Are you keen to learn violin? Not sure where you can find a violin teacher in or around the Leeds area? We have just what you need, whether you are beginning violin or you are already a musician or performer with hours of practicing in your repertoire.

Below we take a look at why so many people still choose to play this classical musical instrument over other instruments like taking cello lessons, piano lessons, flute lessons, voice lessons or guitar lessons, and where those from Leeds get their music education.

What are the benefits to learning an instrument like the violin?
What makes people choose the violin over other string instruments? Photo credit: brianfuller6385 on / CC BY-ND

Reasons To Pick Up And Play The Violin

So, why should you choose the humble violin over some banging drums, an acoustic guitar or the tuneful trumpet?

Well, first of all, bowing sounds amazing. Secondly, it is quite diverse.

The violin has a distinct and unique sound that is powerfully played alone or as part of a quartet ensemble or orchestra. The fiddle can not only be used in classical performances but it can also be made to sound more modern and be recorded in a music studio for the popular chart music industry. You may discover this as you learn how to play the violin with your teacher or at your music academy, by listening to a visiting professional musician.

You'll probably notice that violin players have great posture too, this is because playing the violin requires you to engage a range of muscles (some you wouldn't even have realised came into the picture!) and to sit up very straight whilst maintaining your body and hand position.

'Fingering' the violin, as it is called in the industry, is notoriously uncomfortable at first but once you get used to all the little details it will come naturally to you, just like with most things. Practice really does make perfect when it comes to violin playing!

Another thing that is appealing about becoming a violin player is that the instrument is relatively small and can be carried around in a case to and from lessons, as well as to other destinations (for example, if you want to go to your parents for the weekend or take it on holiday to practice then this is easily done). You can't say the same for a drumkit, piano, or harp, can you!?

Last but not least, mastering the violin with music lessons is extremely rewarding. Playing the violin is not easy, which makes beginning violin and becoming accomplished all the more rewarding.

Where To Find A Violin In Leeds?

Below are half a dozen music shops in Leeds specialising in the sale of violins. So, if you haven't already purchased your violin, then go and give them a shout!

There are various stockists of violins in West Yorkshire.
Find out where to find your first violin in Leeds. Photo credit: judy dean on


Address: 8 Ladywood Mead, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS8 2LZ, UK
Tel: 0113 2658585
Fax: 0113 2933011

Chapel Allerton Stringed Instruments

Address: 22 Roxholme Pl, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS7 4JQ, UK
Tel: +44 113 262 0738

Hobgoblin Music Leeds

Address: 13 Eastgate, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS2, UK
Tel: +44 113 245 3311

Dawsons Music Leeds

Address: 113 Vicar Ln, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS1 6PJ, UK
Tel: +44 113 203 1470

Musicroom Leeds

Address: The Light The Headrow, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS1 8TL UK
Tel: +44 113 234 3423

Violin Lessons Leeds

Now that you've been convinced to go out and buy a violin, let's take a look at just some of the places in and around Leeds where you can learn to play your musical instrument. While there are many, many more, we have chosen just a few examples of the types, of course, you can enrol in.

Think about if you would rather have a private tutor or join a workshop or short course.
You can opt for group violin lessons or one to one sessions. Photo credit: Pedronet on / CC BY

Leeds Violin School

Leeds Violin School is a centre of excellence for violin teaching and offers group or one to one lessons for children and adults alike.

"Learning to play the violin is satisfying, challenging and fun, whatever your age. Leeds Violin School welcomes students of all ages, from as young as 3 years old to long-retired adults. Whether you are a parent interested in lessons for your child, or an adult wanting to refresh a childhood passion or start a new hobby, Leeds Violin School will help you achieve your goal - and it is never too late to start!

One-to-one tuition is the key to effective learning. Leeds Violin School prepares a programme tailored to each student's individual needs, abilities and preferences. It can be as slow or as fast as the student chooses, and the teachers at Leeds Violin School ensure that the full potential of each student is explored.

Group learning in addition to individual lessons is extremely beneficial as well as being enjoyable to share music-making with others. In addition to providing individual violin lessons on a one-to-one basis, Leeds Violin School encourages students to join either its Junior Violin Group or the Leeds Folk Fiddle Group for adult learners. Leeds Violin School also collaborates with local orchestras and is happy to assist in finding a suitable orchestra for anyone wishing to play classical music with others in addition to individual lessons."

Yorkshire College Of Music And Drama

The college for music lesson excellence in Leeds, West Yorkshire, YCMD offers lessons in string instruments for all grades and ages.

"Whether you’re a beginner, or an experienced musician, the Yorkshire College of Music and Drama offers expert tuition for almost every musical instrument, for both adults and children in a friendly, relaxed environment.

Do you want to play just for the love of it, or are you looking for individual tuition to help you pass your music exams? The Yorkshire College of Music and Drama will tailor lessons to suit your ambition. The most popular lessons at the moment being guitar, piano, clarinet and recorder.

In addition to the instruments, we provide lessons for all levels of singing. Together with music theory and music composition we aim to cover all aspects of music training.

As well as providing individual tuition, there are also several group classes and from time to time special workshops and concerts.

Maybe you want to learn to play the guitar, or learn to play the piano?… have music lessons for the saxophone, clarinet, violin, recorder, flute… or perhaps you want singing lessons, or learn about music theory?… either individual lessons, or in a group class?

Which ever instrument, or area of music you wish to pursue, please call the YCMD for the very latest information. We aim to do all we can to accommodate your music learning requirement."

Leeds Polkadot Music

Leeds Polkadot Music is a violin school founded by Iveta Hlavenkova, a renowned violin tutor from the area.

"The principles of Suzuki and Kodaly are followed at Leeds Violin School, for children as young as 3 years old. Children of about 8-10 years of age have the opportunity to join the Junior Violin Group, and adults are invited to join the Leeds Folk Fiddle Group when they have reached a suitable standard

Iveta Hlavenkova is a violin teacher in Leeds, giving individual violin lessons at her studio within The Yorkshire College of Music & Drama, Leeds LS2, and also through Roundhay Music, Leeds LS8.

Iveta teaches all levels of violin up to Grade 8+. All ages are welcome from children as young as 3 years old to adults of retirement age.

Iveta teaches both classical violin and country/fiddle music. She creates opportunites for her students to play together in duets, trios and ensembles, both at the student concerts she organises and as members of her country ensemble."

Violin Private Tuition

Don't forget, if none of the above appeals to you or you find the expense or hours of these music lessons just a little too much, you can opt to take private lessons with a violin tutor.

Go and visit Superprof to see if there are any violin professionals offering classes in your area. With a private instructor, you can usually pick and choose your hours due to their flexibility and you can also choose a tutor who fits your financial requirements.

Even if you don't find the right tutor for you on your doorstep, you could find someone in the West Yorkshire area who you are happy to travel to or you can even arrange to have online lessons via Skype or video call. It may not be as convenient in terms of getting feedback, but it could be perfect in terms of getting your the right tuition at a time that suits you.

Some people are able to teach themselves to play by ear training or from watching video tutorials on the Internet so learning music using distance learning methods must work well for some!

As well as learning in Leeds, you can get violin tuition in:

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