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Central London
(3 reviews)

Hemant - Central London - Law General

I have wide experience of teaching students from a wide range of different nationalities in London, for example: Russian, European, Indian, Taiwanese, Chinese, Middle-East, American, Latin American and African. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I have past & present experience of teaching Finance, Accounting , Economics and Business management - Tell me about your qualifications.

(10 reviews)

David - Kenilworth - Law General

I am a qualified and very experienced teacher, with CRB and student references, offering "one to one" empathetic,enjoyable tuition designed around your needs so that you can confidently look forward to your examinations. - Which subject(s) do you teach? All Science and Science related subjects. I also offer Geography, Law (AQA, OCR and WJEC), Psychology and Sociology.

(9 reviews)

Luke - Chelsea - Lnat

`Why take the risk? I am the only Tutor in the UK that guarantees success!` - Luke Jones, (Barrister, Qualified Teacher and international 'Super Tutor') "Highly Recommended" - Kuwaiti Royal Family - Which subject(s) do you teach? Why am I so expensive? YOUR Education and YOUR results are too important to leave to chance.

(10 reviews)

Laura - Ealing Common - Law General

Teaching is my third and final career and I love it. I get on extremely well with students of all ages and abilities and enjoy watching their confidence and competence develop quickly as they begin to achieve more than they thought possible.

(1 review)
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Do you need an exceptional and experienced law tutor with first hand lecturing experience? Look no further. Contact me now!

I am able to provide tuition or support for students at undergraduate up to PhD level. As a lawyer and academic, I am uniquely able to understand students' needs and to help them achieve excellent grades.

Dave kumar
(1 review)

Dave Kumar - Chelsea - Law Dissertation, PhD Thesis, Essay & Assignment Editing Proofreading Writer

I am an experienced tutor and a professional lawyer. I can help you achieve your goals in Law, Finance, Accounting and Business. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach Law, Finance, Accounting and Business Studies.

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Law student (grad job with reputable commercial law firm secured) offering tutoring for LNAT and university subjects in Glasgow area.

I am an Honours student at Glasgow University on course to graduate soundly with a graduate job already secured. I have acquired a vast grasp of legal knowledge and aim to simply pass this on to younger students needing some assistance with lessons or secondary school pupils needing help to prepare themselves properly for the LNAT.

(2 reviews)
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Tuition and exam preparation available for A Level Law students full package

My teaching method is generally tailored to each student’s needs; whether it requires mentoring, drama, real life examples or step by step guidance, I am happy to fulfil my student’s needs by listening to their needs and adapting accordingly.

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Law graduate offering lessons, advice, and proof reading for all law students

I am happy to tutor anyone who is struggling with degree-level or A-level law. I enjoy the exchange of ideas as well as being able to discuss the more linear elements of law (as seen particularly in criminal and tort law). My methodology is to simply find out where the issue in understanding a specific area lies and then to break down the elements into small, manageable chunks.

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Legal professional offering lessons in Law in London in preparation for A Levels.

The structure of each lesson will focus on a particular topic. The lesson will begin with an overview of theory. Then, taking a practical approach each lesson will entail working through a practice or exam question. As lessons progress the structure of each lesson will be tailored to suit the specific requirements of the student.

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Experienced Law tutor based in Cardiff with LLM (Dist) in Law and 3 years law teaching experience

The law affects every aspect of our everyday life. As such, it's important to understand how the law works in practice as well as in theory. In teaching law, I support my students to breakdown complex theories and consider how they apply in practical scenarios. I look to support my students to research the law and to find and interpret legislation, case law and academic articles.

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Durham Law finalist offering legal tutoring in Merseyside and Wirral specialising in Public law and human rights

I ensure that my lessons are flexible and dynamic, intending to maintain relevance, and spark the interests of my pupils. I am comfortable tutoring students up to undergraduate level, and enjoy using my skills to develop essay writing technique, to contextualise and critically assess the efficiency of law.

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Law tutor, with three years of experience, offering legal studies and counsel online

I base my teaching on understanding. My only interest is that the student understands my tutoring. I carry each lesson with the highest level of professionalism. Unless instructed otherwise, I cover lesson after lesson, in a manner that connects one lesson with the next. I am calm, understanding, open to criticism and opinions and ready to take on any challenge.

Greater London
(1 review)
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Experienced, passionate law tutor with First Class law masters degree in international law and international relations.

I am available to teach Law to students at undergraduate or postgraduate university level, diploma, GDL, and secondary school (GCSE/A-level). Currently available to teach: - International law/ public international law - (UK) Public law - (UK) Criminal Law I have worked as a tutor and teacher in several countries.

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I am an experienced tutor based in Manchester, and also work in the legal sector

My teaching methodology is to look at the lecture notes first, and then to understand what either the exam or coursework is asking. I then look to research the answer using a wide range of sources, to plan a comprehensive answer whilst explaining this to the student.

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Head of the law department, offering online law tutoring. Ramsgate based, three years as head of the department.

I am calm and relaxed, my style of teaching is very collaborative and open. I believe if I can't explain something simply then I don't understand it. The lessons will cover fundamental principles and move on to case examples so that you have authorities to use in exams.

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Recent Law Graduate looking to teach students in Law up to University level

I feel a class is successful when the student not only knows the relevant information but understands why this Law is in place and how it is used in practice. I believe this understanding helps the student to remember the information in an exam setting as well as helping to apply this knowledge in exams and beyond.

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Final year law student offering tutoring in numerous areas of law in kent

My teaching method involves finding the best way to help students retain information, whether that be through visual imagery, creating stories, using mind maps or simply using flash cards etc. to remember facts.

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University of London International Programmes Law graduate offering online services for teaching various law modules

During the course of these past 3 years, University of London has taught me that we must critically evaluate everything and that there is always two sides to a story. This approach is something which I have adopted and is always reflective in my teaching method.

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Law with practical legal research Learn law to achieve your desire dream.

Law is a subject where you have to understand with a practical example and research and this is my main focus to the students and also I have been focusing on the exam based education to gain a good grade.

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LLB Graduate and Law Masters student offering Law tutoring up to university level in the West Midlands

I fully understand that not every topic is the most interesting, but if I can make anything easier to learn then I will. I can also aid in revision/revision plans/revision methods and share the various methods that I used in undertaking my exams. My teaching methodology would be based around the personal needs of the individual and how I can help in catering to those.

(1 review)
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Tutor in law and practitioner with 1st Class LLB, LLM and BPTC

My method is to work with students to find the best method for their individual circumstance. E.g.

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Solicitor in making offering lessons to boost your Legal IQ in London

My teaching method is determined by 'YOU' that is we have a demonstration class before we kick-start with our lessons. This demonstration class will assess your aptitude and further assist me to determine the approach with which I should design my classes to help you make the most of the time and resources available at hand.

1st lesson offered free !

Friendly London based Law graduate with a masters degree in Acting. Also studied European and International law for a year at Radboud University Nijmegen.

No two students are the same, so lets work together to create a method of tutoring that works for you. There is no right or wrong way to approach your tutoring and it should be individual to you and exciting, as we only learn when we are engaged and passionate.

1st lesson offered free !

Current LLB Law student at the University of Birmingham offering lessons in Law up to degree level.

I approach each topic back-to-front, starting with a discussion of the topics that can come up in exams/coursework. I find this helps students put their learning into perspective and also allows them to focus on the specific topics that they are more comfortable with writing about rather than struggling to combat the entire syllabus.

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Law Graduate with a 1st Class Bachelors degree. Tutoring on a budget!

I approach each session by firstly discussing in advance what the student is struggling with and what they would like to work on. I will then prepare a brief summary of the topic as a whole with a set of notes which I will go over, followed a discussion with the student of any further questions or queries which they might have.

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Hi, I'm Michael. I am a 21 year old undergraduate at the University of East Anglia studying law. I am a native English speaker.

I am happy to talk through the ideas/concepts of an area of law and talk through (or even read through) practice questions and answers. If it is an area that I have already studied then I can provide you with my notes .

(2 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Final year law student offering in depth law(A-Levels, GCSE) lessons in Exeter

I base my classes entirely on the needs of my tutees.

1st lesson offered free !

I am a Law student doing my post graduation in London. I have recently completed my Law degree.

Each subject has a very different nature, so each subject would have a very different methodology, as for every student there is a different methodology, and thats the reason I can really tell here what I will follow, that really depends upon situation to situation.

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Perfect! Jodie was, without a doubt, the best help option I have had so far. She is extremely professional and attentive according to our learning difficulties. I was able to achieve good results with her help and the lessons via skype was productive and...

Kelly, student
2 months ago
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