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💰 How costly is German tuition in Manchester and the surrounding areas?

In Manchester, the average cost of German courses is ₹16.


97% of our private tutors will give their first German lesson for free. This is a good occasion to discuss what you hope to gain from your private lessons.


Lesson rates will vary depending on:

  • the qualifications and amount of teaching experience of your German tutor
  • Where your lessons will be held (online or an outside location)
  • the number of lessons and the duration of each lesson
  • the goal of your classes (are you preparing for language exams? or do you want to get a German language qualification? or maybe you are just learning to speak German for fun.)

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🇩🇪 What can a German teacher help you with?

Learning to speak German has a number of benefits. The ability to communicate in another language will open up many doors to you in terms of employment. Some other advantages of learning to speak a foreign language include increased mental flexibility and improved listening skills.


On Superprof, we have a number of highly qualified German tutors available to offer private tuition.


A German tutor can help you with many things:

  • Language exams
  • Mastering the rules of German grammar
  • Practicing speaking and the correct pronounciation
  • Spelling and conjugation
  • Offering advice to help you with your course work
  • Reading and comprehension
  • Help with homework
  • Helping you to build confidence in your German skills.

You can discuss with your teacher what you hope to achieve from your private German lessons.


Working with one of our experienced teachers gives you the occasion to master the German language more quickly.


Use the search engine to find your German teacher from among 34 private teachers in Manchester.


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💻 How can I take private German classes online?

Learn to speak German online with a private tutor from Superprof. Connect with native German speakers on Superprof to improve your language skills faster.


Many of our German tutors also offer private online tuition. In fact, about 80% of the private teachers across our platform offer German classes via webcam.


To find available German tutors online, just select the webcam filter in the search engine to see the available instructors offering online courses in your desired subject.


Online courses via Skype offer you more advantages. You can plan your classes to fit around your schedule and online lessons are often less expensive as the teacher does not need to travel.


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👨‍🏫 How many German tutors are currently offering German courses in in Manchester?

In Manchester and nearby, 34 German teachers are available to teach lessons


To find a private tutor, take a look at their advert to find out more information about their course offering.


Find a private course in Manchester from more than 34 tutors teachers available.

👩‍🎓 How can I find a German teacher in my area?

On Superprof, you can browse our range of teacher profiles to find the right solution for your German lessons.


Simply enter your criteria in the search bar to see the list of available teachers offering private courses in your area.


You can check out a tutor's individual cv and choose the German tutor that suits to your needs.


Once you have found a tutor that you like the look of, you can get in touch with them via a messaging service on our platform to discuss the details of your lessons.


In Manchester and the suburban areas, 34 private German teachers are available to teach private courses.


Choose your lesson in Manchester from our range of more than 34 tutors available.

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Learn to speak German with the help of a native speaker

Your Choice of German Classes in Manchester

When economic exchanges between countries are more and more intertwined and dependent on one another, it is in our interest to be multilingual by speaking the foreign languages that matter. That's what can make the difference in a professional career!

Among the most important living languages in the world - economically and politically speaking - there is, of course, the German language, mastered by nearly 100 million natives but also by about 100 million other non-native German speakers.

And that's without counting the many Germanophiles, in Manchester and elsewhere, who have not yet taken the step of learning the German language, but who find themselves intrigued by the Germanic civilization, perhaps a group among which you belong!

From the 'second city', it is easy to travel or fly to Germany, Austria or Liechtenstein for an intensive language course at any time. Add in other areas like Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, northern Italy, Namibia and Brazil, and you can have the chance to partake in a fruitful linguistic stay in one of these areas in addition to your intensive German courses.

German classes are numerous in Manchester, and they follow several classic models including: evening classes in a language school, summer courses with exclusive private lessons, telephone lessons, group or small group classes, individual intensive lessons, conversation classes with private teachers, online courses, etc.

Of course, language training - and even more so, German training - is more effective when the learner is working on his or her oral comprehension and speaking skills, in addition to his German grammatical skills, through a personalized German lesson.

Progressing quickly from a beginner level to an intermediate level (based for example on the common European framework called "CEFR") can be as easy as "1,2,3" or "Eins, Zwei, Drei" and becoming bilingual is within the reach of everyone!

It must be remembered that learning a foreign language, even if doing so only through videoconferencing or e-learning, helps to consolidate intelligence and facilitates the learning of other languages in the future - romantic French or Italian, Spanish classes, etc.

Take your German courses in the beautiful city of Manchester

Let's leave for a few moments the appeal of learning German itself, to concentrate instead on the wonders of one of the best cities in the UK, Manchester, the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution in Britain.

Manchester officially became a city in 1853. It is the 3rd most visited city in the UK, after London and Edinburgh and is also highly ranked as a beta city in 2014 by the Globalisation and World Cities Research Network, where it is the highest ranked British city behind only London.

Manchester is well known for its beautiful architecture, sports clubs, ship port linking directly to the Irish Sea, culture, universities, and scientific and engineering advancements. With approximately 100,000 students in the city, currently attending their 4 universities, University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, the University of Salford and the University of Bolton, the region has one of the largest student populations in the UK, even in compared to the whole of Europe.

The city also boats the UK's largest city center shopping center with the Manchester Arndale. It is a great place to be a student and explore your bilingual German language aspirations!

While you're in this beautiful and historic city, why not explore some of the highly rated best things to do in Manchester, such as:


  • Check out a concert- Manchester's legendary live music scene is unparalleled 
  • See some art- the Northern city is leading the way in culture and has major exhibitions regularly touring through at the Manchester Art Gallery, the Lowry and the Whitworth Art Gallery 
  • Sea Life Manchester- their renowned aquarium has over 30 amazing displays to explore 
  • Visit a festival- the city has a huge assortment of festivals all throughout the year, celebrations of history, food, beer, music, cider... the list goes on 
  • The Quays- Manchester's abandoned quays have been transformed into an ideal leisure destination along the waterside, where the Lowry, Imperial War Museum, MediaCityUK, Old Trafford Stadium, Granada TV, shopping stores, cinema, restaurants and more are all within walking distance to each other 
  • Manchester Museum- one of the marvels of the museum lies in its impressive Egyptian artefacts exhibition housing over 16 000 ancient artifacts including 20 human mummies originating from Luxor and Thebes
  • Manchester Ship Canal- 58km long it was created in 1894 at the whopping cost of £15 million (which these days translates to over £1.5 billion in modern money) it was the largest river canal in the world, allowing Manchester to become an important port. These days, the many waterways of Manchester provide a lovely backdrop for your afternoon stroll

Why not ask your German language tutor to meet you at a museum exhibition on German culture and art, Oktoberfest to learn about German beers, a German bakery to eat some traditional delicacies and more. You can also join one of the German societies organized by one of Manchester's 4 universities, offering German language conversation clubs, socials, movie nights and more!

German Courses in Manchester with Superprof

The city of Manchester is full of great libraries and bookstores offering options to improve your language level and language training through exercises and history books. Admittedly, you won't be in total immersion, but you will find an atmosphere conducive to the assimilation of a certain side of the German culture through some excellent books.

You may have also heard of some language schools in your city, or language centers (mainly for learning English as a foreign language for adults), who highlight the idea of personal training for business or other economic language learning opportunities, which allows them to better hide the fees and commissions they add to their course costs.

Abandon your previous online German language aps such as Duolingo, and opt for a tailor-made training program to help you advance your German speaking skills quickly and efficiently!

Much better than preparing for exams in a group, or taking German courses online (or by correspondence courses), in-home tutoring essentially offers a training program perfectly adapted to the student. Support classes with interactive exercises are not just for middle school students when it comes to deepening grammar skills for beginners, intermediate and advanced language learners!

Learning a language other than one's mother tongue in Manchester has become as simple as saying 'Guten tag' thanks to the Superprof website- a digital directory (thus, indirectly, a site to learn German) connecting German-speakers and our independent teachers, without adding commission to the teaching hours - and that's what's revolutionary!

You can give free rein to your language learning desires in Manchester by chaining together some French lessons by telephone, Russian lessons online, Japanese lessons or Chinese lessons along with your in-person German lessons. For learning any new language, have the reflex to check out Superprof as your #1 language learning resource!

Each German teacher on our website has a profile page with their photo and a short biography, as well as their accreditation (in terms of diplomas), ratings and comments from previous students, locations they can travel to, hourly rate etc...

To further facilitate your German learning courses, it's also good to know that the first class with most of our teachers is offered for free- to test it out!

Typology of Superprof German Courses in Manchester

The city of Manchester is abundant in German language learning courses on Superprof: in Manchester itself, there are dozens of private teachers waiting to help you to speak German fluently via in-home classes!

Some operate in a small and specific sector (usually a particular neighborhood), but most are available to travel anywhere in the city that is well served by public transit. At home, at your tutor's house, or in another location such as a café in winter or a park in the summer: the field of possibilities is wide, in Manchester, to take German language courses at an advanced level!

Know that the wider your locational search area, such as the Greater Manchester area, the number of tutors you can find, that offer the teaching of Deutsh, will start multiplying by 3 or 4. And what if you keep expanding?... more than 1000 German tutors in all of the UK on Superprof!

Native speakers, bilingual since birth, certified teachers of German, and other germanist professionals compete to offer you the best German courses in Manchester, professionally and personably. From £10 to 20 per hour for many tutors, the prices are very clearly affordable: Julia, Daniel, Lena and many others are waiting for you take your first step towards realizing your German language learning dreams.

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