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Is it possible to learn Spanish as an autodidact (without outside help)?

From Jon, published on 20/02/2018 Blog > Languages > Spanish > Can You Learn Spanish on Your Own?

For one reason or another, you wonder how to speak Spanish and wish to learn on your own? Maybe it’s because you’re tired of Spanish lessons? Or because you want to save money?

In any case, you surely know that language learning is a much more difficult exercise than it seems. Indeed, learning a language is a long and heavy journey.

Learn Spanish Indenpendantly Do we need to be a Robinson Crusoe to learn Cervantes’ language alone?

That said, it is not impossible to study Spanish alone.

Moreover, if you already know several languages ​​other than Spanish (French and Italian can be of great help), it is recognized that it is then easier to learn another language.

Arm yourself with your dictionary, we will give you some tips and tricks to learn Spanish on your own and how to become bilingual in Spanish.

First step to learn Spanish alone: ​​measure your level

Above all, it is very important to see where you are in terms of knowledge of the language. Is your Spanish grammar good? Do you know many Spanish verbs? How good is your conjugation? Do you easily build your Spanish phrases?

If you do not have any knowledge of the Spanish language, we advise you to take at least a few hours of Spanish course for beginners in order to understand the logic of the language and how to speak a little.

Estimate your level on a scale of 10!

The best is to speak a minimum Spanish to be able to exchange with Hispanics, and to not have this be a new language to you.

It does not matter if you make mistakes, if you use words from another language that you master better to complete your sentences or if you use gestures and mimics to make yourself understood.

The goal: to be able to converse with other people.

Second step to learn Spanish alone: ​​to find adapted workbooks

Once your level is known, we advise you to go get the books dedicated to the learning of the language. You will find them for all levels in bookshops and online.

In the previous paragraph, we advised you not to start the Spanish from scratch without a teacher. If you decide to go solo, it is true that there are exercise books that can help you.

Thus, it is easy to find school books of all levels.

If you have children or relatives who are also learning Spanish, ask them for advice. You can even borrow their lessons and books to learn Spanish.

For the books we advise you, follow the list given by the National Education. This can be a good start.

Or ask your bookseller for advice. He can refer you easily to the best options.

And also think about buying a dictionary or downloading a translation application.

Third step to learn Spanish alone: ​​find a Hispanic correspondent

If you thought that to learn Spanish alone, you had to isolate yourself, you have it all wrong.

No, to learn a language, you need to communicate with people fluent in that same language, with a native speaker.

Hispanic friends in college hanging out Nothing better than talking with Spanish speakers!

You can also choose people who are also in the learning phase like you. But we advise you to have at least one Spanish speaking person with whom to converse.

To start, you can very well correspond with a bilingual Spanish-English person.

Thus, he can correct you and make you understand your mistakes more easily.

If you really want to make the big leap, why not make contact with Spaniards learning English?

There are many sites and ads to find people who wish to exchange. If you are not really comfortable in the language, we advise you to start writing.

With emails and chat, it’s easy to talk instantly.

Then, when you are decided, you can go to the oral comprehension and expression. This can be done during a physical meeting (around a cafe for example) or online (by Skype).

Set up a daily or weekly ritual with your correspondent. During this time you will only have to speak Spanish. Your interlocutor will answer in English or Spanish according to your respective desires.

You will see that you will inevitably make progress.

Fourth step to learn Spanish on your own: use the internet

Thanks to the internet, we now have the chance to have access to many online tools.

Find tools to work on your Spanish online With Internet, you will find many educational materials in Spanish.

Whether they are free or not, you find many helpers on the web to learn Spanish online.

The first of these: translation sites

Learn Spanish with Google Translation and Reverso: they are, as such, the best known. On the other hand, a tip: do not take the translations literally. These are just tools that stupidly apply algorithms.

It is true that Google Translation has improved a lot since its creation, but remain critical on the translations provided. That being said, these are fabulous technologies that you need to keep on hand in case you block on a word or phrase…

Second help: YouTube

Indeed, this famous site gathers a large number of videos dedicated to learning Spanish online.

Simply type “learn Spanish” in the search bar to find your happiness.

In addition, you will be able to hear the pronunciation of the words and this also trains you to speak. So it’s a great way to progress quickly and easily.

Also, on YouTube, we find a lot of songs with the subtitled lyrics. Choose Spanish songs and have fun translating them. Ideal for improving your vocabulary, and for the amount of Spanish resources.

Third help: free ebooks to learn Spanish

It is indeed possible to find works similar to textbooks, but free. Perfect for saving some money.

Fourth help: websites and apps to for Spanish learning

 Many people have understood the importance of knowing several languages.

That is why they have set up sites and applications specifically dedicated to learning a language. This kind of Spanish apps on iPad (or other tablets) and smartphones can be free Spanish apps or paid for.

For paid tools, check before buying or subscribing. In any case, these sites and apps offer you to learn a language easily and without too much effort.

The goal: practice a few minutes a day. Depending on your level, you will find different podcasts in Spanish that allow you to improve your Spanish vocabulary, grammar, verbs, or pronunciation.

You can find them for computers, laptops or tablets: you get to see.

You know it: on the internet, we find good and less good things. Before rushing head first, take the time to choose the right tools. Go to the forums where you will easily find the information sought.

Last step to learn Spanish alone: ​​to travel

To learn a language, it is obvious that traveling is the best method. It is a total immersion in the language, that will hugely improve your fluency and get you to learn new Spanish words.

Travel to a Spanish country and learn the language Travel to the conquest of Spanish!

Beware, we’re not talking about tourist trips where you will be surrounded by English people. No, we are talking about language study trips where you will have to melt into the masses of Spanish speaking countries.

We want to avoid taking Spanish courses on site? No problem. Through organizations, you can find families who host you, for a fee, and help you learn more than the basic Spanish, without having to take Spanish lessons.

Or why not look for a roommate with Spaniards?

This is a great way to practice in your everyday life without necessarily taking Spanish classes. Be careful not to fall into the easiness by approaching the English. This may slow down your learning.

The best: to be able to immerse yourself completely in the country where you go. Try to find a little job that will allow you to practice the language on a daily basis. In the evening, go to bars and don’t hesitate to talk with new people.

Whichever country you choose, Spanish speakers are renowned for being open, welcoming and warm.

Generally, speaking Spanish constantly, no matter what your level is, your progress will be dazzling and you will learn Spanish fast. In a relatively short time, you will begin to feel more at ease. In 6 months, you will be practically bilingual. You still have to play the game and not speak English at all during your stay.

Most important to learn the Spanish language alone: ​​have fun

Do you know why it is harder to learn a language alone?

Because it takes a great motivation to practice on a daily basis.

Indeed, the learning of a language must be done by regular exercises, oral and written. In all cases, you must practice every day without failing.

With a teacher and regular sessions, you are obliged to practice. Alone, it is much more difficult.
It’s like playing sports. We are all motivated in the first few months.

Then, one day, tired enough to say “good, I can skip a session, it’s okay.” On the contrary: if you missed a session, you’ll miss a second, then a third, and so on.

Thus, to learn alone, it is very important that you can have fun.

Watching House of Cards with Spanish subtitles Don’t make it a bore, learning Spanish must remain a pleasure!

If you have fun while practicing Spanish, the chore will turn into a good time and you’ll want to get back to it again and again.

For that, it’s up to you to see according to your desires.

You can, for example, play video games in Spanish, watch Spanish movies, listen to Spanish music, exchange ideas on Spanish subjects, etc.

You can even motivate your entourage by regularly organizing challenges with rewards. The main rule: have fun. Progress will be all the more rapid and constant.

We will never repeat it enough: it is difficult to learn Spanish alone. If you do not like group Spanish classes, you can contact a special teacher just for you to take private language courses.

In any case, we have given you some tricks to learn to speak Spanish right now without having to gake a Spanish class. So get to work!


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