“Ignorance is the mother of all evils” (Francois Rabelais)

This adage proves that learning how to speak a foreign language is always a good idea. Are you captivated by Iberian or South American culture? Enchanted by the way the language of Cervantes rings? Do you want to become bilingual in English and Spanish?

Whether you are an absolute beginner, know some basic Spanish, or are at a more intermediate level, learning Spanish takes motivation, practice and effort.

To help you learn a new language, different tools are at your disposal on the Internet: specialist websites, conversation forums, chats, private lessons via Skype…

But among all these resources, one stands out: you can also learn Spanish for free on Youtube.

Since its creation in 2005 and after being purchased by Google in 2006, many interesting videos have been uploaded to allow you to quickly improve your Spanish skills for free.

But improvement is one thing, but is it possible to learn Spanish from scratch by video? Some questions to keep in mind as you explore language learning online are:

  • How to learn Spanish on YouTube?
  • How to avoid picking up bad habits?
  • How to surpass your level?
  • How to diagnose errors in pronunciation, grammar, spelling and tenses?

In this article, Superprof – a leader in online and face-to-face education (Spanish language included) – presents all you need to know for improving your Spanish and learning a new language for free.

Can Spanish YouTubers Help you to Learn Spanish?

There are some important things that you need to know to improve your Spanish skills, one of which is factoring in the cost to make sure it fits your budget. The main advantage of Spanish lessons on YouTube is obviously the free cost: unlimited Spanish learning videos are available via streaming.

Because they are unlimited, videos allow you to learn Spanish online at your own personal rhythm: when you wake up, as a passenger in the car, while you eat lunch or exercise, or at night before going to sleep.

The web 2.0 format of videos allows you to recreate the conditions of a real classroom: the computer replaces the home Spanish tutor. But this is a much more fun way of taking a Spanish test or quizzes and practising those Spanish verbs and adjectives!

Listening to videos works on your audiovisual memory – thanks to subtitles – and pronunciation – by repetition of the phrases that you hear. It’s an ideal way to improve comprehension and spoken Spanish. And it complements other methods of learning the Spanish language, such as flashcards.

Thanks to YouTube videos of free Spanish classes, the available resources are numerous. You can:

  • Find free Spanish lessons and exercises,
  • Benefit from Spanish tutorials (made by Spanish language teachers, native Spanish speakers and Spanish enthusiasts),
  • Learn the language of Cervantes while having fun: no more mind-numbing lessons of Spanish vocabulary and Spanish grammar,
  • Learn numbers in Spanish with fun videos.
Videos offer a different way of learning Spanish
Take the Spanish out of the classroom and onto YouTube!

Learn Spanish on YouTube

Teaching yourself Spanish is a very difficult undertaking. Difficult, certainly, but not impossible. You can be your own Spanish teacher! Just like learning Spanish through podcasts, watching videos can make the challenge of learning Spanish easier.

As a beginner, the Spanish speaker listens and learns to speak Spanish by imitation, by reproducing the Spanish words and phrases he or she hears.

That’s why an online Spanish course is a fabulous means of linguistic immersion at home. These free Spanish lessons are perfect, whether you are getting ready for a trip to Spain or a Latin American country, or preparing for an exam, etc… However, the interaction that characterizes the home Spanish lesson can’t be substituted.

Private tutoring and foreign language training take place in many homes around the world. But this necessitates a certain budget, which not everyone can afford. So subscribing to a YouTube channel to learn online Spanish for free seems like an excellent alternative!

There are plenty of good tips to learn Spanish quickly, and one of them is definitely taking private classes with a Spanish tutor near to you that you can find on websites such as Superprof. However, there is no reason why YouTube videos can't support this learning by offering something different.

What Are the Best Spanish Channels on YouTube?

The choice of Spanish online videos seems almost infinite: with over one billion internet users that access YouTube every day – and who also post videos – it is impossible to quantify the number.

But nonetheless here are a few that will allow even absolute beginners to learn how to speak Spanish:

Learn Beginner Spanish


This first video groups 300 simple Spanish works and phrases in 30 minutes of free video: the words are spoken twice, allowing viewers enough time to repeat and check their own pronunciation.




This pages provides a wide assortment of short videos, for a range of different levels, from children all the way through to adults. You can even choose your video in terms of themes, such as business or medicine, for example. There are interesting features to facilitate language learning, such as a Spanish themes games page to make learning fun. You can also join a members' page to interact and share your progress.

What's more, there's even a section for Spanish educators so you can find material to use yourself in the classroom for your Spanish lessons.

Maria Español

In this channel, Maria Español offers you videos of group classes that Maria used to teach, on Spanish grammar, vocabulary, expressions, advice, etc.


This channel has an interesting concept. WhyNotSpanish will accompany you along the journey of an absolute beginner Spanish speaker, Cody, who has been trying for years to learn the language with little success.

It aims to make you a more confident Spanish speaker with free videos that cover a range of topics, including grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, tips and cultural aspects. As opposed to a traditional classroom experience, these topics are approached with the real world use of the Spanish language. The video series is organised progressively from Zero to Fluency levels, which you’ll get to by quizzes.

Learn Intermediate Spanish


Led by Maria, videos on this channel last about 45 minutes. They picture images and play dialogues followed by questions, which viewers answer.



Learn Spanish with Paulino

Paulino offers a range of videos for different levels, to help viewers with reading comprehension, pronunciation and discussion. Each video lasts for about 1 hour.

Professor Jason

Videos by Professor Jason on this channel last between 20 and 40 minutes, and address a range of topics in grammar (verbs, tenses, etc) and conversation (asking and answering questions, etc.). Jason goes into detail in his lessons, encouraging a more advanced understanding of the Spanish language. 


ProSpanish teaches you how to put the different parts of the language together to communicate in everyday Spanish situations. The focus is on structures which can be manipulated and used in multiple contexts, as opposed to vocabulary themes which are of limited use. Their approach has proved effective because it avoids abstract grammar explanations and employs a variety of techniques. There are 6 levels for students.

Sleep Learning

This is a very unique channel that proposes to teach Spanish while you sleep! You listen as you are falling asleep and leave it on while you sleep. The video lasts for three hours and plays multiple dialogues of typical everyday Spanish conversation, so that you identify Spanish words used in conversation. It uses three binaural beats to enhance learning ability, initiate sleep learning, and improve memory.

Tu Escuela de Español

On the Tu Escuela de Español channel for learning Spanish, there are presentations on grammar rules, themed vocabulary lists on themes (names, family, nature, etc.), and phonetics videos. There are also videos on Spanish culture and traditions. Videos are offered from beginner to advanced levels.

Videos for All Levels in Spanish

It’s very easy to find good videos on YouTube to study Spanish, for every learner level. You just need to type “learn Spanishin the search box to get an impressive list of videos of Spanish courses, perfect for learning to express yourself in Spanish. Becoming fluent in Spanish is not a process that will happen overnight, but videos on YouTube can make it progress at a faster rate.

Learning Spanish online is becoming increasingly popular
Work on your Spanish accent with YouTube videos!

Of course, we tested this ourselves to write this article. In one second, we found thousands of results for all levels. From there, a few interesting Spanish courses stood out at the top of the list. For example, YouTube proposes the interesting channel: “¡Aprende español con Saby!

This channel comprises dozens of videos targeting beginners. It’s ideal for picking up the basics that allow you to learn the language easily and comfortably.

Structured in 26 lessons , each a maximum of 12 minutes, these videos explore vocabulary words, verbs and grammar rules. While it’s just an initiation, it’s already a good start to learn Spanish with YouTube!

Other videos allow you to perfect your level, enrich your vocabulary or complete your knowledge. For example there are videos for learning the essentials for introducing oneself or asking for useful information in daily life situations.

YouTube videos are great because you can hear the words pronounced by a native speaker in many cases. This gives you a true picture of Spanish vocabulary that you won’t get in your Spanish class textbook. Instead of learning conjugation on paper, listen to how correct verb usage sounds with your own ears!

To boost your training, you just have to target your research. Don’t just type in “learn Spanish” if you are an intermediate or more advanced Spanish speaker.

Narrow your search by typing phrases such as “speak Spanish fluently,” “Spanish conversation” or “Spanish vocabulary.” Then, select from the list of suggestions proposed by YouTube.

Learning professional Spanish to prepare for a job interview, for instance, is also possible, as well as learning Spanish phrases to to travel to a Hispanic country.

Remember, your goals will define how you learn the language. If you want to learn conversational Spanish, then you should focus on learning methods that are geared for this. These will often be less focused on the intricacies of the grammar rules, and more focused on talking and getting the correct pronunciation.

Organise Yourself to Learn Spanish as Efficiently as Possible

Before diving into Spanish training via YouTube, we recommend that readers to set up a revision calendar.

Keep a positive attitude to learning
To learn Spanish, you must be organised.

For example, try to practise your Spanish for 20 minutes each day, with regularity and determination. Once you’ve mastered one concept, you can move on to the next lesson. This way you’ll get the most out of your free lessons.

Learning Spanish for free and on YouTube might be part of a long process: don’t rush or skip steps, you risk not memorising all of the necessary information.

It’s like when you are revising your college midterms: it’s better to read a little every evening rather than cramming the entire lesson the night before the exam.

Choose the Right Videos According to your Level

YouTube is not only good for Spanish class videos. It’s an excellent method for its capacity to put in to practise language comprehension and the more conversational aspects of language learning.

In the classroom, your Spanish teacher probably makes you listen to recordings of audio conversions or videos… Audio memorisation is essential in all types of training and that is what YouTube is all about!

So instead of having to listen to boring discussions to improve your Spanish why not choose interesting videos, or even podcasts?

Cartoons in Spanish: Ideal for Refreshing the Basics

We also recommend watching videos for children learning Spanish. For this, just type “Spanish cartoon” into the search box. Like above, thousands of results will appear.

Cartoons allow you to take time to assimilate the most basic of notions. Of course, these videos are made especially for children learning how to speak Spanish.

Learning Spanish comes in many different forms
Practise your Spanish with cartoons!

Thanks to these cartoons, all users will learn the basics of the Spanish language quickly and efficiently (numbers, colors, basic vocabulary…).

Look for actual Spanish cartoons instead of translated English ones. In Spanish, “cartoon” is “dibujos animados.” This way you’ll be able to find the ones that Spanish-speaking children love.

It’s an ideal solution to improve your language skills while having fun.

Improving your Spanish on YouTube with Music

When you start to understand the Spanish cartoons well, go to the next level. When you feel ready (or bored of cartoons), why not look for Spanish songs.

For fans of Spanish singers, this is easy. You just have to listen attentively to their songs to understand the words.

Sometimes, videos are coded to have the English translation, or the subtitles in Spanish to allow you to read the Spanish to better understand the meaning of the lyrics.

No one comes to mind? Well here are a few suggestions:

  • Julio Iglesias and his son Enrique Iglesias,
  • Shakira,
  • Alejandro Sanz,
  • David Bisbal,
  • Pablo Alboran,
  • Melendi,
  • Dani Martín,
  • Aventura or Romeo Santos,
  • Manu Chao (he’s French but often sings in Spanish),
  • Ska-P,
  • Compay Segundo and Buena Vista Social Club (famous Cuban musicians),
  • Gotan Project (a French group playing Argentinian electro-tango),
  • Songs in Cumbia, a Colombian style of reference,
  • David Bustamente.

This list is obviously not exhaustive.

The thing about music is that it can make us a bit obsessed. We are never quite happy to listen to a song only once. So don’t hesitate to over use the “repeat” button to memorise the lyrics!

Watching Films and Shows in Spanish on YouTube

After music, increase the difficulty level of your online videos even more: revise your Spanish through Spanish films and series.

Learning Spanish by watching Spanish films is a method that most will prefer in relation to revising for boring Spanish classes! Film are interactive, and the listener will get the impression of having fun while his or her brain is working.

The difficult aspect is trying to understand the maximum amount of information while watching. But there is no need to understand every single word, the aim is to be able to get the gist of the scenario and explain the film synopsis to someone who hasn’t seen it.

Almodóvar is a big name in Spanish cinema
Watch some good Spanish films to help you learn the language!

So it’s best to begin with some short films or TV series of about 20 minutes. This way you won’t need to concentrate for too long. What about Narcos, the televised series produced by Netflix that has enjoyed amazing global success since its debut in 2016?

If you don’t know already, it’s a series that retraces the history of narcotics traffic in Colombia between 1980 to 1990, and notably the life of Pablo Escobar, the civil war led by the Colombian government, the United States – the FBI, DEA, and CIA – and right wing military groups against drug cartels trafficking cocaine (the Medellin cartel and the Cali cartel).

It’s a more than ideal series for learning because it is aired in Spanish (no dubbing), while the voice off – the part with the historic recounting of events – is in English.

Also, you can simultaneously improve your pronunciation – for instance by repeating the actors’ replies – and learn about the economic, social and political history of Colombia. Remember that this is a TV series that has been produced for entertainment, and therefore don't assume that everything that you see is true, or that Colombia is like the show portrays today!

Clips of the series are of course available for free on YouTube. Longer clips and programs will offer a challenge to those with a higher level. For example, try to find you favorite films in Spanish.

The choice is immense on YouTube. The quality is not always wonderful, but it’s easy to find film extracts, and even entire films.

Work on your Spanish during YouTube Videos

Have you made serious progress in Spanish? Mastered vocabulary, grammar and some idiomatic expressions?

YouTube offers a huge number of resources for learning Spanish
Learn Spanish on YouTube!

Thanks to YouTube, you can also listen to the televised news in Spanish on a theme of your choice, such as Andalusia for example! Why not explore the far reaches of YouTube to find new topics in science, politics, economy, documentaries, etc…

Here, vocabulary will be a bit more complex than that used in cartoons, music or films. So you’ll be able to use all the words you’ve learned to understand what journalists are saying. Or listen to a streaming news channel to train your Spanish.

You might not understand everything. But no bother, the important thing is to recognize the words and understand the gist of the report. Why not write down on paper the issue of the report to test yourself?

Mission accomplished? Well done! This is a first step in the process of your goal: becoming bilingual in Spanish!

Extra Tricks for Improving your Spanish

Before completing this article, we wanted to provide our readers with some extra tricks for learning Spanish for free on YouTube.

Read the Comments

Ok, we know, the comments under the videos are not always relevant. Between the people who live to criticise and insult (aka trolls), and those are obsessed with chatting, it can be difficult to improve your Spanish!

Still, this could be an excellent exercise to learn to read and write in Spanish. As you know, in books, you’ll find perfect, corrected and well written Spanish. But on the internet, people let themselves go, they don’t check their spelling, and make many mistakes.

So why not correct the mistakes yourself! For fun, try to identify the least correct comments and try to correct their Spanish. Or amuse yourself by even responding to them in Spanish!

Use the Subtitle Function

Now, it is possible to add subtitles to certain videos. This is always a good way to revise your Spanish. Just click on the menu under the video.

Narcos is a TV programme set in Colombia in the 1980s
To improve your Spanish, why not watch Narcos?

Now that you know it’s possible to learn Spanish quickly on YouTube, there’s just one thing left to do: turn on your computer and aprender a hablar español!

Still, YouTube might not be quite as good a method as a private Spanish lesson. Video is usually just a supplemental resource, as it lacks a mechanism to correct student’s errors in grammar, etc. A private Spanish teacher is able to guide his or her students, to serve as a sort of personal trainer, while YouTube videos don’t offer as personalised an experience.

Videos serve as a resource for your classes, allowing you to progress at your rhythm, comfortably at home. The most important thing is to have fun. And YouTube is ideal for this.

When I want to practice my Spanish, I just head to Superprof and look for Spanish Courses London. You could do the same!

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