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Austrian native speaker, International Development Student offers up German lessons in Leeds

I base my classes on the students/learners that attend. I want to know where they stand before they took on the class. As a determined individual, I expect learners to come with the same attitude as well. In the case of teaching German, I want to induce students into a certain scenario (e.g. a conversation) to better understand the lessons I teach afterwards.

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Young professional offering lessons in all things German language related in Leeds.

My teaching method is to be based on informative useful content that one would need when visiting Germany and or to fulfil school assignments to its best quality.

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Native speaker from Germany studying at Leeds Beckett University offering private tutoring.

My lessons are based on the students current needs (homework, upcoming tests etc. ) and I’ll try my best to build up their confidence.

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Native German tutor can Teach you German Speech and Writing up till C2

I just recently became German (initially I was only Czech). Acquiring a new language is not foreign to me as I had to go through the process as well, hence I will be able to help you make connections with your native language and comprehend/learn German more easily.

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German tutor for A level or below, University student in Leeds and surrounding areas, can travel

A love for German and an A* at A Level make me a compassionate tutor. I have tutored students through GCSE German for a variety of grade aims, although my students often exceed their own targets and expectations. I focus on practice, through past papers and examples, and through encouraging a proper understanding to minimise the amount of remembering information needed.

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German & French lessons from tutor with 1st Class Degree in Leeds

Hello all :) I recently graduated from Leeds with a First Class degree in German and French. Having already tutored online and face to face, and taught in Germany, I know how to tailor my teaching to different levels and needs. I can tutor beginners up to undergraduates. I love seeing people learn and improve.

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Native German is offering help in learning, talking and practicing German.

Depending on the level of knowledge I base my classes mostly around my students. Some might prefer open conversations whilst others are more comfortable reading and working with books. I will adapt to your preferences and needs and give support as best as I can.

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University Student in BA German and International Business with 8 years language experience and previous tutoring experience giving German lessons online or in person in Leeds

Always wanted to learn a new language? Fancy a challenge? Want some extra help before exams, writing assessments or some speaking practice? I'm a university student who loves all things German and has tutored students in the past.

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Leeds College of Music Student and Native Speaker Offering Lessons in German in Leeds

Hello folks, I am Hagen and I was born in Hamm, Germany 18 years ago. After finishing my General University Entrance Qualification at the age of 16 as the second best student of my year I decided to move to the UK to fulfill my dream, to study music. I started a pop music degree for guitar at ICMP in London, but then transferred to Leeds College of Music to swap from pop to jazz.

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German-Speaking Uni Student, who lived in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for the past few years, offering German lessons in Leeds!

I love exciting lessons, allowing everyone to speak and practice as much as possible! Without making mistakes speaking, I wouldn't have learned the language. Lessons would include all skills required in language learning, eg. speaking, reading, writing, listening and understanding.

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Hyde Park

Svetlana - Hyde Park - German

- Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach German, Computing and Maths. - Tell me about your qualifications. I have completed my qualification at the Pedagogical University for the Teaching of German, and I have a BSc in Computer Science. I am also very good at Mathematics. - How much do you charge? My prices are as follows: German - 14 pounds; Computing - 12 pounds; Maths - 10 pounds.

Hyde Park

Grace - Hyde Park - German

- Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach German from beginners to A-level. My main emphasis is on becoming confident in speaking German. For Flute and Piano I teach beginners only. - How much do you charge? German - £20 an hour; Flute and Piano - £16. - Where do you teach? I am a student in Leeds and would be happy to travel within the city if the public transport allows.

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Caroline - Wakefield - German

Hi, I am Caroline and I am a fully qualified and experienced languages teacher and tutor. I cater for all levels in French, Spanish, German, Italian and Japanese.

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Estudiante de Trabajo Social, con Bachillerato Internacional suizo; experiencia previa con niños de todas las edades y conocimientos básicos en todos los ámbitos (experiencia superior con idiomas).

Me baso en estructura didáctica del propio colegio, intento seguir las pautas establecidas; aun que si veo que puedo facilitarle información o ayudarle a pensar él mismo para sacar propias conclusiones; bastante libre en la metodología.

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Native German gives German lessons to secondary school pupils, students or anyone interested in the language in Bradford (or Leeds)

I am a Psychology student from Germany currently studying in Bradford. I would like to offer German lessons and tutoring to secondary school pupils, university students and to anyone else who might be interested! I am very flexible time-wise and will build my lessons around your specific needs. This could include help with coursework, exam preparation or simply conversational practice.

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German teacher wants to share his passion with you: having interesting conversations, and improving your language skills.

What my lessons will look like does highly depend on your expectations and aims. I have a lot of material for practice in speaking, listening, writing, and reading. Most of them are authentic materials which means they are not artificial but are really used that way in German-speaking countries. Do not be afraid of that.

Nina andrea
1st lesson offered free !

Experienced, qualified language teacher and native German speaker teaching all levels at my home, your home or online

I'm a German native speaker and language enthusiast who has moved to the UK over a decade ago. Currently I'm studying Italian which is a lot of fun, but also a great reminder of the challenges language learners can face when trying their hands at a new language. I have a very flexible approach towards language learning and teaching and will adapt my approach to the needs of each individual tutee.


German Tutor/ Classes Harrogate, Yorkshire, Knaresborough, Ripon - Aimee Berriman

Thanks for visiting my profile. I can help you improve your German skills, whichever area you want to focus on. Please contact me for more info. I'm enthusiastic, hardworking, approachable and can be flexible with your requirements. - Which subject(s) do you teach? German - Tell me about your qualifications.

Central Barnsley
(7 reviews)

Carl - Central Barnsley - German

Lingua Genesis Ltd You can learn a language with the help of a tutor who will simplify the whole process of language learning in working with you and encourage you to learn by means of adopting varied approaches - regardless of your age. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Welcome to Lingua Genesis Ltd.

1st lesson offered free !

University student able to help a German learner whilst making it fun.

As a German student myself I understand that learning the language can be tedious and so I make sure that the learning is done in a number of different ways to keep things fresh. With my current status as a student I am able to give more relatable than many older tutors because I understand how difficult it is to balance education with other aspects of life and so I can give advice on such issues.

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Your German Language Courses in Leeds

Learning a language cannot happen as quickly as snapping your fingers, even if where there is a will there is a way. Learning German with the quickest methods would require total language immersion, concentrated courses and incredible motivation.

To speak French or to learn German requires long-term work and self-dedication. While there are a few more commonly popular languages to learn such as French, Italian and Spanish, this doesn't mean that German language courses don't also have a very important purpose. German is one of the most commonly spoken languages in Europe and knowing the language proves to be a significant asset when looking for work. Plus, there are many countries and areas around the world speaking German that one might want to visit and do a language stay in one day.

From beginners to advanced learners, there are several ways to improve your language level and skills:


  • a classical language course in a language school (to learn tourist-friendly Italian, for example), usually taken in the form of group lessons, or evening classes with private tutors 
  • a language stay in a host family where the learner visits during vacation periods from their schooling, in the homes of people who are native German speakers 
  • by traveling abroad in another setting (an entire school year in Germany, teaching English as a foreign language, language travel, repeated language courses, language exchange...) to progress quickly and consolidate one's written comprehension 
  • intensive courses or an intensive exam preparation course 
  • conversation classes to refine your listening, comprehension and speaking skills 
  • individual courses with a native speaker in order to progress to the next level within a language center 
  • small group summer courses with an intensive format 
  • customized training via Skype (video conferencing) to help you reach bilingual language levels 
  • second-language lessons with conversations on the phone 
  • e-learning to learn German through online courses 
  • foreign language correspondence courses (distance courses) with an emphasis on grammar 
  • or, best of all, in-home tutoring with a private teacher, an ideal method to advance quickly and efficiently on your way to becoming bilingual

The Importance of Learning German in Leeds

Throughout the twentieth century, the UK has been increasing its emphasis on learning a foreign language in schools and post-graduation. And for good reason... according to a survey published by the European Commission, the British are the worst language learners in Europe!

62% of people surveyed can't speak another language apart from English, making only 38% able to speak a second language. This is compared to the European Union average of 56% who are able to speak a foreign language.

However, learning and knowing a second language is important for so many reasons! Such as:


  • Improving your cognitive skills: people who speak more than one language have improved memory, concentration, critical-thinking skills, problem-solving and multitasking abilities. To top it off, being bilingual can help stave off mental aging and cognitive decline as one ages. 
  • Connecting to others by speaking their own native language while travelling. Understanding other cultures and people can widen your horizons and perspectives. Making connections in your language courses and travels can build friendships for years to come. 
  • Advancing your career: language skills can be a competitive advantage during a job search. They are among the top 8 skills required by all occupations, no matter your sector or skill level. 
  • Improve your native language skills: learning a second language can even improve communication skills and multiply vocabulary in your first language!
  • Learn even more languages: research shows that once you have begun the journey to learning a second language, all language learning becomes easier, especially as a child. 
  • Boost your confidence: learning a new language can sometimes be a daunting task, but the act of trying and making mistakes and then succeeding goes a long way towards building confidence! Moving out of your comfort zone and seeing the progress you are making gives an amazing sense of accomplishment.

While this is not an exhaustive list, another important reason to learn a second language is it can help you with your future! According to the British Council's 2013 Languages for the Future report, which looks at which languages the UK needs most according to a variety of factors (economic, geopolitical, cultural and educational), a few languages top the list of being important to speak in the future, German being one of them!

At the top of the list of importance according to the report, Spanish, Mandarin, French, Arabic and German are significantly ahead of the next five languages, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese and Russian. Getting a head start on skills you might need in the future, while having fun and feeling accomplished sounds like a pretty good idea!

Find your German Language Learning Classes in Leeds!

Leeds is a happening city and a great location to learn your second language with German classes. Some have called Leeds the cultural, financial and commercial heart of the West Yorkshire Urban Area. It houses 4 excellent universities and has the fourth largest student population in the country, let alone the countries fourth largest urban economy.

It is diverse, active, cultured and offered many different opportunities for language learning! There are language schools, associations, university groups, conversation clubs and here are just a few of the options:


  • Cactus Group German Courses: 10 week German courses held at their centrally located school. Taught by a native or bilingual speaker with classroom activities designed to keep you engaged and motivated throughout the course.
  • Leeds Beckett University: Part-time high-quality language courses offered in Arabic, Mandarin, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish for about £375.
  • Leeds Language Academy: Their goal is to "make education accessible to individuals of different cultures and backgrounds so they may achieve high levels of academic success and attain their personal and professional goals". They offer courses in English, Teacher Training, IELTS Prep, Exam Prep, Online Courses and even Female Only Classes.

Superprof German Classes in Leeds

Whether you are an intermediate German speaker or otherwise, nothing beats in-home tutoring in Leeds as the best method to learn and advance in the Goethe language.

Memorization, idiomatic expressions, oral fluency, grammar exercises: if you want to find quality language teaching and a linguistic immersion with rapid progression, look no further than our tutors on Superprof.

Learning a foreign language is very different from simply getting tutoring help with homework from a private teacher. Each language course is a complete lesson in its own right, with total immersion in the language of your choice.

If this is a very effective method for the tudesque language, we could say the same even for learning the English language, the language of Shakespeare is much more demanding than one might think.

Taking beginner German courses are a must to be able to say one day: "I am bilingual English-German speaker", and not only for the benefits it offers when looking for and applying to jobs! So, the next time you're considering taking  intensive German courses, hopefully the first option that jumps to mind will be to work with an in-home private tutor.

Your shortcomings will gradually disappear throughout your courses when combined with a stay abroad in a Germanic country or an internship/study abroad, enabling you to immerse yourself in German culture and practice pronouncing your words correctly.

The Features of the Superprof German Class in Leeds

Superprof gives you real quality for your money while also avoiding unpleasant surprises, thanks to an individualized evaluation system for our tutors.

We offer an extensive collection of verified private tutor profiles, not just for learning at a college or advanced level.

There are no added/hidden fees or commission, as you might have when working with a large private company, but instead transparency of our affordable pricing which allows you to study a new language.

Opinions and rankings by previous students, profile, diplomas (certified teacher, bilingual, native speaker, foreign students...), price, geographical area covered, possible first course/ trial course free ... So many choices and tailored options are available at your fingertips!

With dozens of German teachers available in the Leeds area, the choice is further expanded by an hourly rate range of between 10 and 25 pounds depending on the qualifications of teachers!

Are you passionate about language training in general, not just in a European setting? You could change your search to other languages as well: Arabic lessons, sign language, Russian lessons, Japanese lessons, learn Italian, Spanish courses...

On our Leeds Superprof website, other subjects are also represented as well, such as computer courses and music lessons (piano lessons or even guitar lessons for example), physics and chemistry, even boxing!

Each student will find the right fit, easily finding support for exam preparation, a beginner course for travel, or German for business for example. Extra school support and private German lessons in Leeds  are no longer reserved for a handpicked elite!