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Why Learn German Using Podcasts? Radio Shows make German Courses Fun

By Daniela, published on 16/08/2017 Blog > Languages > German > Top 6 Best Podcasts for Learning German

We all know that learning a language, like German is never an easy ride! The pronunciation in German doesn’t come easily to all of us.

But don’t worry, as nowadays there are so many ways to improve your understanding of the German language online, for example by getting a German tutor or by subscribing to Rosetta Stone.

On the other hand, you should still always be looking for different ways of engaging with the German language, and listening to podcasts is a great technique! 

The benefits of listening to German podcasts to improve your level in the language:

  • They’re expressive: by listening to podcasts on a regular basis, you’ll get used to the real German pronunciation, whilst improving your listening and comprehension of the language a great deal. 
  • They’re transportable: you can listen to a German podcast anywhere and everywhere! All you need is an internet connection and your Smart Phone!
  • Most of them are free: we can all agree we saved the best benefit until last! Listening to a German podcast on YouTube or on the BBC is absolutely free, all you need is an internet connection. There is no need to subscribe or to commit yourself to a costly price every month.

German Lessons with Slow German

Slow German is a great way to enhance your level in German, whether you’re an advanced or an intermediate learner. Each episode is hosted by a German native journalist, Annik, who lives in Southern Germany. 


Slow German is great if you're looking to improve your listening skills Looking to improve your level in German? Watch Slow German’s podcasts to improve your understanding of the language (Source: www.slowgerman.com)

These podcasts help towards situations you may find yourself in Germany. For example, on how to order in a restaurant or to ask where the toilet is in German.

For intermediate learners, each lesson is held entirely in German at a slow and easy pace. This will give you the opportunity to get to used to hearing German. A transcript for each lesson is also provided.

Learn with German LingQ

Have you ever sat in a coffee shop trying to eavesdrop on what the people around you are saying? Yes? No? Well, we’ve all done it! It must be frustrating to not understand what they’re saying if they’re talking German but don’t worry, that won’t be for long!

Watch German Lingq to learn how to properly speak German! German Lingq have great podcasts to prepare yourself for trip to Germany

With German Lingq, you can listen to native German speakers talking about common topics, such as, spending the day at the beach or the zoo, or going to a restaurant. Their podcasts are specifically designed for beginners and intermediates, so you won’t feel left behind.

Learn German Survival Phrases

Survival Phrases German offer an excellent podcast series packed with all the essential travel phrases that you’ll use in Germany. They offer extremely dynamic and educational podcasts that aim to give you all the essential knowledge for your travels in Germany, allowing you to enjoy yourself a lot more!


Learning German is now becoming easier! Watch their podcasts to make learning German easy! (Source: Survival Phrases German)

The podcasts are held in a variety of languages, so wherever you may be across the globe, you can watch these podcasts to learn German online fast! Not only will you learn essential phrases for your time in Germany, but these podcasts will also give you an insight into the German culture, as wherever you travel to, you’ll always face some culture clashes.

How does it work?

Survival Phrases German only hire qualified German teachers to carry out the podcasts, they have either grown up in Germany or have experienced Germany, for example, maybe they completed a Year Abroad there. The podcasts not only cover essential phrases in German, but they also cover a lot of vital information that text books forget to add in.

After you have watched each podcast, you can ask questions regarding the German phrases or any queries you may have. Your questions will then be answered in the following podcasts!

Discover German learning websites online here.

Learn German by Podcast

Are you a beginner looking to learn German fast? Learn German by podcast offer beginners the basic understanding of the German language. The podcasts are native German speakers who act out a scene. With each podcast, you’ll get the full transcript of the podcast, the vocabulary list and new exercises to try! 

Learn German fast with podcasts Learning German is becoming easier with the help of Learn German By Podcast!

Unfortunately, these podcasts come at a price. You can opt to choose to listen to the samples to gauge whether or not these podcasts are for you. However, all good things do come at a price, so let’s make this one worth it!

Learn How to Speak german with German Pod 101

German Pod 101 tailor to your German needs! Whether you’re a beginner starting from scratch or are an intermediate German speaker, you can watch podcasts according to your level.

Learn German fast with the help from podcasts Check out these podcasts to have an insight into real German phrases (Source: German Pod 101)

Throw away your boring old German text books and grammar exercises, German Pod 101 are here to help. You can learn German easily with the help of fun and interesting podcasts! These podcasts are also related to the German culture. They are cool and effective. You’ll notice your level in German will quickly improve.

And the best part? These podcasts are free!  

How to Learn German with Coffee Break German

Coffee Break German offers a series of podcasts tailored to those who are looking to learn German from scratch, as well as those who just want to enhance their level in the language. Each podcast features German native speakers, Thomas and Mark. Every podcast lasts around 30 minutes, you will be jam-packed with a lot of new vocabulary and detailed explanations.


Learn German fast with Coffee Break German Jam packed with many interesting and fun podcasts, Coffee Break German will assist you with becoming a pro at German! (Source: Coffee Break German)

Each podcast will help you prepare for a trip to Germany, for example, “How to check into a hotel politely in German.

Learn German London.

Learning German with Radio D

Radio D features Paula and Phillipp who are journalists who travel around Germany. These podcasts are nothing like the others, they are fun and mysterious. The podcasts have a lot of humouristic elements and are extremely interactive. Not only will you have fun, but you’ll also improve your level in German.

Learning German is becoming easier with the help from German podcasts Looking to learn German the fun way? Check out these free podcasts on iTunes! (Source: Radio D)

These podcasts are available for download on iTunes and don’t have a direct website. So, download these podcasts onto your smart phone or tablet and get started with improving your level in German fast! Discover other German learning apps, here.

If you’re stuck and don’t understand some of the podcasts, an English speaking host is available for help!

Learn German fast with podcasts! Learn German with these free podcasts! (Source: Radio D)


Throughout this article we have seen that listening to German podcasts is the perfect way to improve your level in the language, you can have fun in an interactive way. You can pause the podcast when you feel like it and pick up from where you left off later on.

Listening to podcasts featuring German native speakers give you an insight into what to expect when you visit Germany. 

Learn German fast with podcasts German is by far one of the most difficult languages out there, but with the help with watching podcasts, you’ll be able to improve your level in no time! Source Via Visual Hunt

You can listen to these anywhere and everywhere, there is no pressure and you can learn German at your own pace, with no homework! 

It’s now time to devote yourself to making learning German a hobby and not a chore! Discover the best translation tools for learning German.

Why not take German lessons with a private tutor to help you progress faster?


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