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Music student offering help in music reading/theory and GCSE music in Birmingham

I am a 1st year Music student at the University of Birmingham that wants to help people understand music as well as enjoy it and we will achieve this through intensive and inquisitive sessions.

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University College Birmingham marketing student offering guitar, electric guitar or classical guitar lessons in Birmingham.

I base my classes on my student's requirements I always ask the students about what he/she wants me to teach him/her as I believe that if I would tell my students what to play, everyone is going to play the same music, which is not right.

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I teach the integration of Singing and Acting. Ideal for professional auditions and auditions for drama school.

I am very much led by the desires and wants of the student I am teaching - what they want to get out of it - whilst also keeping in mind the professional expectations that will be exacted upon them.

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Student offering singing lessons with a personal twist. Level 2 and 3 music qualification and working towards a level three teaching assistant degree.

My teaching method is making people feel comfortable and working with there needs. I will help and support the person with everything and will try my best to help them be the best musician they can be.

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Expert music enthusiast and passionate for students willing to learn, whether they are beginners or advanced players

I set homework at the end of every lesson and will mark it in my own time. I will always go through it with my students in the next lesson and will provide very detailed feedback. I also offer my own revision packs which are full of lots of revision notes, exam technique, questions, and answers.

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Singing teacher and Quran teacher & Urdu teacher as well join me in Birmingham ik available any time

My teaching methods is base on class and I also teaching well Urdu singing and Quran teacher..

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I am offering vocal training for singing students of Indian and Pakistani music.

The more you listen the more you learn. That's the first thing to learn and that's my method. Simple enough.

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Master student in Vocal performance with 7 years of experiences gives voice lesson in Birmingham

I would like to give lesson to anyone who are interested in singing, no matter how old you are, how long you have been singing. In our lesson, we share ideas, share our experiences.

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University Music student, of 6 years tutoring experience, teaches: popular music vocals, musical theatre vocals, classical singing, piano and music theory

Hey! I'm Oliver, 20 years old and I'm studying Music at The University of Birmingham. The most important thing, for me, is that learning is fun. Without a love for music, you can never truly flourish. This is why I make sure to engage students through a variety of activities and I tailor my teaching style to best suit each individual.

Wan tat
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Royal Birmingham Conservatoire student gives Classical/Operatic and Pop Singing, and Classical/Pop Guitar lesson in Birmingham

I'm willing to work to any student as long they are passionate to learn. I will discuss with student to understand what they want to achieve in their lesson, and make sure they are enjoying while learning with me. I'm a funny and optimistic tutor, therefore, you shall no feel pressure on the lesson.

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Music Teacher - Singing, Music Theory. Birmingham-based, able to travel. DBS Enhanced. Music Graduate.

I am a Music Graduate based in the West Midlands. I am highly experienced in teaching singing, in particular younger singers with changing voices. I have a very good knowledge of singing technique and Music theory, and so I am able to help with whatever repertoire you want to learn (classical, musical theatre etc.

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Experienced Birmingham Piano Teacher teaching primary school children from home, specializing in theory, solfeggio or playing for fun!

I am a professional piano and music theory teacher with many years of experience. For young beginners, from age 6 onward,I mostly teach 30-45 minute lessons, whereas for intermediate students I usually prefer to dedicate at least an hour. My teaching method is based on both classical and modern teaching, though I prefer a tailored approach for each pupil.

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Music Student offering lessons in Piano, Cello, Trombone, Music Theory and Singing

My teaching method is to start with a range of exciting exercises to gauge the level of the student to quickly find the correct material suited to that particular pupil. I aim to cover a variety of styles to expose the pupil to lots of different music and to find their real passion which suits them best, while still pushing them to improve.

Central Birmingham
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Sofia - Central Birmingham - Singing

I am a pianist and piano tutor based in Birmingham. My professional life consists in a balance between teaching - performing, activities that complete my diary and to which I am really dedicated! - Which subject(s) do you teach? Classical Piano Jazz/ Pop/ Background Music Piano Chamber Music Music Theory Portuguese - Tell me about your qualifications.

Central Birmingham

Jenny - Central Birmingham - Singing

Hello there, my name is Jenny! I am a postgraduate student currently studying at the Birmingham Conservatoire on the performance and pedagogy course.

Central Birmingham

Alexandra - Central Birmingham - Singing

I am a soprano, living and working in Birmingham and have worked and trained in both England and France. I have a broad knowledge of all styles of singing. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I specialise in classical singing but teach all styles. - Tell me about your qualifications. I am currently studying on the BMus programme at the Birmingham Conservatoire and have three Alevels and 10 GCSEs.

Central Birmingham

Natalie - Central Birmingham - Singing

Contact me to talk about personal requirements for lessons. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach singing to all ages and abilities. Pupils can either have specific goals e.g grades or auditions, or they can just learn for fun. I can also offer vocal coaching for help with song interpretations and pronounciations, sound production, breathing techniques etc.


Andrew - Soho - Singing

Postgraduate baritone residing in Birmingham. Experienced in all forms of classical singing; opera, oratorio, art song, and choral music. Focuses on technique, freeness, ensuring singing is both effective and healthy. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach singing, and music; theory and practical, both to Grade 8 (ABRSM), and DipABRSM. - Tell me about your qualifications.

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Choir Director & Vocal Coach gives singing lessons to all age groups in BIRMINGHAM! able to travel or studio lessons!

I am a freelance Vocal Coach and Choir Director! I provide lessons for all age groups ( from beginners to seasoned professionals) & enjoy my work thoroughly! My experience with singing and vocal technique spans over 7 years & I pride myself in striving for excellence for each student that has a lesson with me. GOSPEL, POP, ROCK! 1 hour + lessons in ALL musical genres.

1st lesson offered free !

Internationally Acclaimed Touring Vocalist Available For Private Vocal Tuition Beginners To Advanced Midlands Based

I have been a professional vocal coach for over 10 years now. I have worked with a number of high profile clients and also trained singers from Televsion shows such as; X Factor, The Voice, BGT. With coaching we firstly establish what you want to achieve with your voice and performance and then I can explain how we can reach these goals through my guidance and coaching.

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Experienced performing singer offering singing lessons to students of all ages and stages

My teaching style is very based on the student - I believe no two students need exactly the same lesson, and I make an effort to adapt to each person I teach in this respect. I employ a range of techniques, including biological awareness, breathing and vocal exercises, and musicality interpretation.

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1st lesson offered free !

Classical Studies Graduate teaching singing and vocal coaching to all abilities in Birmingham

As a Classical Studies graduate from the University of Manchester I offer a wide range of lessons that aim to improve confidence, musicality and performance. I specialise in musical theater styles, yet do branch out into many other areas. These lessons will improve public speaking skills and confidence.

1st lesson offered free !

16 years of experience playing piano. Giving piano lessons at home for beginners.

I am currently working on my Grade 8 and therefore can give lessons for those wishing to start learning the piano and music theory. I can help you towards your first couple of grades. I will be giving lessons at home for an hour each lesson, to be discussed further.


Anthony - Edgbaston - Singing

I am a professional Jazz singer and Vocal Coach. I am a dedicated and enthusiastic teacher who works specifically to each students needs. I work in a lot of different styles including Pop, Jazz, Soul and Folk. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach a wide variety of styles including Jazz, Pop, Folk, Rock and R&B.


Judy - Charlemont - Singing

Judy is an established and respected vocal and singing coach who works mainly with aspiring and established singers, actors, and business clients. Additionally, coaching those looking to improve their English speaking, and to gain vocal confidence. - Which subject(s) do you teach? All aspects of vocal and performance projections, singing and speaking.


Esther-Piano, Vocal and Theory teacher based in Smethwick, Birmingham-Qualified teacher

Whether you want to learn for pleasure or to achieve qualifications I aim to provide professional and fun lessons for all abilities (from beginners to advanced musicians). - Which subject(s) do you teach? Singing, Vocals, Piano and Music Theory. - Tell me about your qualifications.


Chris - Oldbury - Singing

I am a professional Opera Singer who has been working in the UK for over 10 years now. With a First Class Music Degree, Masters in Music and Post Graduate Diploma in Vocal Performance. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Voice - Most styles covered through classical techniques. My aim is to make singing as safe and easy as possible through good support and understanding of your vocal pedagogy.

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Birmingham singing lessons

You sing wherever you go, whenever you can? In the shower, when you’re driving, walking down Broad Street, in the rain, while visiting the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery?

You’d love to learn how to sing, or to at least perfect your vocal technique, but you don’t want to necessarily join a music school?

You wish to be confident enough to sing your own songs and to accompany your already existing instrumental skills, or to sing your favourite jazz songs (some Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Charlie Parker, for example?) or some classic British tunes by the likes of Mick Jagger, Elton John, Morrissey, or Ozzy Osbourne?

Well, there aren’t a whole lot of options. It’s time to start taking singing lessons.

In Birmingham, from Northfield to Sutton Coldfield, there is a wide variety of courses available for you if you’re looking to learn how to sing, or if you’d like to learn about music in general.

But you’re not necessarily interested in taking formal singing lessons, attending the city’s national conservatoire, or even joining an association, aren’t you? So, what’s left? Well, you can either teach yourself, or you can turn to a private tutor.

Becoming a singer and making quick progress to perfect your voice, without going through a school, isn’t completely inaccessible, provided that you’re supported by one of our private singing instructors.

Let us give you several good reasons why...

Learning to sing in Birmingham: why do it and what are the benefits?

Just like learning a foreign language can help you communicate with its native speakers, we can first of all consider that Birmingham is the second most-populated city in the United Kingdom and that, therefore, there is a high concentration of artists, musicians, singers and instrumentalists here.

Learning the proper singing technique will allow you to audition for a music group and to sign up for gigs around the city, at The Rainbow or The Sunflower Lounge, or at the Secret Stages festival, for example.

There are many different reasons to learn how to sing well, and we couldn’t possibly list them all. But the most important is to develop your expressiveness and your musicianship.

Singing is the mirror of our emotions, of our sensitivity. Letting them out through song helps to appease and relax our body and mind. We sing because it makes us feel better, and also because singing goes well with an instrument.

Simply humming a song, without necessarily trying to find the melody or harmonise, helps you feel good.

And do you know why?

Singing, which causes your vocal chords to resonate, possesses physical and physiological virtues, specific to our body’s chemistry.

The benefits of singing

Taking singing lessons in choral singing, opera or jazz will stimulate all of your upper-body muscles.

When you sing, you work your diaphragm by blowing out lungfuls of air. This causes your vocal cords to vibrate, which is really all it takes to sing under your breath.

However, in order to sing correctly, you must develop the right technique to get into the correct tempo (the metronome is the prized possession of all singers and musicians).

Now, singing is not something that you can learn on your own - only a lesson on vocal technique can provide you with this type of musical education. Singing a song requires the use of the same muscle groups that a sports training does (your lower back muscles, your abs, your neck, and your face muscles).

Singing also stimulates your respiratory system, and so it’s imperative that you adopt the right posture, without which you simply will not have a good voice.

To avoid forcing your vocal cords, you must stand up straight (shoulders back, your head aligned with your spinal cord, and your ab muscles flexed).

And that’s not all! Good singers must learn to breathe through their diaphragms, in order to breathe (and sing) well. Breathing through the diaphragm means taking quick short breaths to fill your body with air, starting with your abdomen, your rib cage and your lungs, and then slowly letting it out, taking as much time as possible and controlling your breathing with your diaphragm. This creates a physical exercise for your abs, which prolongs the duration of your breath.

This exercise will be beneficial to any new learner, in order to obtain a naturally amplified voice. You’ll learn to strengthen your diaphragm, while also improving your vocal range, which will reduce your heart rate and relax your body.

In addition, thanks to music theory, rhythm courses and singing exercises to help you find your range and to position yourself in the right key, your vocal coaching will multiply the pleasure you get from playing an instrument and/or singing.

Because the molecular process works in the same way as when you exercise, taking music lessons to master the art of singing – from classical music to pop-rock, not to mention modern banghra, a style of music that was born in Birmingham in the 1960s – will promote the secretion of happiness hormones, which we call endorphins.

An endogenous opioid neuropeptide is a neurotransmitter produced by the body when you get this feeling of well-being, or when you do any type of physical exercise, that will perfuse the synapses in your brain, your digestive system and your spinal cord.

At first glance, learning musical theory will hardly bring you pleasure (in fact, it’s even rather off-putting and unmotivating). However, once you know how to read sheet music, you can truly begin to enjoy singing any type of song.

The muscle contractions tied to singing produce positive energy and make you feel better. With Superprof, our private tutors will help you work on your harmonies, your improvisation, your rhythm, and will teach you how to use your voice to sing your favourite songs, which will certainly give you pleasure.

Making progress with a music instructor is a little bit like taking yoga lessons, since it helps you to free your body of any tension and to relax.

What can you do during your singing lessons in Birmingham?

Birmingham is an ideal place to start taking singing lessons. Around the early 1960s, the city became known for having one of the largest music scenes in the country. Taking up singing in such a vibrant city may even inspire you to consider a career transition!

What if your private singing lessons allowed you to become a singing instructor, a singer-songwriter, or to join the teaching staff of a dance, singing, or music school?

Never say never! Many former students would have never predicted their successful professional careers.

Although you may not be targeting getting on the hall of fame or joining the symphony orchestra, singing lessons can help deepen your already robust musical culture, and your voice will maybe even be discovered by a local Birmingham band looking for a young vocalist.

If you have children, take advantage of this opportunity to get them to start singing from an early age. Learning the piano or the guitar while singing stimulates a child’s cognitive abilities for the future, providing them with a good reflexive system.

Find out more about early musical education by asking your singing instructor.

Superprof: our private lessons in Birmingham

On the Superprof platform, you’ll find around twenty musical teaching professionals around the Birmingham area ready to give you private singing lessons at your own home, for an average hourly rate of £22. Prices actually start as low as £12 an hour and can go up to £40 an hour, depending on the singing tutor.

Our instructors will teach you to sing different musical styles, according to your own taste in music, whether it’s folk, rock, piano jazz, sacred hymns or solo pieces. To this end, it’s important to focus on your objectives and evaluate your skill level.

Our lessons are designed to help you deepen your vocal technique by reviewing your music theory, defining your vocal range, mastering the different note intervals (octave, fourth, third, etc.), chords, and scales (major and minor scales).

This knowledge will not only help you perfect your vocal technique, but it will also be useful when you’ll want to learn other instruments, besides your voice (the flute, the trumpet, the saxophone, classic or electric guitar, the clarinet, the accordion, etc.).

At last, the fateful moment has come to choose your singing instructor. You’re going to need to compare the different profiles on our platform. Here’s a list of criteria to help guide your choice:


  • The instructor’s experience (number of years they’ve been teaching) 
  • Their level of practice
  • Their credentials (graduate of one of the national conservatories, of a regional conservatory, or of an international music school, bachelor’s degree from a non-musical institution, etc.) 
  • Their level of teaching (singing for all levels, introduction to singing, early musical education, beginner, intermediate, advanced singers, etc.) 
  • Their music style of choice (jazz, instrumental music, pop, classical music, music from around the world, etc.) 
  • Their location (for example, if you live near the Jewellery Quarter, you should try to look for a singing tutor that lives in the city centre)

Finally, the golden rule: don’t be afraid to let go and take the plunge. Practice makes perfect, and repeating your singing exercises and diligently working on your voice will help you quickly become a great singer.