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5 Tips for Fast Progress in Spanish

From Jon, published on 20/02/2018 Blog > Languages > Spanish > 5 Methods to Learn Spanish Quickly

You want to learn how to speak Spanish and this is a new language for you? Define the methods by which you usually learn best. If you have already learned a second language, you should know which one suits you best:

  1. If you are a visual learner, you should not choose “audio” classes, such as those found on podcasts. Instead turn to flash cards, movies with subtitles and highly visual courses.
  2. If you are an auditory learner, listen to music, download podcasts and listen to audio books. Use free audiovisual aids available on the Internet to improve your learning.
  3. If you are a kinesthetic learner, then you will need to have interaction in your learning methods. Take a course where you talk with students and teachers, or order a software program where you play games or just interact with Spanish speakers as much as possible.

Discover our 5 ideal solutions to learn Spanish at great speed!

Learn Spanish by taking private lessons

Find a good private spanish teacher Taking Spanish classes with a private teacher often turns out to be a good method.

The first method to learn Spanish easily will always be this one for us: take Spanish classes!

Obviously, it is an effective method, if you have a good teacher. Indeed, nothing is worse than an expert in Spanish language who is not at all pedagogue: he or her could disgust you of languages forever. On the contrary, with a teacher capable of following you during your apprenticeship, you will go far. Very far indeed.

Whatever your age, you have two choices: group Spanish (compulsory for students) or private lessons. That said, nothing prevents you from cumulating both.

Thus, for students, it is quite possible to complete the learning related to the school with a private teacher. This will allow you to catch up or become even better, depending on your level.

For adults, group classes have the advantage of allowing you to communicate easily with other participants. Thus, you will have all the leisure to practice with people of your level. Private lessons, on the other hand, will depend entirely on the quality of the teacher. In addition, they are obviously more expensive than group Spanish courses.

In reality, choosing a group course or a private lesson depends entirely on your budget and whether you want to meet people or not.

Immersion in Spanish-speaking countries to improve your Spanish quickly!

What if you just run for your life and… go directly to a country where the Spanish language prevails? Spanish immersion will be an effective way to learn how to speak fluent Spanish. It will help you not only with Spanish vocabulary and word pronunciation comprehension push you towards expressing yourself.

Whether on holiday or extended stay, this is a good opportunity to immerse yourself fully in the culture of the country. Forget the English language during your stay. You will have to force yourself to speak entirely Spanish.

On the spot, avoid getting closer to the anglophone community of your destination. You will immediately want to speak your mother tongue.

Travel in a Hispanic country Your challenge: learning Spanish in total immersion in Costa Rica #puravida

The best way to immerse yourself completely in the language of the country is to leave alone. If you travel for a short period of time, the progress will be less meaningful than if you stay in the country for a long time. Yet, by immersing yourself completely in the language, you will soon feel more at ease.

If you are new to Spanish, we advise you to plan for a few months with a Spanish course on site. This will enable you to know the basics of the language. In the evening, listen exclusively to Spanish TV or radio broadcasts. And go out with Spaniards, to meet other Spaniards, etc.

Flee the Englishmen at all costs! Your goal: to be able to think, to dream in Spanish to become bilingual Spanish. By following our advice, you should get there in a few months.

This is the best method to learn to speak Spanish and then in theory all this is free and fast.

Learn Spanish easily:

  • Learn to speak Spanish with native speakers, native speakers,
  • Take free conversation classes to learn Spanish quickly,
  • Practice at the same time on pronunciation, the Spanish vocabulary,
  • Enjoy free Spanish lessons at every street corner to get to know better how to learn Spanish,
  • The Hispanic language in immersion is better than online Spanish courses. You practice directly with your own words.

Internet and other specialized textbooks to help you learn Spanish

Although to learn Spanish online is mainly a method used by people who want to learn Spanish on their own, it is also suitable for those who take classes and who wish to train alone, as a complement. With podcasts and language courses in Spanish language for example.

Use books to study Spanish

To learn Spanish quickly, there is also a great selection of books and tons of resources on the internet.

For books to learn Spanish, if you have children or know relatives with children, you can very well use their books and lessons. Of course, as their apprenticeship is expected to last for many years, you will progress slowly (but surely).

Internet: the Eldorado of Spanish-speaking apprentices

Let’s talk about the internet precisely. What is good with the web is that you easily find a wide range of tools and methods that will help you learn Spanish for free.

For example, by visiting YouTube, you will discover many Spanish videos or Spanish films that will allow you to perfect yourself on a daily basis. There are also podcasts if you wish to listen to people speak Spanish.

Downloaded specialized apps for you phone Dozens of apps that specialize in learning Spanish are waiting for you on iTunes or Google Play.

You will quickly realize that the Internet has a huge choice of apps to learn Spanish for free. We will not quote any, but given the many commercials shown on television, you will have no trouble finding the one that suits you. Free or paid, it’s up to you to see according to your motivation.

If you want our opinion, we recommend that you choose a paid online learning method.

Why ? To motivate you. And because the tools are usually better.

Take the example of a subscription card to a sports club. If you pay a monthly subscription card, you will feel guilty for missing a session. Not because it’s better for you, but because you’re paying for nothing. It’s the same for apps. By choosing a paid app (with subscription or not) you will be more motivated to continue. With a free app, you will be less regular, which inevitably will result in stopping your learning eventually.

Exchange with Spaniards

Just as you could make your way to a Spanish country, talking with Spaniards is a great way to improve your Spanish.

Indeed, rather than using a screen and/or headphones to listen to and imitate people speaking the Spanish language, why not meet Spanish speakers directly? Obviously, it’s easier in Spain or in a Hispanic country. But you can also easily meet Mexicans in America. It would actually be quite hard not to meet them.

If you want to do it old-style you can even try to find a Spanish correspondent. The latter will also be interested in exchanging ideas in English. It’s give-and-take. At first you can chat very well by mail or messenger. Then, when you feel more comfortable, go for Skype or the phone.

In addition to correspond with Spaniards at a distance, find out about the events dedicated to Spanish culture. If you live in a big city, there must be regular visits. This can be the opportunity to meet many Spanish speakers. Try out couchsufing and have some spaniards come live in your living room for some time.

Finally, you can also go to the dating sites. Dating site or friendly dating sites: it is up to you to see according to your desires. In both cases, the willingness to learn more about the language can be an input in original matter.

Take pleasure in discovering the Spanish language first and foremost

It is a certain, we learn faster by having fun!

So, if you want to get bored and waste time, open a book and learn by heart. You will see that you will remember only half of the information (and even that seems a lot…).

Keep a positive attitude to learning The sincere and warm pleasure of being able to speak Spanish.

To promote an excellent memorization of information, it is better to find a way to make learning as fun as possible. So, rather than potash long hours over a small period of time, prefer a short learning (10-15min per day maximum) over a long period. Rather than learn 100 words of vocabulary a day, prefer to learn a dozen. It will be much more effective.

In doing so, you will be able to consolidate your bases and climb the ladder one step after the other. Indeed, by taking the time to learn a language, you stop as long as necessary on a difficult part in order to be assured of having assimilated it well.

Try listening to more and more Spanish music, to read Spanish books and to watch Spanish movies. Choose songs, books or movies easy at first. Works for children for example. Then, as you progress, turn to more and more difficult works.

Thus, in addition to learning Spanish, you will become master on contemporary Spanish culture.

And yes to learn Spanish is easier than to learn Russian, to learn Portuguese, or to learn English.

The Spanish language is easy for beginners who want to quickly progress.

This will allow you to progress quickly in Spanish and acquire the basics: and be able to master Spanish numbers, Spanish grammar, Spanish vocabulary to become much more than just a beginner in Spanish.

On-line, you can find free Spanish lessons and free classes to progress and get by quickly in Spanish.

Obviously, it is not prohibited to use several methods at the same time. For example, you can go to Spain, take a few books with you, take classes and exchange with Spaniards on the spot. By doing this, you will progress at dazzling speed.

But before you go, do not forget to have fun! Take the time to ask yourself how to get the most out of your Spanish language learning. This, in our view, is the first step.

You need to know: whatever method is used, learning a language is no small matter. Only regular exercises can help you progress quickly in Spanish.

And yes, the idea being to progress in the Hispanic language and especially to be able to get by in Spanish, to be able to withhold a conversation. In the end, it means that you have to know at least Spanish phrases and vocabulary to be able to align two words. So go get your dose of Spanish grammar and a translator and/or dictionary.

With these ingredients and our advice, you will progress quickly in Spanish and you will have in hand the method to learn Spanish easily.

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