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Arabic Lessons Near Me

By Brentyn, published on 17/01/2019 Blog > Languages > Arabic > How to Find Arabic Courses Near Me

“Study a foreign language if you have opportunity to do so. You may never be called to a land where that language is spoken, but the study will have given you a better understanding of your own tongue or of another tongue you may be asked to acquire.” – Gordon B. Hinckley

Studying a foreign language is a transformative experience that everyone should encounter. The romantic sounds of the Latin-based languages, the worldwide convenience of Mandarin Chinese and the beautiful writing of Arabic inspire individuals to explore a foreign tongue and become fluent.

Some people learn languages for pure pleasure while others learn for social, economic or political reasons; nevertheless, whatever your situation may be, the intensive challenge of acquiring a foreign language will never be regretted. 

Superprof has the goal today of showing citizens of the UK that Arabic, one of the most important languages on the world stage, can be studied at a language school or with a private tutor near you.

Arabic Lessons in Birmingham

Birmingham has a metro population of over 3.7 million inhabitants and is the second-most-populous city in the United Kingdom.

Commonly known as the UK’s “second city”, Birmingham is home to many immigrants from all over the world. A recent statistic demonstrated that there are over 87 ethnic groups in the city’s school system. The most frequently noticed ethnic groups include Asians, Eastern Europeans, Africans and Arabs.

As a result of the many ethnic groups in the Birmingham area, various foreign languages can be learnt from native speaking teachers. 

Superprof is here to demonstrate to interested ones the most highly recommended language schools and private tutors in the Greater Birmingham area offering Arabic courses.

Language Schools

The following are two recommended language and culture schools to master the basics and become fluent in the Arab language:

  • Brasshouse Languages: located in the Birmingham Public Library, this language school offers over 30 language courses such as French, German and Arabic. The highly qualified staff provides Arabic lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced students. An excellent option for those who love to spend time in the library and want to become fluent in a foreign tongue,
  • University of Birmingham: the Languages for All programme has a fantastic Arabic course that can be taken by students on an extracurricular basis. Studying Arabic under the careful direction of qualified teachers in an academic atmosphere is a great idea and has never been so accessible in the city of Birmingham!

Private Tuition

In recent years there has been the development of online resources to find professional tutors offering academic assistance near you. The following is the best website to find online or at-home private instructors who specialise in teaching Arabic:

  • Tutorful: a brilliant online resource designed to help find tutors offering private classes near you. The site suggests a few qualified tutors teaching Arabic in the city of Birmingham and its surroundings. Prices are affordable, and the diverse options of private tutors ensure the fact of finding one that suits your learning style.

The best private tutors and language teachers offer practical tips that help students stay motivated. Helpful tips such as setting realistic goals and using flashcards to remember newly acquired words are precious gems of wisdom that aid pupils to study Arabic effectively.

Arabic Lessons in Glasgow

England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland Arabic can be studied all over the UK with private tutors and at language schools. (Source: iStock)

Glasgow is Scotland’s most populous city and is one of the UK’s most important cultural, economic and historical centres.

Many successful individuals from diverse ethnic groups have honed their language teaching skills to offer foreign language classes to Glaswegians. Foreign language classes can be held in a wide variety of tongues such as Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, French and Arabic.

Superprof will now examine some of the best language institutions and private educators in the Greater Glasgow region to learn Arabic.

Language Institutes

Here are the two best language schools to acquire a firm grip of the Arab language:

  • Live Language: located in Somerset Place near the city centre of Glasgow, this institute specialises in foreign language learning. While the school is designed to help immigrants learn English, there are a few foreign language classes offered at affordable prices. The Arabic course is priced at around £165 and provides twelve weeks of two-hour classes weekly. The classes are never more than 14 students and those who do attend the lessons are serious learners,
  • The Language Hub: at this language institute there is the opportunity to learn French, German, Italian, Spanish and Arabic. The Arabic Beginners Course is designed to help newcomers with the pronunciation, vocabulary and simple sentences of the Arab language. Teachers are highly qualified and have a firm understanding of Arabic that is transmitted to students.

Private Educators

Since the city of Glasgow is a place of importance in the UK, many qualified professionals are offering their services and academic expertise to interested ones. The following is the best website to find private tutors teaching Arabic in the Greater Glasgow area:

  • Superprof: a leading online resource to find professional tutors in a city near you, Superprof boasts several experienced tutors offering Arabic classes. Superprof also offers experienced online tutors for students who want to study via Skype with private educators who live in other parts of the UK.

By taking advantage of the possibilities of a private tutor or qualified language teacher, learning the challenging Arab language can be done without getting too discouraged.

Useful tips and tricks from qualified Arabic teachers such as asking questions, memorising key phrases and taking advantage of technology keep the learning process exciting and productive.

Arabic Lessons in London

learning about other cultures Unique characteristics of Arab culture inspire some individuals to learn Arabic. (Source: Travel Trade Weekly)

When people think of the most important place in the United Kingdom they think of London and all its glory. London is the most populous city in the UK and Europe with over 8 million inhabitants.

Known for being one of the world’s most important cities for investment, business and finance, London has attracted individuals from all over the world looking for a better life of financial prosperity. 

Immigrants from Asia, South America, Africa, the Middle East and other parts of Europe now call London home. 

Due to mass immigration, many languages can be heard on the London streets. Arabic is a language on the rise that has begun to be taught in many primary and secondary schools.

To help all interested ones, many qualified teachers and private educators are now offering Arabic classes in language schools and private homes in the Greater London area.

Superprof is here to guide potential Arabic students in London towards finding the best language schools and private tutors.

Language Schools

The following two options are the most highly recommended schools to learn Arabic in London:

  • International House London: a reputable language school with over 50 years of experience that is recognised by the British Council. Language classes are offered in French, German, Portuguese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese and Arabic. There is the option of attending group or one-to-one lessons of Arabic,
  • Omar Nassra Arabic Courses: one of the world’s leading experts in teaching spoken Arabic dialects. Omar Nassra has over seven years of experience teaching Arabic in the cities of London and Damascus.

Private Educators

The following is the best potential option for finding qualified Arabic tutors working in the Greater London area:

  • Tutorhunt: the possible options available for Arabic tutors on this reputable site have years of experience and have completed many successful classes with satisfied students. Hourly rates range from £10-40 depending on the expertise of the educator. Some of the listed tutors even offer the possibility of travelling some miles to conduct Arabic language courses.

Private tuition is a brilliant option for students who want to learn the basics of Arabic in the comfort of their own home and avoid the competitive atmosphere of the classroom.

When conducting language learning classes, the most reputable Arabic tutors offer practical tips such as sticking to one Arabic dialect from the beginning and surrounding yourself with the language that should be implemented to ensure success and fluency.

Arabic Lessons in Leeds

Leeds is an outstanding city located in the UK with over 2.6 million inhabitants living in the urban area. Leeds is home to many companies and industries making it a great place for immigrants to find job opportunities.

Recent estimates have shown that Leeds is home to over 75 different ethnic groups. 

As a result of Arab diaspora, many families of Arab descent have made Leeds their permanent residence. Many Arabs in the city of Leeds and its surroundings are educated professionals offering Arabic lessons to students who want to learn a foreign language.

Without further delay, Superprof will now highlight the best language schools and most qualified tutors offering Arabic courses.

Language Institutes

The following are two of the most highly recommended language schools to learn Arabic in the city of Leeds:

  • Listen & Learn: a reputable organisation that operates in the UK and Ireland offering language courses to interested pupils and businesses in the Leeds area. Classes can either be one-to-one or with a group at the time and place most convenient for you,
  • Leeds Beckett University: with over 30 years of experience to offer students, there are language classes extended to pupils in more than ten languages such as Mandarin Chinese, Arabic and Italian. Part-time Arabic courses are incredibly affordable and are designed for beginners and intermediate students.

Private Tutors

While there are a few online resources to find Arabic tutors in the city of Leeds, the following is the best possible option:

  • My Tutor: probably the best online resource to find accredited tutors specialising a wide variety of academic disciplines. There are a few Arabic tutors in the Leeds area offering Arabic lessons for students of all levels. Book a session today to start your Arabic language training!

Some individuals may decide to opt for the cheaper option and teach themselves. However, it is essential to state that invaluable knowledge from a tutor to keep motivated makes all the difference.

Some helpful tips from the most qualified tutors include scheduling time every week, finding a practise buddy, taking advantage of free resources and rewarding yourself.

Arabic Lessons in Manchester

finding a private tutor Private tutors offer invaluable tips and tricks to learn Arabic more efficiently. (Source: Clemson University)

Manchester is a world-renowned city iconic for its famous musicians, football clubs, history and culture.

Throughout the past couple of decades, more and more immigrants from all over the world have been calling Manchester home. 

The enjoyable aspects of Arab culture such as cuisine, art, literature and language have impacted and mesmerised certain Mancunians.

Therefore, to meet the interest of Mancunians, we will now showcase the best language institutes and private tutors recommended by Superprof in the Manchester area.

Language Schools

The following two are the most highly recommended language schools in the Manchester area to improve proficiency in Arabic:

  • Cactus Language Courses: a variety of ten-week evening language classes are offered by this language school such as Mandarin Chinese, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Arabic. The ten-week language courses consist of two hours of tuition per week and take place from 6:30-8:30 pm. The price of the Arabic language course is £225 and lessons are conducted on Newton Street near the Manchester Picadilly train station,
  • The University of Manchester Language Centre: the foreign language classes are open to all who have an interest: alumni, staff and other members from the community. Arabic courses are designed for beginner, pre-intermediate, and intermediate students. Full-year classes are offered with three contract hours per week.

Private Tuition

Private tutors offer their services on many recommended sites in the UK to help improve Arabic language skills. Nevertheless, the following is the most highly recommended online resource to find Arabic tutors in the Manchester area:

  • Firsttutors: according to this site two Arabic tutors are working in the Manchester area looking for students. Both tutors have five-star ratings and constant satisfaction from clients. They teach Arabic to distinct levels such students at a GCSE level, beginners, intermediate pupils, advanced ones and casual learners.

Spending a little extra money to hire a tutor is worth every penny. The invaluable tips and tricks from a private educator such as practising conversational skills with native speakers (even if your grammar is atrocious) and immersing yourself completely in the Arab culture aid students to become seasoned Arabic speakers.

The Arabic language is layered with complexity and nuanced beauty. Arabic may be a challenge to learn but remember nothing worthwhile comes with its sacrifices!


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