this tutoring company offers tutors who are greatly familiarized with the syllabuses and learning manuals of most universities and law institutions based in the UK. Students receive remedial help in whatever subject they want and in the way that is most convenient for them. For example, private tuition classes can be conducted face to face, via Skype or your cell phone.
  • Private Law Tutor: a company run by professionally trained barrister Vivek Kanna, who has been a lecturer at the University of Westminster in five different legal subjects and is now using his legal expertise to tutor law students in a wide variety of subjects such as Advocacy, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, EU Law, Jurisprudence (for those thinking wanting to become a Juris Doctor) and Tort Law. Through his many years of previous experience in the legal field, he fosters a dynamic learning style that enables students to adopt critical thinking.

For the Scottish future lawyers, Superprof also has a Glasgow law tutoring guide available.

There is more than one law tutor in London that will fit your specific needs. Studying law is very difficult, stressful and competitive. The indispensable knowledge provided to you by experienced law tutors makes the whole experience more enjoyable. Who knows maybe you'll even develop a love for the justice system!

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